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  1. team killing needs to be disabled

    It sounds like you're playing with greedy random teammates who apparently shoot you in the back because you have something they want. What they're doing is immature and is wrong. If you cannot trust your teammates from the start of a match then you might as well play solo and cut out the option of betrayal all together. It's much easier for you to do that than it is to get friendly fire removed from the game all together. Friendly fire offer a realistic backbone to the combat system. It's only bad when the people you're playing with are jerks or are reckless. No matter who you're playing with accidents happen and that's fair. Friendly fire adds immersion to the combat and overall presentation of the gameplay. If you start removing features and gameplay designs from the core gameplay of PUBG then the game will fall short in the eyes of millions and will lose its stature as a mature game. There's a reason why Two Million players are spending time playing this game on a daily basis. Most of the community surrounding PUBG come from a strict Battlefield, CSGO, Rainbow Six Siege and ARMA 3 background. You're average player is used to friendly fire being in the games they play so it becomes an expectation they have for the new latest and greatest of shooters. In todays standards of gaming you want to exceed players expectations, not fall short of them. The most critically acclaimed games and franchises included friendly fire such as HALO, CSGO, Metal Gear Online, Rainbow Six and the Hardcore playlists in Call of Duty. It's no surprise that most gamers are appealed by a realistic approach to the combat in online games. Most gamers expect bullet velocity, bullet drop, bullet penetration, collateral kills, friendly fire, limited ammo, limited health, armor that breaks down when its damaged. All of the gameplay elements I just mentioned affect one another and build the foundation to a complementary rewarding experience for a shooter. If you start removing even one or two of these gameplay features the game will fall below the industry standard and will not be as popular or exciting. PUBG implements all of those flavors and it even goes a step further and offers 100 players per match in an open world on top of the fresh battle royale formula. If a game wants to stand out from the crowd in todays over-saturated market of shooters, it needs to be everything players expect and more. PUBG is sensational as this years most relevant and popular game for a reason. It achieved that by not reinventing the wheel but by adding more to it. PUBG went two steps forward with its innovation, not one step forward and two steps back. Removing friendly fire in an open world tactical shooter such as this would severely injure the games appeal of being designed and grounded in a realistic universe not too different from our own. The weapons in this game are all to my knowledge accurate representations of the real life counterpart and they are named as they are in real life. It would be very odd to have the whole game very realistic and no punishment for shooting your team mates. That would break the immersion and be a reminder that this is a game and you are playing it. The general appeal for games and especially Virtual Reality is to sell the experience of immersing yourself into a new world someone created for you to enjoy. One that seamlessly offers you an experience that is not accessible in real life. Games are beautiful man and don't let friendly fire bring you down, it's not in the game just to be a pain in the ass. There's a method to the madness. P.S. You're the GOAT if you read all of this by the way.
  2. Least favorite way to die?

    When you deliberately try to avoid a shitty death and it happens unconditionally.
  3. Male vs Female Hitboxes

    I'm pretty sure its been debunked that the hitboxes are the same.
  4. I'm never particularly excited about having to run through a vastly open area to the safe circle and especially when taking enemy fire. I feel like anyone who has played a few matches can relate to this thread so I'm interested in what everyone else has to say. I usually run in a zig zag very random path if i'm being shot at and trying to get to the next circle. It's important to commit to one strategy, fight or flight. The more shots they fire at me the more they give their position away. It's a slippery slope if you start a fight you cannot finish. You need to really think about what could go wrong if you pull that trigger. I engage when i need to but when I'm playing Solo FPP I seldom shoot at players at long distance unless I know it's a guaranteed kill. In PUBG few things are guaranteed, except the blue circle will kill you if the other players don't already. The late game blue circle scares me more than a player taking shots at me from behind. Sometimes a player who start shooting me when i'm running to the circle miss too many shots and their position becomes apparent and they get shot in the head by someone else. Sometimes the enemy of my enemy is my friend -that's few and far between but it does happen. That's the beauty of each match, you never know what choices you make are going to lead to your own demise. The more shots you miss the more your confidence will plummet, sometimes this works in your favor if you're the one being shot at. I almost never stop in my tracks and shoot back when i'm trying to run 150 odd meters to the safe circle. The player shooting me already has the advantage so I might as well try to distance myself from them instead of halting to a stop to let them line up a shot. Simple as that. The tables turn very fast if you anticipate how situations play out. Once you play a few hundred hours you'll anticipate how a situation will play out and you can take out most of the guess work. Paying attention to how players approach you is the most important skill you can obtain. I think learning how to cope with open areas in general and end circles that take place there is one of the most important things. If you can get comfortable with barren areas with little to no cover you will do well; Especially in the upcoming new desert map. Different maps will definitely call for different tactics and I'm very excited to employ all my experience from 470 hours on a desert map that has no large trees, grass or water. Vaulting is going to make the traversal of obstacles much faster and fluid so theres that too. Going prone and dropping my backpack and any supplies I don't need is always my first instinct. I like to streamline my inventory to the bone and take only what I need. I might even drop my secondary weapon so it cannot be seen on my back when I'm prone. If hiding in the grass undetected is going to get me close to my enemy for a clean kill then that's what I will commit to. If the last two players are trading gunfire then you better bet that i will pay attention to what guns i think they are using so I can kill the last player based on where I herd them shooting from.
  5. Is it time for a breakup?

    When I have to share her with my mates by a performing a double team or a triple team I get jealous. All these other guys have level 3 equipment and I just have level 1 It's just not the same for me. I'm always in the back just waiting to get shit on. This is like the worst kind of teamwork I'm talking about. She just wants to please us all, but the way she just encompasses the four of us makes me go from sweet to sour. On PUBGHUB she gets 2M views a day. All of the girls want to be her and all the guys would kill in her name. I tried playing with her in virtual reality -let's just say the carpet doesn't match the drapes..
  6. Is it time for a breakup?

    She has remarkable potential to be herself and do her own thing. It's no competition when she does. Right now she's a flirty one. I spend late nights either laughing or crying with her. No matter what she's always there by my side for round two Sometimes she puts on that school girl skirt and tie for a rollplay Anyway, she's my main bitch. She knows it and so do I. If she keeps being true to herself and doesn't worry about what the other girls are doing I know she'll be aging like a fine wine. For now she's still young and hip. She's the girl I showoff to all my friends. I'm proud to be seen with her. It was love at first sight.
  7. Traps Suggestions

    I'm very inspired by this game. PUBG goes to show that one man with a vision and a small team can strike gold and infatuate millions of players around the world without being a AAA studio. It's been too long since I have seen a game become so enjoyable and suspenseful with the gameplay that it offers. 2017 is a wonderful time to be a PC gamer and I cannot wait to see the recognition and awards that this game will take home with its official release. I love this forum because unlike with AAA developers, here with Bluehole there is an intimate communication between the community and the Devs. This forum is the place to be if you really want to leave feedback at their doorstep -I think so at least. Together we all will help sculpt this game into a more optimal experience. That's why we're here. We all have our own unique vision for this game and that's important. When I debate with members on here I try to take a step back from what idea is on the table and think about it in a neutral way. No disrespect to the OP on a personal level, I believe that I remained professional with my perspective and focused on the reality of landmines and other explosives being added to PUBG. Naturally I love to write and debate so it's enjoyable for me to express my opinions on here for this game that I look forward to playing for years to come. I'm here to preserve what think PUBG should be. I'm pretty confident that at some point we have all thought about claymores at one point. You give the community an inch and they take a mile. My point is than Claymores and C-4 would be game changing and not in the good way. I suppose almost any weapon could be added to this game if it was implemented correctly. Then again it's the fundamental nature of some of the suggestions on here that get me concerned. It's all subjective really. I do believe that there is a fine line for what should be added, what is needed and what complements or hurts the core gameplay and combat. Landmines could easily turn the tides of a match and that's a fact. Landmines don't discriminate against players based on their skill or lack there of, you step on one and it's game over. It's really that simple and that's the problem. I wish to preserve the best players making it farther than less experienced ones in each match. I believe that strong players being taken out of a match because of a explosive charge on the ground will lead to weaker players winning matched they would not otherwise have won. C-4 and claymores don't resinate with the "survival of the fittest" formula that is PUBG. When I play I want to see who is the best in this match. I play FPP SOLO a lot. I personally don't like the sound of an explosive trap that is remotely detonated or does it on its own. It's anticlimactic that anyone could obtain an explosive that could passively remove a veteran player from his chance to make it to the end. Everyone deserves a fair chance to the finish line. It is not fair for some players to be killed by landmines whistle everyone else gets the chance to defend themselves by trading gunfire. There's nothing competitive about being killed by something you cannot see. This is why FPP is the perspective of invitationals and tournaments and Third Person is not. If you want to kill a player with an explosive it should be one that you threw at their feet not one that they stepped on a far far away. There are millions of players that agree or would agree that Claymores, C-4, Grenade Launchers, RPG, Thermal Scopes, Night-Vision offer cheap ways to turn the tide of a match in any deathmatch scenario. I'm not going to stand around and pretend that these things would not ruin PUBG because they would. The only way to make these items fair is if everyone had them. If everyone had them kills would not be as exciting, wining would not be as exciting and every match would turn into a modded lobby of Modern Warfare 2 where nobody even tries. It all starts with claymores and then that's not good enough we need the next typical gadget that's from other games and so on and so fourth. For this past week PUBG has had 2,000,000+ players daily. Obviously the game already has the attention of its core demographic which i believe is a mature audience. If this game was intended to have claymores and C-4 we would already have them. I don't know what the future holds so i might as well protest these harmful gameplay elements now before it's too late. I would rather fight a ghost that is not real than one that is real in this case.
  8. Traps Suggestions

    Unmanned proximity mines such as Claymores and C-4 would injure the competitive nature of PUBG. By competitive i'm talking about gunskill and how the more skilled player wins the gunfight more often than not. When you take the gunfight out of the interaction between player there can be no skill. This is why explosives like these have no place in PUBG. Think about how many random dangers and situations that occur in every single match already. Getting a kill (or four from a vehicle explosion) across the map from a explosive trap you set is in bad taste. There's no skill involved because the trap you set involves no risk or exposure to the one who placed it. Claymores work as an alarm system, promote camping and are the laziest and most PASSIVE way to defend a location. If it does not involve skill it should not be in the game. This is exactly why I hope they NEVER add an RPG in the game. Gun skill is what makes PUBG competitive, not the placement of a Claymore or C-4 in the grass. The skill ceiling needs to rise and steepen. Not plummet. Explosives such as the one suggested here would have no balance. They can never be balanced in a game where you only have one life. Claymores and C-4 would be so rare in crates that looking for them would be a waste of focus and energy which means that they would catch you off guard and they would be unavoidable. I would rather get headshot killed with a kar-98 to my level 2 helmet than be killed from a claymore that took no aim or skill. There are clean kills and there are dirty kills. Clean kills inspire you to get better at the game and hit your shots. Dirty kills discourage you from playing. Claymores and C4 are filthy garbage especially in a survival game where you only have one chance to live or die. Claymores would not be tactical. How tactical can they be if literally anyone with a brain can place one down and get a kill. Let's say you're the first to the airdrop, you open the crate, you take the claymore or the C-4 and place it RIGHT THERE BY THE CRATE and the next player to check the crate is a free kill. That player checking the crate does not stand a chance and his death is not due to their lack of skill to defend them self, it's from luck or lack there of. Luck is not what makes a good PvP game, Skill is. Random factors that are in every single match of PUBG unconditionally: * Plane flight path * Finding strong weapons and optics * Medical supplies * Vehicles * Late game circles that work with you instead of against. * Crate drops and should you go for them or not. (if you do you might get shot dead and if you don't you'll take an AWM to the face later) Crates revolve on luck for some and misfortune for others. There is no middle ground. * Luck (Random Number Generator for all of the above) Sometimes you almost need a perfect storm to favor you and your decisions to be the last man standing. Skill alone is not enough to win, you need luck too. C4 and Claymores would only make it more difficult and/or impossible to be the last man standing and they would not work in your favor as you fantasize them to be. Before you wishlist something like landmines, C-4 or Claymores you have to look at from all sides. You would be so angry if you looted for 20 minutes and had your dream loadout of gear and got blown up randomly from an explosive that was premeditated and placed there. You would be saying "why the fuck is this in the game?? Is this fair??" The less unique special equipment and advantages players get from crates the better. This includes RPGs, Claymores, C-4, Landmines, Thermal scopes, Night-Vision goggles and grenade launchers. Equipment like this has ruined so many games with potential and are all immature novelty ways to get kills or get killed. Lets keep the bullshit kiddy toys out of the game and let the millions of players who support this game get what they came here for. This game has one appeal and one appeal only. To see who is the best in this match. May the last man standing represent the best tactician, sharpshooter and survivor. Everyone should have an equal chance to win a match with gunskill, not some gadget that makes winning easy. I don't always disagree with topics on here, but when I do I make it loud and clear.
  9. More rewarding Chicken-Dinner

    On paper yeah that would be a good idea but you have to consider that most people have all of the crate items they want already. We need a lot of new clothing items added to the pool or a chicken dinner crate all together. Getting an item that you already have or are not happy with would take away some of the excitement of the initial match win. I think it would bring the feeling of two steps forward and one step back. This can be done -it just has to be thought out. If we had a NEW Chicken Dinner crate that offered serious looking gear with some camo patterns on them instead of novelty bright jumpsuits and other fads I think players might actually be excited to see what they get from a match win. This is a tactical and competitive game after all or so everyone fantasizes it to be. Bring in the green and maroon Berets, lace up combat boots, proper camo threads and cutoff sleeve shirts. PUBG takes itself seriously with its artistic style. Players don't run around with neon colored backpacks and stupid masks like in other games where the players alive HUD is smeared in red jelly. It all comes down to the presentation and obviously millions of people play PUBG daily because if its crisp and mature overall look. All I'm saying here is in terms of clothing and crate items, I really would hate to see novelty items like gimp suits and players dressing up like KISS with spiked boots and armor. I don't want to see players dressing up like ronald mcdonald or some skater hipster kid either, that was h1z1 king of the kill type of crap. PUBG is supposed to be better than that and it's doing FANTASTIC with 2M players a day by being a serious game.
  10. I never really though about this till now. Great suggestion! This is a survival game after all. No use carrying around a scope if you're never going to look through it unless it's attached to a compatible weapon. This is a scope on it's own, a tool, it should have no limitations. Realistically it's stupid that you have to put the scope on a weapon to look through it. If you have a SMG for example and an x8 scope you should be able to look through the scope by holding it in hand.
  11. Why cheat?

    I was playing a SOLO match a month or two ago and It was 3 alive, I was prone in the 6th circle and this female character/player rushed me with no clothing on except for a bra and so naturally I freaked out when i herd someone running straight at me. I almost killed her and then this prick tryhard that she was TEAMING with killed me. You don't need mods or programs to cheat or you just need to be a cheap little bitch. TEAMING IS THE WORST IN PUBG. Anyone can do it if they really tried I suppose and it's FREE. I could have won the match but they robbed me of that. She threw the match by doing what she did and rushed me so she could tell her "boyfriend" where I was. I have screenshots of the two of them just standing next to each other after I died. What a cheap win he got. He did not earn it.

    I just watched it in 0.25 speed and yeah it's interesting at which point the boat decided that I "ran myself over" It was not instant. My point of this topic is to reveal the broken vehicle collision and hitboxes with the player model. Exiting from a boat is not the same as exiting from a land vehicle. You can exit a boat at full speed and jump out and not take damage. The problem here was the boat was veering to the left and so it drifted into me very slightly. Even then the fact that it could take away that much health is surprising. It was not about the speed of the boat but instead the collision itself. This is why boats are different to land vehicles. PUBG is all about thinking on your feet. I didn't drive the boat onto the shore because that is a rookie mistake and is a red flag for anyone who sees the boat on land. They'll know i'm nearby if i do that. I knew better than that. With such low health and full boost my instinct was not to sit in the boat and get shot and killed so I thought the water would be a great place to heal and not take damage from gunfire. The moral of the story is, watch out for for this and never underestimate the inconsistent and unforgiving collision between with your player model and vehicles. Better safe than sorry. A vehicle does not have to hit you head on. It can can gently graze you and still do the damage (apparently) PUBG is an excellent game. I look forward to the day that things like this are a thing of the past. This game still has a lot to iron out in the meantime.

    This could have happened to anyone; a developer, an average player, or a player with 475 hours in the game like me. I wouldn't wish this fate on even my worst enemy. The video does not lie. Click the 0.29 mark and replay it a few times and really think about how risky I played this out. Seriously who would have guessed that as soon as I slow down the boat considerably and almost to a complete stop I exit it's game over? How much more gentle do you need to be for this kind of ridiculous bullshit to not happen? If this happened to you, you would feel like the game completely cheated you out of the match too. After all of that and just barely getting to the safe circle I casually exit the boat at an appropriate speed and before i can blink, i'm down. This was jaw dropping at the time and it still is. I won two FPP matches in a row later after this happened but obviously with PUBG being my favorite game this situation was very discouraging and shitty. It's hard to learn a lesson from this when the game clearly plays by its own rules and is BROKEN in the most inconsistent and unpredictable ways. I should not have died. I was in control. That boat saved my life, and then took it? Watch the video again and ask yourself at what point was I reckless, cocky and out of control? I should NOT have died.
  14. I did nothing wrong and paid the ultimate price. I was driving ZERO km/h. THIS IS NEXT LEVEL BULLSHIT.