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    do you play first person or third person? solo tpp is usually a little more passive, people are hiding a little more and the game continues to the final circles. i usually go for one quick push in top 10 to occupy a good central position so i can crawl to the next circle. everybody will be prone in top 5 and the guys that have to run to reach the circle will die, then the people shooting them will die because they popped out of cover. i got most of my solo tpp chicken dinners by playing the lategame veeery sneaky. imo the lategame in solo tpp is the most rng based of all 6 gamemodes and its very hard to counter bad luck. solo fpp has a different lategame because you cant see shit if you prone in the grass. heisens advice to never stop moving is even more important here. you can play this lategame more active. once its 5-10 people left and the next white circle pops up i usually look for a tactical superior location that i can reach without exposing myself too much, maybe some elevated position with some nice rocks for cover. i do not wait for others to move first, but work my way toward that location around the edge of the blue. i take over said location and try to clear my sides so i dont get surprised by other people going for the same location. i use the good position to look around and take out whoever i can spot. the solo fpp games usually end 1 or 2 circles earlier than solo tpp games. with this a little more active and dominant approach i won most of my solo fpp dinners. but remember every game is unique and everything is situational. decision making is king and you will develop instincts by playing more