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  1. Lenticule

    Map match making bug xbox

    Post in the Xbox section. This is the PC section.
  2. Lenticule

    All Maps Locked

    PC Players: We're aware of the current connectivity issues preventing some players from starting a match or connecting to the game. Our engineers are working hard to resolve these issues as soon as possible.
  3. Lenticule

    All Maps Locked

    The custom match thing didn't fix it for me.
  4. Lenticule

    All Maps Locked

    PUBG is such a broken game. Can't wait until a newer, better royale comes out.
  5. Lenticule

    All Maps Locked

    Okay, thank you for letting me know.
  6. Lenticule

    All Maps Locked

    No, tendrás que esperar hasta que lo arreglen.
  7. Lenticule

    All Maps Locked

    Yes. Are you experiencing the same issue? Were you in a game when it started?
  8. Lenticule

    All Maps Locked

    I wonder what is causing this issue for some people.
  9. Lenticule

    Server downtime notice

    https://twitter.com/pubg_help They always post maintenance schedule on their twitter.
  10. Lenticule

    WHAT IS THIS????????????

    I am having the same issue. None of my friends are.
  11. Lenticule

    All Maps Locked

    Is anyone else experiencing this issue since the servers went back up? None of my friends are experiencing this issue. I can't invite, or join a team. To other people it says I'm on a team, but I'm not. All maps are locked for me now. I can't choose team, perspective, or map. If I just click start, nothing happens. I tried verifying game files, rebooting pc. Nothing is fixed. Game was working fine right before the servers went down.
  12. Lenticule

    servers down no announcement

    It was on the twitter. PC players: There will be a 3 hour maintenance period on our live servers starting at May 9 7PM PDT / May 10 4AM CEST / May 10 11AM KST. The purpose of the maintenance is to improve the stability of our backend systems. https://twitter.com/pubg_help
  13. I read that as well. But it's not like a huge update/patch which actually prevent their hacks from working. The 25mb updates don't actually prevent their hacks from working, so I don't get it. I still get killed by obvious hackers all the time. People head shooting a whole area of people through walls instantly. That's something I don't get how they aren't banned that same game. An anti-cheat like firefight would do so. People say BE is one of the best, but I've never seen people banned same game they start using their hacks in. Also, you aren't really forced to update the 25mb updates. You can most of the time keep playing without updating it (those small 25mb updates only). Sometimes I don't even know there's an update until I close the game and see it.
  14. Lenticule

    Major Problem

    If Player A has 1,000ms ping, they have a 1 second round-trip delay to the server. If Player B has 50ms, that's 1/20th of a second. If Player A jumps out from behind a wall, it will take Player B roughly 510 ms (.5 seconds) to see that action, let alone being able to react to it. With client side hit detection, Player A can kill Player B before they are even visible to Player B. They likely won't ever even see Player B firing at all, and with client side hit detection, the player with the higher delay is favored. Found that on a different thread on PUBG forums, and it explains it very well.
  15. Lenticule

    Major Problem

    Deadly, you're very wrong. Check out the second video I posted. I have plenty of hours on this game, and have had many experiences. Low ping players SHOULD have the advantage in PUBG, but they don't. There have been many instances where I am already behind a wall, but still die. That's because the high ping players still can see me even though on my screen I'm already behind the wall.