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  1. After 1,200 hours in PUBG I want to say this: Although I enjoyed the old presentation of the final kill used to be (You shoot the last player, the kill pops up on screen and right around then you can get off a reload on your primary. Then the game would bring your characters movement to a halt and freeze the screen in a nostalgic kind of way. This old presentation of the final kill + match end gave a satisfying Mission Accomplished kind of feel, similar to how Call of Duty presents the match end and "game winning kill". The new final kill lets you shoot your weapons and move around briefly and use emotes which isn't a bad thing, it's just no where near the same vibe as having the fast paced crazy-train that is Battle Royale, come to a halt the way it did before. You got that last kill and nothing else mattered. No gimmicks. No emotes. No jumping around like peter pan & no scoping your M24 at the guys dead body like I did last night. I liked the feeling of achieving the last kill and having all the gunfire and gameplay cease with all of your previous momentum being absorbed instantly where you stand. I know it sounds simple and linear but I believe it was a very effective way to conclude the match end. Better yet How about we go a step further for player satisfaction: After the final kill and your character reloads their weapon (if you pressed R), your character involuntarily underhand throws a unique smoke grenade that has Green smoke to hint that an escape helicopter is on it's wayl ike the ending credits to a famous war movie. You see what i'm getting at? I enjoyed that kind of ambient vibe. You don't have to see or hear the heli or anything just hinting at this will do the trick. I like the idea that a green smoke grenade deployed in this context can represent a universally understood "tactical Finish Line" for players to reach. As I said, this can be done all without the actual helicopter asset. I think that refining the presentation that gives PUBG its worthy Charm is a critical part to shaping how players positively perceive the game. These are the fundamental things that need the most quality in terms of raw gameplay experience: Pre game lobby where 100 players load into the map, First Blood Kill, Deathcams, Down but Not Out, Revives, Final Kill and Replays. These are what I see to be the most important highlights in the timeline of each match. PUBG to me is not a Map such as Erangel, PUBG is the gameplay. The gameplay Highlights need to be crisp, These are the moments we remember. I really do miss how the match ends used to be. The game took over when I won and it presented my stats on screen in a relieving way. Letting the win really sink in. I wasn't jumping around all distracted shooting my gun and whatnot. Also, In the old final kills, most screenshots are unique in the sense that you are facing the player you killed and you are standing exactly where you ended him. It captured a real moment in time, the win. My win screenshots now are just random backgrounds with no context. It's nothing to cry over I'm just used to how the game was for so long. The end game was a lot more tidy, professional and concluding in my opinion. Another suggestion is the First Blood Kill in each match should be visually unique and be signified in the player death feed like this example: PLAYER_1 killed PLAYER_2 We all know that getting a Chicken Dinner in PUBG just feels amazing and particularly satisfying compared to other games or Battle Royale games for that matter. Your body is freaking out from some level of adrenaline, You and perhaps your teammates are all feeling indestructible. A lot of friendships are made over some warm chicken and I think it's humble. It's exciting to know that you made the right choices and it all worked out. Especially when crucial teamwork was needed to make it that far into the match. I describe PUBG as "Playing chess in an FPS open-world environment that has your opponent making moves faster than you. It's unpredictable, thrilling and sensational. A real Fight or Flight kind of game." You can't win every match but when you do there's always.. CHICKEN! Thanks for reading. I'll see you on the Battlegrounds.
  2. Tokyo comes to mind! Seeing all the florescent lights and unique architecture. It would look supreme at night & in the rain with puddles littered in the streets
  3. It's going to be an 8x8 snow map which is cool I'm very excited for that one too because I really like snow. The map is an 8x8 though so it's going to not be as fast paced as a 2x2 map for example.
  4. With the official introduction of Sanhok, our first "Mini Royale" map for PUBG, other small map ideas surface. What other small maps could we see in the future? Imagine a map so small, so indoors that when the match begins no plane is seen or herd. A map that is a single 1x1 size grid that aesthetically looks like a massive penitentiary. This massive penitentiary would include enough cells for all 100 players to evenly be distributed throughout the cell blocks. When all the players load in to the map they each have a personal cell that they are locked safely in. Then a 10 second countdown starts and once it hits zero then a loud buzzer is herd and all the cells in the map open at the same time. Battle Royale begins and constant shots are being fired. Bring earplugs! Right off the bat I'm excited to talk about all the combat situations a primarily indoor map can exclusively offer. Having four walls caged around you on a prison-like map would mean less options for the directions you can explore or approach an obstacle. If the safe circle is at the end of the hallway directly in front of you, you're most likely going to have to go that way due to the linearity of a confined space. This map is less focused on tactical positioning as the more open world maps are. An indoor map would be more focused on fast reactions from what I can predict. This would be like the ultimate close quarters map, which I think would be a great option to have because all the maps complement each other with their differences and perks. The vision I have of this map is that it's a moshpit trapped in a prison and it's your typical PUBG thrill ride with jump-scares and adrenaline fueled moments. This map doesn't have to be a prison though. There are many ways and reasons the devs could place 100 players on a very small map. A large Hospital setting comes to mind with courtyards and such. You know, the kind of creepy abandoned hospital that we can all see in our heads just reading this. I'm very interested to see what map concepts can arise from a 1x1 or 2x2 kilometer grid sizes. A 3x3 grid could be interesting as well but as you can see I'm really looking at what the very small end of the spectrum can bring. My point is, if they are going to do another small map then it makes more sense to go smaller than just one grid size. I don't think there would be much of a change in anything going from a 4x4 to a 3x3.
  5. Dust_

    Winter is coming

    They said on their patchnotes on Steam : "This map is currently very early in development, and we’re aiming to bring it to both PC and Xbox One this winter. Expect to see some new mechanics built around the snowy terrain." I'm going to place my bets and say that on this 8x8 size (very large) snow map players will have the unique opportunity to explore the icy geography by skis or snowboard. I doubt the devs would make this snow map a "running simulator". It's going to be a fast paced large map i think. Imagine parachuting from the plane and almost seamlessly transitioning from parachute to the hard ice to then race nearest enemy to the stray log cabin to fight to the death in a James Bond-like fashion. The skis or snowboards would be dynamic equipment that you may use at your leisure in a match. Equipment that can be carried with you is only useful if there's a slope that you can use. If you have to go uphill, you're always going to be hiking. This change in pace could do well in a snow map. There is so much juicy content and gameplay possibilities that I would be shocked if the devs didn't already consider skis/snowboards for a stealthy approach to traversing the large snow map. ATVs and Snowmobiles will have their moments too. The devs could even add snowboard skins and new crates, then we all win essentially.
  6. Dust_

    E3 snow map announcement

    I was REALLY anticipating the Night Time weather that was revealed by PlayerUnknown 8 months ago in a Ask Me Anything for Reddit posted below: Question: Night scenario (Weather), will there be some kind of dark map similar to the foggy map that was introduced recently? Answer from Brendan Greene: "I have seen a prototype nighttime setting internally and I think you'll all be surprised at how good it looks. No ETA on when this may get added to the game yet tho, as it will take a lot of work to finish." I love when new maps get announced like the snow map did this year. However, this nightime mode is very important to me. I love stealth in this game and out maneuvering the enemies position. Take the three maps we already know and love and make them look and play completely different with a change in pace. Flash hiders and suppressor would be more effective than ever before. The red Airdrop crates could have flickering lights. I think PUBG could do well with a nighttime mode. New attachments like tactical flashlights and laser sights could also complement a night time setting. I guess I'll keep waiting. There's nothing much to speculate on, they said this was going to be a feature in the game and was being worked on 8 months ago. The complete radio silence on this subject is really bothersome for me. Is it almost done or?....what
  7. Perhaps a choke option for the S12K could present an opportunity to introduce the large singular slug round I talked about previously. Aiming down sights on this weapon feels clunky and peculiar most of the time. I find this modern shotgun to be very off-putting because the S12K looks, sounds and takes common attachments like a beast but it still underpeforms. Yes you sure can put an extended quickdraw mag for 8 rounds, a compensater/suppressor even but underneath the surface this weapon is a rubber dummy gun in disguise. Only when you're firing from the hip does this weapon cut the meat and the gunfights like that are not the cleanest or enjoyable IMO. I think this weapon is all looks and no venom. When it comes to functionality this weapon (sadly) misses the mark for the "I'm the best in class for shotguns" validation from my experiences. This weapon is a total wildcard. It's so inconsistent. Anyway.. I'm interested to hear about your experiences with this weapon. Does it get you killed or get you kills?
  8. Let's dive right in shall we. What if this modern shotgun shot a single 1 ounce slug instead of the standard 12 gauge buck shot? I believe this suggestion would be balanced because although the slug round would increase the effective range of the weapon it would also demand accuracy unlike a traditional shell that has a spread and multiple pellets. I think that the velocity and mass of a large slug round fired from the S12K should completely destroy a level 2 helmet just as the kar98 does. Now, I realize that that's a bold suggestion but I'm just left dissatisfied with the S12K in it's current state. I WANT to take it along with me in a match and really commit to this weapon. Every time I end up feeling the same way. I believe the S12K is criminally underpowered as the only modern shotgun in the game. If a slug round is out of the question please increase the range of the pellet spread. Sure I can suppress and compensate this weapon but underneath those attachments I still feel that this weapon is underpowered. Please give the S12K special treatment. It needs attention. In my 1,130 hours the S12K has never been relevant or worth any sort of hype.
  9. I really love the look of the older G36 full size from 2011. I wish this rifle was added as a 5.56 AR. The silhouette of this rifle in my opinion is perfection, it's just as beautiful and aggressive looking as the AK. I mean just look at her. There's something about how the top rail complements the aggressive design of this particular rifle. The 2012 rail in my opinion has too much dead space. The 2012 does still look cool but its so far from what the design was before that it just looks crazy to me. I'm in shock. This is a must have to add in terms of expanding the arsenal of iconic modern assault rifles in the game. You can instantly tell this rifle apart from the M416 for example. I think most of us would agree that in terms of new weapons we need specific flavors to be added, not just any old M4 but slightly different. I think you know what I mean.
  10. Dust_

    Undo new Aim Punch

    It's not where you start, it's where you finish. What matters most is who gets in the fatal last shot in a gunfight. It doesn't matter who starts the fight. "Hey would you look at that, I just landed the first shot on this guy with his back turned." "What's he gonna do?" "Get shit again by me? Yeah, i'm thinking that." "since i landed that first shot this fight it TOTALLY over before it started. What's important is who survives. The first shot fired between two players is an introduction sure but who ever lands the first shot is going to be the one who underestimates their opponent. If you're the aggressor and you see the enemy first and plan to start engaging heavily after your first clean shot be my guest. Story time: Now to tell you one instance where I completely cock-blocked this guy from killing me when it seemed like it was going to be game over for me. I had a red dot on my Full Auto UMP-9 when suddenly gunfire struck me from my right side. I wasn't looking in that direction but i herd the shots coming at me from very CLOSE range. At this point i'm still getting shot but i'm trying to gain information as fast as possible. So as i'm looking to my right I spot him! He's just crouched trying to cut me in half with his ScarL! Immediately muscle memory takes over and i no longer have to consciously evaluate the situation. You know what i did next I did what any guy would do with his trusty UMP9. I sprayed him so tight at 15-20 Meters that for a second before i killed him I felt like i cheated him out of his kill (or a kill he should have had but potatoed) In that moment my skill and will to resist and adapt to what was happening exceeded his element of surprise tactical position and all the shots he landed on me. I think this enemy player failed for two reasons. #1 Physically he saw me first and shot first and thought that the fight would be over before it even started. #2 Psychologically he most likely underestimated my capabilities since I was injured and actively being shot. Don't count your chickens before they hatch especially in 1v1s. You miss every shot you don't take . That opportunity to "take a shot at my target" is exactly why he died and why I survived. The guy with the ScarL spotted me first and probably thought "you miss every shot you don't take" So he started the gunfight. As soon as I, myself, had an opportunity to "take a shot" it ended up turing the tides of the 1v1. When I started getting shot I knew he was to my right, that's about it. I knew the odds were not good for me. Still, I wasn't just going to keep my face down in the mud and accept this startling ambush. The fight made me very alert and I had no time to warm up. I decided to stand my ground and immediately shoot back and just go for it! It wasn't so much a decision as it was instinctually my only option. It feels like a little mini chicken dinner when you brute force your way though an opponent and bean the odds of your typical 1v1 ambush.
  11. Dust_

    TPP vs FPP

    I can relate, TPP has made me cringe when some of my favorite pubg youtubers had a rare gameplay where they played in TPP. There has been times where i immediately clicked off videos like that. I'm just like "nope, TPP doesn't mean shit to me" I don't know what else to say other than I'm completely uninterested in TPP in PUBG. I'm just not feeling it, any of it. I have rolled my eyes at winner screenshots that had like 18 kills and showed that the player was in TPP. Sure they eliminated 18 players from the match but it only goes so far. It's not the same caliber as a FPP win with 18 kills. Not even close. They say some chicken tastes better than others, i agree. Not all chicken dinners are created equally in PUBG. From what i know, FPP chicken tastes better and is more satisfying. It's no mystery as to why FPP is the exclusive perspective for pubg esports.
  12. Dust_

    TPP vs FPP

    As soon as FPP came out TPP was dead to me. Dead. When I see gameplay of PUBG in TPP it looks completely foreign to me and does not accurately represent what PUBG is. That's bold considering how TPP is how 99% of new players first see the game. We're not all playing the same game that's for sure.
  13. I know right? Forget shooting at the range in bootcamp, just ship me overseas and i'll just figure it out as I go. Now that's what I call training and discipline! Yeah fu*k any shooting range in this game. I'll just wing it the whole time match after match because getting my hands on a x15 scope is easy. Who needs a range where everything is conveniently right there? Who would want that? Only 12 people obviously. I would never use a shooting range in this game in a million years let me tell ya. Oh and forget fine tuning my mouse sensitivities i'll just figure it out! Yeah because after 900 hours I'm 100% familiar with how the M249 performs in full auto when it's life or death and at a distance. Totally. Give me an AUG and i'll be wiping squads with my eyes closed. Who the fu*k would waste their time at a shooting range in a game like PUBG where everything is random and the player is in control of the experience 2% of the time. In any given match I'll just find the weapon I want when I want and without hesitation just spray the first wall i see as much as my heart desires. It's not just a wall folks, it's a feature that only pros know about. You should congratulate me for sharing that with you. As soon as i find my favorite weapon I'm going to just drop everything and show that wall who's boss! Forget planning my next move or paying attention to what's going on in the match. Yeah as soon as drop on a SCAR you better bet i'll be shooting a wall immediately. Because as soon as i get lucky in a match i'll put everything aside just to shoot a wall and "practice." Yeah i'll just drop hot at School! I've never thought of doing that before. It's not like the outcome of that contested area doesn't rely on Randomly finding that shotgun first. Nope. When I drop at school I'm 100% in control of what's going to happen. Dropping HOT is the definition of a controlled environment for me to practice in PUBG. Around every corner in school is just another player waiting for me to own them. Oh wait.... I think reality might be setting in... that's a shame because I was so happy in my own little delusional world where shooting a wall is a substitute for a relevant and highly requested feature such as a Shooting Range. I'm usually the persuasive type but this was just as effective for me to make my point. I hope some of you realize just how ignorant you are on this subject.
  14. A shooting range is designed to provide the community of ten million players a universal place to get their hands on the weapons they desire to practice with without the seriousness of a real match and relying on pure LUCK to magically find the weapons they wish to practice with. At a shooting range in PUBG you can have your cake and eat it too. <--- Finally the underlining argument can be clearly understood. Translation: At a shooting range you can have your favorite fully kitted weapon, all the attachments there to experiment with and shoot at your own pace and without any consequence. You would be able to spend real time with these weapons and thus your confidence and expectation of how these weapon handle in combat would hone in. The weapons would not seem so foreign to you when in a real match. Yes your practice would indeed carry over to real matches. It's very important to have options. One size does not fit all and a shooting range is clearly not intended for everyone. A practice range would provide veterans and newcomers a concrete opportunity to get comfortable with their shooting and accuracy of stationary targets and possibly moving targets. The skill of the community would go up and so would the enjoyment of the average match. Having a warm up area would do no harm. I bet there are many streamers who would warm up before they started broadcasting. The more deadly, comfortable and confident they are streaming the better they can entertain their audience, not to mention more consistently.
  15. I would have given up on this game too if it wasn't for this forum. This forum is like dropping a letter at the devs doorstep. Trust me they are reading what the community has to say. They hear all of us. This is not a AAA studio who thinks they are above listening to their community. This is a small team and they are approachable, reasonable and they play their game too. They want what we want. They want their game to be better. Everyone wants this game to get its shit together and fast.