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  1. Cant refresh UI or access settings from main screen

    Try keeping the bar on the bottom and deleting your GameUserSettings.ini. Launch the game and make sure you have it set to full screen.
  2. Stereo image glitch

    Hey Beardface, this isn't a glitch. It is working as intended.
  3. Game freeze after the count down, can't get on the plane

    Yep, I had the exact same issue. I am a Comcast Xfinity Gigabit user.. To solve this I put their all in one modem into bridge mode and ran a cat 6a to my comp. It shuts off your wifi but ehh. The other alternative would be to bridge the modem to a router and use it that way.
  4. Hey Belatar I would try deleting your GameUserSettings.ini first. If that doesn't work, maybe try another keyboard.
  5. Stuck in ADS

    Hey Mysta, have you tried a different mouse?
  6. Since the Update only Single shot cant switch to automatic

    Tenc, try deleting your GameUserSettings.ini so everything resets.
  7. Blue Circle invisible after rejoining game

    Hey Godmil, can I get your PC specs?

    Hey all, it has to do with if you disconnect during the match then come back in there is an issue with displayed ending screen.
  9. grenade aim indicator with no granade in hand

    So, how did you manage to get the grenade indicator to appear? I'm a little lost on that part.
  10. Weird stutters when moving

    Hey soviet, do you have a video of the issue so we can see exactly what is going on?
  11. Fullscreen going windowed by itself

    Hey Shatom can I get your PC specs? Also Is it possible to disconnect the connection from the GPU as a test and see if the problem persists?
  12. Grenades not going where the line shows

    Hey Silver, do you have video of this?
  13. Zeroing Bug or Stupid Double Bind

    Thanks for letting us know, I will pass it along.
  14. Can't Use A or D or Shoot

    Hey Saluki, that is an odd bug. Were you doing anything specific both times that it occurred? Do you have keyboard and mouse software?
  15. Can't stop reloading !!

    Hey Alssa, do you have video of this by chance?