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  1. blue circles still

    Gamers can truely be the biggest tools. RNG circles are a decent portion of what kills me late game. I am at a house, other dude is at a house across the field. Circle spawns on him and not me... GG no re but hey piss poor planning amirite?...
  2. Is Fog still supposed to be rare?

    RNG is RNG, go buy a lottery ticket lol
  3. You missed his sarcasm lol
  4. Well this explains a lot. I died to a dude the other day in FPP that I thought was cheating but couldn't explain how the eff he did it. I was aiming into the window with my m4 from another building close by. He pops his head I land a shot then I was dead by his M4. I sat there for a minute... scratched my head then reported him and logged out. Man do i hate people... And before any of you apologist/cheaters start. I was lvl2 helm 3 chest at full HP...
  5. Remove clothes from spawning

    Agreed, clothes spawns are annoying.
  6. I played several games last night in fpp and didn't notice anything out of the ordinary graphic wise? Ryzen 1700x+1080 id's what I run atm.
  7. Still no Hold to ADS in new patch?

    Gonna be honest when I first started playing this game that triggered the he'll out of me but I just got used to doing it the way it is now. Fml when Destiny drops and I go back to hold for ADS lol
  8. Island circle

    First l2 use the quote system. Second it's either that or don't get a boat cause you got too greedy trying to loot everything around. What I mean by it's boring is that death bridge isn't a fun or interesting mechanic... and the alternative is hitting the coast praying you find a boat. Also most strategic option is not always the most engaging which means it should be looked at as a mechanic. Example. Dude won a few matches of the last PuBG tourney playing insanely passive. Not interesting gameplay and really boring to watch.
  9. Kar98 far too OP Far Too Many of them.

    I mean the Kar is an aids fest of a gun but it's not OP.
  10. Island circle

    200+ hours into the game and yes island endings are aids... I don't quit them out but I do sigh everytime I see it. Death bridges need to change, no inherent risk or skill involved which makes it extremely frustrating to deal with. Best chances is to try and find a boat, go out to the middle of the water and wait to make sure the circle commits to island then go make landfall in some random place on the back side of the island. Such fun much gameplay...
  11. Ever had that "Recording" moment

    Yeah getting the Mic settings right on SP can be a bit of a bear. Even more annoying is when Nvidia updates and resets my settings...
  12. Real old school cast iron can actually block bullets. Prolly not 7.62 or even 5.56 mind you, however I really like the pan being a mechanic in the game tho.
  13. The most fun I have had encountering random glutches/bugs.
  14. New patch next week

    This... Crate weaps are kinda lame imo
  15. How many times have you won?

    7 squad, 2 duo, 1 solo. I take a screen shot of them all for good memories sake. I love squads if u can't tell lol