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  1. Captiva88

    Sound's fucked.

    Glad to know its not just me... Sounds have been freakin nuts last few nights..
  2. Captiva88

    3 little islands and one boat for all three

    Vehicle spawns are such trash in this game for both maps...
  3. Captiva88

    Scopes. Less is more!

    Even if there was an abundance of scopes trying to play mid and late game with ironsights is in no way fun... So no, less is not more...
  4. Looking forward to testing out the PTR actually. Now if we can remove the Red zone...
  5. Captiva88

    Another proof of M416 needs nerf

    https://imgur.com/a/kzQht Wanna try that again? Thats just the main server... The M4 has next to no recoil compared to Scar and M16. Its not even vertical recoil that is a problem its horizontal recoil that really screws me up and I have noticed over my 550 hours that the M4 has next to none horizontal compared to the scar. I tend to not use the M16 due to recent nerfs so idk how the horizontal recoil on it is. Point is... M4... What recoil...
  6. Captiva88

    Another proof of M416 needs nerf

    Im sorry, what recoil on the M4? Also why nerf it... The script kiddies will just tune their no recoil cheats and the rest of us will be screwed... Also agree with buffing the SMGs. Allow all attachments for the Tommy is a good start...
  7. I would like it to atleast be out of custom games... Everytime I try to join one its completely full. Can't make my own cause not special enough apparently...
  8. Wants the game to work like any other normal game with grass... Gets grilled for it... Yup thats the sh*t pubg forums for you...
  9. I am good with content patches getting tested a little longer but holding out bug fixes for content patches is bad practice imo.