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  1. Weapon Suggestions Vehicles Suggestions

    no rocket launcher plz
  2. FPP still in Beta?

    When the game first came out it only featured a third person/first person split for each match so players were free to use both perspectives in a match. This early state of the game meant that players would mostly play the game strictly in TPP and only ADS in FPP. PUBG was seen as a third person game with some first person gameplay. Currently in any FPP match you still view the plane and parachute in third person with no option to switch to FPP. I know the devs have been working on optimizing this for a while so the entire match can be played in FPP. What needs to change in the First Person build of the game to change its current beta and unfinalized status into an official one.
  3. No Erangel Maps

    I'm not sure when this feature will be added but i can't wait to only play Miramar. Erangel is so boring after 8 months.
  4. Hate TPP!

    I think that it's not only the third person peaking abuse (because you don't really have to look in that manipulative way with the TPP camera, you choose to do that) combined with the singe life each player gets in each match that makes people think TPP is cheap. My question is: Why the hell would you spend 16 minutes looting in a third person match when the circle is just going to pick a spot where other players are going to get lucky and get a secure building inside the new circle and then you will be TPP peaked from those buildings when you have to get into the new circle? In TPP someone can see you and you will never even see it coming. In FPP when someone wants to gain information they have to reveal some of their body making for a fair trade of information between the possibility of the player locating his target or the target looking back at him and reacting. When someone TPP peaks you there is no time to react. Not if they did it right at least which most people would, it's like shooting fish in a barrel most of the time. I only like third person in singleplayer or cooperative online games, not intense shooters where you can't make any mistakes and only have one life per match. You see that's the thing about TPP is it's really hard to flank and push enemies and use other tactics because of the corner peaking ability of the camera which is the #1 reason people don't think TPP is a casual way to play. People do think TPP is a casual way to play i mean just look at the invitationals.They are now FPP exclusive and are seen as the more competitive perspective and way to play the game as an ESPORT.
  5. Mini Map Suggestion

    A new system for the minimap that enlarges the interior layout of the location you enter (buildings). For example, when you enter a building the minimap dynamically changes to let you view an enlarged version of the layout of the specific building you entered. GTA V does this very well and i think a dynamic system like this could really complement the large scale of the maps in PUBG. Lets say you press the "I" key to insert a marker right inside a specific area in building that you want your squadmate to grab loot from. So instead of him asking where the item was when he entered the building he would clearly see exactly where in the building the marker was precisely placed. An ingenious suggestion if you ask me. From the outside of the building it looks like the building is just marked as it normally would be but when you enter the mini map changes dynamically to reveal an accurate 2-D blueprint of the building and more precisely where the marker is inside the interior of said building. I think this would help people also identify the layout of each structure much faster as they would have an accurate layout to see from an overhead view in the minimap. Players would then identify a building from its appearance from the outside with the layout of the interior. This would fortify the familiarity of each and every building by creating a relationship between how an enter-able structure looks from the outside and its interior layout. The minimap would be dynamic in the sense that each time you went up stairs in a multiple story building the layout of the 2-D map would change and reveal the visible dimensions of the floor you were currently on. A system like the is entirely possible. This would take some effort to implement but in the end i believe that the more comfortable players are with the enter-able structures and the interiors of them the more PUBG can be a competitive game. Right now on the new map Miramar the new buildings are a constant mind game for everyone. Confusion doesn't make for a competitive experience and entering buildings is a core part of looting and the combat experience between attacking/defending a building which is inevitable in a match of PUBG. Also, please review my other suggestions concerning the marker system. PUBG can definitely go above and beyond for a smarter and more sophisticated gameplay/HUD design.
  6. Xbox vs PC?

    It's not on PS4 yet because Bluehole only had the resources to work on one port at a time. Microsoft stepped up to the plate first so they're getting it first.
  7. Gun Skins

  8. Enough with your console war propaganda. You're literally the only one here spewing this console war bullshit. This forum is strictly for the PC game we know and love, not opinionated fanboyism. The OP asked if PUBG was coming to Playstation and the answer is yes, it's highly likely and there is more infomation that supports that prediction than not. Bluehole only had the resources and time to make one console port at a time, not both at once. In reality the foundation and coding that's going into the xbox port of PUBG is going to help and speed up the process for the inevitable playstation port of the game. Do you really think that Bluehole is going to put this much time and money into only one of the two console ports and miss out on getting their game on another profitable platform to sell more copies? Brendan Greene or anyone associated with Bluehole has never said that PUBG was xbox exclusive. It's a simple yes or no question. The devs have never answered with yes to the game being only on PC and the xbox console. I wonder why that is. Maybe you should watch some interviews and read up on it so you're not as uninformed.
  9. It's coming to playstation. The devs only had the resources to work on one console port at a time. PUBG is merely a timed exclusive on xbox.
  10. Losing Interest

    It gets better with more time in the game. In my opinion it takes a few hundred of hours of playing solo to really get in tune with your instinct when it comes to different situations you must face. Once you figure out what works for you to survive or evade a situation the game gets much more comfortable and you can make it to the last few players easily. It's much less difficult to win a 1v1 than it is to take on 4 other players all working together. Squads are fun but it's a completely different game when you're just lone wolfing it and approaching situations the way you decide. I think playing SOLO FPP is the most enjoyable and fulfilling way to learn the game. It's super exciting to win a solo match and have that personal experience and win all to yourself. It literally makes you say "FUCK YEAH!" when you overcome the odds against 99 other players.
  11. Gun skins?

    This is my biggest fear for PUBG. I mean look at this M16, it's distracting AF and serves no tactical functionality unlike a legit military camo pattern that helps the user conceal himself in his surroundings. The only thing a skin like this does is break the immersion of FPP and twist it onto a childish gimmick. This gun doesn't look like it was engineered to protect and serve, it looks like it shoots cotton candy and rainbows. It's deceiving and doesn't resonate with reality. Bright skins like this don't fit into the game in any stretch of the imagination. It doesn't fit into the tone, lore or theme of PUBG at all. This game is already sensational without all this flashy weapon skin garbage. If Bluehole add skins like this then its purely because they are being greedy and are only thinking in the short term. That's an irresponsible thing to do for 2017s HOTTEST game. Just let PUBG be popular for what it is instead of trying to make it popular for something that it is not. This game is not CSGO or CoD and let's keep it that way. I hate to be that guy but if you want to inspect your weapons and their bright colors go play another game. PUBG doesn't need to provide that bullshit to you. A game made for everyone is less of a game for anyone. Meaning that a game that focuses on a few core aspects instead of offering everything is better with it's overall quality and presentation. Look at GTAV, sure you can do many things but all of the gameplay mechanics are mediocre compared to a game that focuses on just shooting or driving for example. You cannot have it all. You're greedy if you try to because you obviously don't care about compromising the core appeal of the game. 2.5 million players log in and play PUBG every day. They are here to play the latest and greatest Battle Royale open world tactical shooter where you fight to be the last alive. Nobody is playing PUBG for the weapon skins. They are playing for the gameplay and suspense each unique match can provide. For that fact alone weapon skins will never be relevant even if the devs tried.
  12. Gun skins?

    I think we're on the same page. The way i see it certain camos that are hard to unlock speak for themselves. Some people might brag about the unlocks that they earned but I think people are more modest when it comes to that sort of thing. Overselling something you earned in a game is not exactly charming. I think that certain camos being the holy grail of hard to obtain weapon skins is a concept that many (millions) would embrace. The loot and unlocks of the Destiny games worked so well because it was understood that certain weapons and items represented an in-game accomplishment. When you saw a player with an exotic weapon you instantly recognized in some way that they have some level of skill or deep interest in the game. I think this sort of classic progression system would fit perfectly into PUBG. I also believe that including weapon skins in crates that you get from an random number generator is in very poor taste. The "That's a cool camo on yourt weapon, how did you get it?" "I just clicked a button to open a crate and the game gave it to me" needs to not be a thing. At that point wearing that cosmetic item means absolutely nothing. You're just a barbie doll who got lucky from RNG from a cosmetic crate at that point. Random Number Generator already determines way too many aspects of the game already. Cosmetic items such as the coveted weapon camos/skins should not be obtained through a shallow system based on random probability or dare i say gambling. Skins should be earned by demonstrating skill such as surviving matches (or making it to the top ten) and successfully defeating yourself (getting kills and taking risks) only then can weapons with camo patterns be something more than meets the eye. Only with this grind and unlock system can players genuinely obtain skins for their weapons. Skins in PUBG should represent skill and not random dumb luck. They should not be handed out like candy like they would be in a stupid and childish crate system where you spend BP. I don't know who's in charge of PUBG corp or Bluehole but for the love of PUBG being a hardcore game I hope that Brendan Green knows the important point that I have made here. Loot crates are not always bad it just how they are implemented. Weapon skins don't always break the immersion of the gameplay it's how they are designed and implemented. Like i said before, not all weapon "skins" are created equally. Realistic military camos to earn for your weapons is a way different way to execute weapon skins than brightly colored ones that you get through RNG crates. Bluehole has a huge decision to make here and i hope they choose the mature and respectable way to go about this. Based on what i said here I think it's a no-brainer how they should add a weapon skin progression system to their sensational game.
  13. Gun skins?

    I hope the "skins" are realistic military camos that actually fit into the tone and realistic style of the game without breaking immersion. The day artsy hello kitty bullshit skins get added to the game is the day i realize that PUBG is not what i though it was. This game has been dominating BECAUSE of its mature appeal and mature gameplay. Weapon skins are an extremely over saturated and childish concept. Seriously its been almost a decade of that overrated crap that has been every single CoD game year after year. Nobody buys or plays CoD for the weapon skins and nobody is going to buy your game because you add that either. Weapon skins are irrelevant in PUBG. The new trend is obviously a game that takes itself seriously. That's how it has always been in the gaming industry. People love a game that looks realistic and has an immersive art style that is grounded in reality. Look at Battlefield 1, Escape from Tarkov and Rainbow Six Siege. The second this game tries to be something it's not it will just blend into other games and the presentation of PUBG will be compromised. You cannot have it all Bluehole and weapon skins are the last thing this game needs. A game made for everyone is less of a game for anyone. Meaning that quality over quantity. Either do legit military camos that actually fit into the lore and mature tone of the game and maps or don't add weapon skins at all. If millions of people cared about weapon skins games like CSGO and CoD would be the ones who are dominating the market right now. Those games are dying a slow and painful death and gimmicky weapon skins won't save them. Do not revive their dying trends by adding them to your game. Ten years ago weapon skins had an appeal. They were military camos that made your weapons look tactical and the patterns and colors of the camos represented your achievements with that weapon.The camo patterns were something to grind for. In each match they were a side quest with each kill becoming more and more exciting as you get closer to your goal. In CoD Modern Warefare 2 everyone wanted to earn the Fall Camo for their weapons. The fall camo was the most difficult camo pattern to unlock and although it looked great on the weapons, it ultimately represented you being very experienced and comfortable with that weapon. In each match friends and foes recognized your dedication to that weapon. The camo represented a story, an experience you had wining matches and getting kills to perpetuate your rank. If you unlocked the Fall Camo on your favorite weapon it was a badge of honor and it was VERY SATISFYING to dress your weapon with that camo because those colors MEANT SOMETHING. If you're going to add weapon skins you should do it the classic way and add skins that complement the combat instead of distract and disrupt it. Remember, not all weapon "skins" are created equally. PUBG is no place for flashy -super artistic and bright weapon skins. Just because that works in some other games does not mean that it will automatically work in your game. PUBG is about the gritty cold blooded survival of the fittest where the most skilled tactician may be the last alive after all others perish. PUBG is not a fashion show for your neon painted weapons. CSGO is though and PUBG is not CSGO. PUBG needs to be PUBG and stick with the identity that became a sensation for millions of players. The mature and hardcore appeal. Millions of players have expectations that this game will continue to be what it is and has been for 6 months. A realistic tactical shooter.
  14. Why the AUG-A3?

    I'll take any AUG in this game. I've been thinking for months that the AUG is an iconic weapon that needs to be added. I still want them to add another common 5.56 AR that isn't a crate weapon. I think the G36 would stand out among the SCAR-L, M416, M16A4 and AKM. I want the G36 chambered in 5.56 but I certainly don't want to see the ARs class become over saturated with too many weapons. I think a 5th AR would be fine though, one that is a common world spawn and not a crate drop.
  15. M4A1 or Scar-L

    The Scar-L is my go to for many reasons. It's the quietest AR in the whole game in terms of how far and clearly you can hear shots fired from a distance (with a suppressor it's even better) So basically it's the stealthiest AR if sound is what you're measuring which is an important form of information in a match. The weapon handles great in my opinion and whenever I find a Scar I'm always satisfied. It's my preferred 5.56 AR that has full auto. Otherwise the M16 is my real favorite because it has the fastest bullet velocity at 900M per second which also means that it has less bullet drop. The three round burst mode is incredible if you hit your shots. I've had plenty of times where two quick bursts saved my life and shredded my opponent. If I was going up against a player who had a groza i would count on my M16 with burst anyday, at least then i would have a chance of killing them (i think).