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  1. Hey all, here is a central place to post your community communication links if you are looking for players! We are trying to keep this all in one place. :-) Rules for posting your community: Your community must abide by the Official Community Guidelines You may only post your community details within this thread. There may be only one post per community. Duplicate posts will be removed. If you’re found to be in breach of this rule you may be barred from advertising entirely (this includes copy/pasting impersonal recruitment advertisements into other threads)

    That is awesome! I will have too look into it. Have you tried anything else that was giving you issues before? Games or sites or anything?
  3. Colorblind Mode No Longer Changes Player Names And Icons in UI

    Have you double checked that the colorblind mode was enabled and not reset?
  4. Loot crates not resetting

    Hey Votloch, the crates will reset weekly. Have they since reset?
  5. I can't click on play or charcacter or all in the menu

    Hey Dozen, it doesn't look like you meet the minimum specs. http://cpuboss.com/cpus/AMD-FX-6300-vs-AMD-Athlon-X4-740

    It seems to be ISP related. You will want to Flush your DNS and change it as well.
  7. Can't press ready if hosts changes settings

    Thanks for letting us know, I will pass it along.
  8. Have you tried to move the Taskbar to the default position? This is a known issue.
  9. Somehow my PUBG client got a virus inside of it?

    Few things to try. 1.)Run CC Cleaner and Malwarebytes 2.) Flush DNS 3.) Change DNS 4.) Disable steam overlay
  10. New weapon update

    Thanks for letting us know, I've passed it along!
  11. broken arm while runing with granade

    Hey Skalius, do you have any pictures or video of this by chance? :-)
  12. Game shows Controller UI with controller disconnected

    Try deleting your GameUserSettings.ini
  13. It is not possible to transfer characters at this time.
  14. Character off screen in UI - how to fix?

    Hey Level, I will pass this along!
  15. Problem with keys F, M and TAB

    Do you have any software associated with your keyboard? What kind of keyboard is it?
  16. Falling through map in lobby

    Thanks for letting us know. I'll pass it along.
  17. Game has gone dark.

    Did you have reshade installed prior?
  18. Black Glitches on walls

    Hey ogz, what are your PC specs?
  19. Car Glitch! Car Spazzing out!

    Hey Daft, what are your PC specs?
  20. Church Bug

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I will pass it along.
  21. Cant refresh UI or access settings from main screen

    Hey Gunslingering where is your Windows start menu bar? Is it in the default bottom position?
  22. Jerky Video

    Hey Zero, what are your PC specs?
  23. Mouse Input Delay

    Hey hobbit, can I get your PC specs?
  24. The Previous Round is Over

    Hey dirty, what are your PC specs?
  25. Input Lag When Attempting to Shoot

    Hey all, I've forwarded this thread upstairs for them to take a look. :-)