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  1. TPP vs FPP

    I can relate, TPP has made me cringe when some of my favorite pubg youtubers had a rare gameplay where they played in TPP. There has been times where i immediately clicked off videos like that. I'm just like "nope, TPP doesn't mean shit to me" I don't know what else to say other than I'm completely uninterested in TPP in PUBG. I'm just not feeling it, any of it. I have rolled my eyes at winner screenshots that had like 18 kills and showed that the player was in TPP. Sure they eliminated 18 players from the match but it only goes so far. It's not the same caliber as a FPP win with 18 kills. Not even close. They say some chicken tastes better than others, i agree. Not all chicken dinners are created equally in PUBG. From what i know, FPP chicken tastes better and is more satisfying. It's no mystery as to why FPP is the exclusive perspective for pubg esports.
  2. TPP vs FPP

    As soon as FPP came out TPP was dead to me. Dead. When I see gameplay of PUBG in TPP it looks completely foreign to me and does not accurately represent what PUBG is. That's bold considering how TPP is how 99% of new players first see the game. We're not all playing the same game that's for sure.
  3. Event Mode in First Person?

    It's no mistake that FPP is the one and only perspective that is respected and acknowledged for invitationals and prize tournaments. Clearly the devs and the community disagree with your claim. There is nothing competitive about TPP whatsoever. Let me ask you this: How many TPP shooters do you see in esports? I cannot think of a single example. Meanwhile Rainbow Six Seige, CSGO, CoD and PUBG just to name a few are all very relevant in the esports scene and are all exclusively FPP games. There is a method to the madness. FPP is objectively more competitive and fair for the players competing when compared to TPP shooters with camera manipulation. FPP has been in the game as long as TPP has. When people are talking about the best players in the world in PUBG esports they are talking about FPP players. The TPP "pro" teams that played in the very first invitationals either dropped out of tournaments because they "couldn't play" FPP or they stepped up their game, respectfully. Anyone can pickup pubg and play casually in TPP and camera peak the whole game for an easy win where you never had to expose yourself. Manipulating the camera in TPP games is in the DNA of the genera itself. There are no "fair" TPP shooters when it comes to corner peaking. Everyone does that or they're going to lose. People play FPP because it completely removes a huge gripe people had with the combat and fair play. That gripe being as I already said TPP camera peaking and gaining free information without exposure or risk. That's the TPP bullshit that is unavoidable and is the soul reason as to why FPP is fundamentally superior. As soon as FPP came out no longer were players randomly jumping around corners spraying from the hip for cheap kills. In my opinion it is a complete waste of time to play PUBG in TPP. It makes no sense to play a TPP match looting for 20 minutes just so the circle can push you towards a building in the zone that has a player TPP camera peaking you. Be real that's like every TPP match ever. That enemy is in complete control of the situation and you don't stand a chance in that gunfight. They let you get close, catch you off guard and you die fast by an AKM from 15M away. Better luck next time! TPP is a one way street and always has the same shitty dead end. Unless of coarse you're the shithead camping in the building that's inside the zone. I know the drill and getting those easy kills is no fun at all. I know playing like that is shitty because i have done it. If anything it just gives you a false sense of accomplishment and skill, TPP. If all the hours of experience you gain is from TPP matches i'm afraid to say that your investment is useless. TPP skill and tactics do not translate to FPP. If they did people would not be as divided on this subject let alone TPP teams dropping out and quitting the esports scene all together because they don't know how to play FPP one way or the other.
  4. Positive Suggestions for the Game

    I would like to see the overall graphics increase. This games does not do justice to Unreal Engine 4.
  5. New 4 x 4 map

    Right away I can say that due to the 4x4 map size we have potential to see an increase in foliage overall to compensate for the less demanding map size of the traditional 8x8 grid. To harness the potential of a 4x4 grid I am eager to see a dense Amazon inspired jungle with a canopy rain forest where just a little light is piercing trough the top of the trees. The type of jungle that has vines and roots on the ground and such. This exotic map could have waterfall(s) and a river and be really suspenseful.
  6. Positive Suggestions for the Game

    Right away I can say that due to the 4x4 map size we could see an increase in foliage overall to compensate for the less demanding map size of the traditional 8x8 grid. To harness the potential of a 4x4 grid I am eager to see a dense Amazon inspired jungle with a canopy rain forest where just a little light is piercing trough the to of the trees. The type of jungle that has vines and roots on the ground and such. This exotic map could have waterfall(s) and a river and be really suspenseful.
  7. Grenade Launchers | M203 | Granade Belt

    I think an underbarrel should only be used as an extension of non-lethal such as flash grenades and stun shells. This would be in included with a crate weapon and can be attached to the weapons that are compatible. No explosive shells. Ever.
  8. I've thought about this too and it's an interesting idea. However, I think that for the time we invest into the game the level of quality definitely comes to mind. I would rather have a memorable and handcrafted map. Quality> Quantity
  9. Watch this trailer, it's most likely been a very long time since you have. Look at the presentation of this trailer. It accurately represents the game's atmosphere. It's no mystery why this game became a sensation in the industry. This little game we call PUBG sold more than 30,000,000 copies worldwide not by accident. The realistic graphics, real life weapons by model and name, the PLAUSIBILITY of 100 random men and women fighting on an abandoned island to simply survive no matter the cost. This game SOLD the immersive experience, suspense and cruel realities of reality. The premise of this game is not that far fetched. This is the immersive aspect of it, the content of this game is believable. Now you're planning to add over-saturated, unoriginal gimmicky emotes like laughing taunts, fist pumps and peace signs (i'll bet). You want to add weapon skins too? Watch the trailer one more time and ask yourself does this already popular game NEED these things added? 30,000,000 people didn't think so. You're tring to add something that we were never interested in the first place. It's extremely important that you know your audience before adding oversaturated and novelty Shit like you plan to. Let's take a look at H1Z1: King of the Kill. As soon as PUBG came to light that game was ABANDONED. What does that tell you? It reveals that PUBG was so appealing and interesting because it TOOK ITSELF SERIOUSLY. PUBG is gritty, dark, cruel and most of all within the realm of a realistic possibility. PUBG (successfully) sold the experience that you were on a real Rusian island, looting real buildings to try to find real life weapons to BE the last survivor. The stakes were higher than they have ever been for a Battle Royale game BECAUSE the game presents itself in a very pronounced and realistic way. In an immersive way. Adding emotes like the ones seen in the Uncharted games is poor taste for this game. You know what would actually complement this game instead of hurt it? Adding realistic military-style hand signals or better yet why not also add a player voive that says commands like "Engage!", "Standby" "Fall Back!" Go! Go Go! That would be immersive and would not be a gimmick at all. It would fit seamlessly into the tactics and atmosphere of the game which relies on teamowk and communication. Unlike laughing emotes. Taunts like that have no place in this game from what I have seen in 900 hours. Just because Uncharted 2, 3 and 4 can pull it off funny and audacious gestures does not mean you can (or should) respectfully. PUBG is a whole different animal in comparison to other games with emotes such as Uncharted 2. The core audience you have come from competitive ARMA, CSGO, Battlefield, Rainbow Six Siege backgrounds. Brightly colored and textured weapon skins as well as laughing emote taunts kill immertion and remind the player that they are indeed playing a game. Not everyone likes being reminded that they are playing a game. Games that are immersive are in high demand, just look at your player numbers and acclaim. H1Z1 king of the kill is an afterthought now. Yes that game bough players to PUBG too no doubt but it's important you identify who your core audience is. Let me tell you they like bullet drop, they like real weapons in their gameplay. Most of all they like immersion which is something you are "planning" to damage and water down by adding weapon skins and emotes. It's unethical to water down the core appealing aspects of your game. In the long run who do you think is going to keep playing your game in a year or two from now? PUBG became popular because it appeals in every way H1Z1 did not. PUBG branded itself by taking itself seriously. In this game you don;t see players running around with purple backpacks and dynamic weapon skins that are lime green and actively move and flow like the dark matter camo from CoD black ops 3. PUBG smashed 30,000,000 players with none of that over saturated, done to death bullshit. What does that tell you! PUBG can be successful without these things and that's a proven fact. Weapon skins are a dying fad and it would be a mistake for you to add them in your game. A game made for everyone is less of a game for anyone. If weapon skins were so important then games like Call of Duty and CSGO would be #1 on Steam. Those games are irrelevant in comparison to PUBG. Preserve and focus on what IS relevant in PUBG and don't betray your core audience. Adding SOCOM-like voice commands for your team would be incredible i think that's a feature the community can really stand by (TPP and FPP players alike) Please read this post^ Not all weapon skins are created equal. Realistic and historical military weapon camos certainly would complement the ascetics of PUBG and the real life weapon models. The more I have to rely on luck opening crates the more redundant it is for you to add new clothing and items. It kills the hype far before i open my first crate in an attempt to get the new items. My last suggestion is to let people EARN items. Let them grind for items and have those items actually represent a skill or experience you had in order to obtain them. That adds depth to these items instead of them just being a dumb luck chance you get them by RNG crates.
  10. CORRECTION: Damage is 44. Not 41.
  11. When the Mini-14 came out there was little to know reason to pick it over the M16A4 when you could just put an x8 scope on it instead and use that as a DMR and have more rounds per mag. I would be pissed if other rifles such as the M416 could only take up to a x4 scope and not an x8. The AKM can kill a player with full health and a fresh level 3 helmet in 2 clean shots. A lot more people should be bringing the AKM to late game IMO.
  12. I know right? Forget shooting at the range in bootcamp, just ship me overseas and i'll just figure it out as I go. Now that's what I call training and discipline! Yeah fu*k any shooting range in this game. I'll just wing it the whole time match after match because getting my hands on a x15 scope is easy. Who needs a range where everything is conveniently right there? Who would want that? Only 12 people obviously. I would never use a shooting range in this game in a million years let me tell ya. Oh and forget fine tuning my mouse sensitivities i'll just figure it out! Yeah because after 900 hours I'm 100% familiar with how the M249 performs in full auto when it's life or death and at a distance. Totally. Give me an AUG and i'll be wiping squads with my eyes closed. Who the fu*k would waste their time at a shooting range in a game like PUBG where everything is random and the player is in control of the experience 2% of the time. In any given match I'll just find the weapon I want when I want and without hesitation just spray the first wall i see as much as my heart desires. It's not just a wall folks, it's a feature that only pros know about. You should congratulate me for sharing that with you. As soon as i find my favorite weapon I'm going to just drop everything and show that wall who's boss! Forget planning my next move or paying attention to what's going on in the match. Yeah as soon as drop on a SCAR you better bet i'll be shooting a wall immediately. Because as soon as i get lucky in a match i'll put everything aside just to shoot a wall and "practice." Yeah i'll just drop hot at School! I've never thought of doing that before. It's not like the outcome of that contested area doesn't rely on Randomly finding that shotgun first. Nope. When I drop at school I'm 100% in control of what's going to happen. Dropping HOT is the definition of a controlled environment for me to practice in PUBG. Around every corner in school is just another player waiting for me to own them. Oh wait.... I think reality might be setting in... that's a shame because I was so happy in my own little delusional world where shooting a wall is a substitute for a relevant and highly requested feature such as a Shooting Range. I'm usually the persuasive type but this was just as effective for me to make my point. I hope some of you realize just how ignorant you are on this subject.
  13. A shooting range is designed to provide the community of ten million players a universal place to get their hands on the weapons they desire to practice with without the seriousness of a real match and relying on pure LUCK to magically find the weapons they wish to practice with. At a shooting range in PUBG you can have your cake and eat it too. <--- Finally the underlining argument can be clearly understood. Translation: At a shooting range you can have your favorite fully kitted weapon, all the attachments there to experiment with and shoot at your own pace and without any consequence. You would be able to spend real time with these weapons and thus your confidence and expectation of how these weapon handle in combat would hone in. The weapons would not seem so foreign to you when in a real match. Yes your practice would indeed carry over to real matches. It's very important to have options. One size does not fit all and a shooting range is clearly not intended for everyone. A practice range would provide veterans and newcomers a concrete opportunity to get comfortable with their shooting and accuracy of stationary targets and possibly moving targets. The skill of the community would go up and so would the enjoyment of the average match. Having a warm up area would do no harm. I bet there are many streamers who would warm up before they started broadcasting. The more deadly, comfortable and confident they are streaming the better they can entertain their audience, not to mention more consistently.
  14. I would have given up on this game too if it wasn't for this forum. This forum is like dropping a letter at the devs doorstep. Trust me they are reading what the community has to say. They hear all of us. This is not a AAA studio who thinks they are above listening to their community. This is a small team and they are approachable, reasonable and they play their game too. They want what we want. They want their game to be better. Everyone wants this game to get its shit together and fast.
  15. Like I said, there's the door.