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  1. 5GB Patch tonight?

    I read the patch notes wrong. but anyways after a patch there's already hackers only a couple hours later. It is just so annoying dying every single match from hackers. Yes, I prefer fpp. most of my friends don't. I don't even understand why this isn't still in early access. It needs to be. there is so many bugs and other problems they can't seem to fix. or ever will. i'm sure when they finally do decide to do the ping lock, it probably won't work either since everything else they do is so broken. this whole game is broken. don't know why it's still fun to play even with all of the bs.
  2. 5GB Patch tonight?

    There is still Chinese in every game, and hackers everywhere. PATCH OBVIOUSLY DIDN'T DO ANYTHING. DOESN'T surprise me from bunghole. i mean blue hole. lost over 400k BP, and they didn't do anything about it either. probably going to get banned now. lol
  3. I believe that too. Although, you can still get good loot when landing at a popular place by yourself (no enemies), I have definitely noticed it occurring less if there is less enemies compared to when a bunch of people drop there.
  4. Screen tearing is caused when your FPS goes higher than your monitor refresh rate. Vsync/Gsync stops that from happening, or if you don't want to use Vsync/Gsync then lock your FPS to 144/145 (assuming you'll be using the 144hz monitor).
  5. Cheating Discussion

    Their new Anti-Cheat measures didn't even make a difference. I still see at LEAST one hacker per game.
  6. Cheating Discussion

    They need to have non bp servers or get rid of bp. They don't care though, because they'd rather make money instead of have happy gamers. PING LOCK servers too would help a lot. 150ms or less ping....
  7. Cheating Discussion

    Still getting killed by hackers. It almost seems like there is more after this new "ANTI CHEAT MEASURES" were added. Hackers are ruining this game.
  8. sks doesn't get from a hip

    I don't understand this. Maybe it's just me.
  9. Red dot on tommy gun and uzi

    It would make them too OP if you could add a sight. They are already great without them.
  10. Dodge Function

    It's pretty easy to avoid getting hit. toward the end of a circle, it's easy to blow someone up if they decide to drive at the end. That's why people choose to walk after the circle gets smaller.
  11. Drone strike

    It would take way less skill if any of that were added. I don't like the idea.

  13. Stamina while shooting

    I think they should just make everyone able to hold their breath longer. The time you get is ridiculously low. It would be nice to hear your character hold the breath, and then make a continued heart beating sound so you can get the hang of when your about to run out of air as well. I almost always hold shift when aiming, and I always end up losing all my breath before I even know it.
  14. Improving the downing system

    I don't like this idea. The penalty you get when getting downed and revived is your damaged armor (or completely destroyed/gone). There should be no reason not to be able to get your health back to 100%, because you can already go down a lot easier. Plus, the timer of how long you can be downed after each down is way faster.
  15. Pings, Binoculars and Health bars OH MY

    That's the risk you have when you use a car. I see no need to have them be disabled first. Just watch the health bar, and don't continue driving a car that is close to being blown up. The ping thing may seem like a good idea, but communication is best with the voice, and I don't think adding a ping system would be good. Use your voice to communicate where the enemy is. That is what makes it fun.