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    Bit anecdotal but my friends and I switched to FPP and there has only been one questionable dude and that could have just been pure luck/D-sync. Oposed to TPP where they ain't even trying to hide... I really wish we could name and shame cause we got some doosies playing TPP.
  2. If someone did this to you they were cheating is what most people assess getting at. Happened to me yesterday. Running through a field when all the sudden dead by head shots from akm. Watch the replay, it's a dude 200-300 meters away with an 8x who full auto me. Fun part though his dumb ass died to the blue right after that.
  3. I mean everyone is entitled to an opinion no matter how dumb it might be. 1.5mil bans in what 10 months? It’s definately more than just “terrible losers”... If it were not against the rules I would post the video I have taken of it recently. It’s comical and really is getting out of hand.
  4. This is genuinely a stupid opinion though. You are saying it's unrealistic. If we were going for realism it would take 3 months to fully recover from a bullet wound.
  5. Yeah I lost two 1v1s last night to hackers. I reported both. One I was smart enough to shadow play and upload. Would post but pretty sure that's against forum rules.
  6. This sucks a lot cause I am rapidly starting to hate the new map. So much clutter too many pussy campers. Looting sucks.
  7. The fucking lag and bugs are unbearable on the PTR... Like new map is cool but holy shit guys... No way you can fix all you need to before Dec 20th.
  8. I am good with content patches getting tested a little longer but holding out bug fixes for content patches is bad practice imo.
  9. im so sick of cheaters...

    This game has exploded in popularity recently which is great but also brings with it cheaters. OW is a perfect example of this. Blizz has banned tons of accounts only for these cretins to rebuy the game and continue cheating (except for the ones that kept getting repeat bans as soon as they bought the game)