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  1. Assault Rifle Spawn?

    i dont think so, still the same amount of ar's on average for me
  2. its just anecdotal, but theres suddenly a delay for me in fpp i play solo fpp and duo fpp with one friend. we had a lot of delay and major desync, switched from eu to na, same story i play duo tpp and squad tpp with the other guys, no problems here, server runs fine (except forced shadows and pp eating my frames :c)
  3. Up the health for 1pp

    i dont get it two bullets to the head will kill you in most scenarios. in fpp and tpp. shotguns are powerful close range since forever. in fpp and tpp. and i do not understand "fpp super camping" - imo camping in tpp is way more effective because you dont have to expose yourself to gather information and i think the "max health to weapon damge ratio" is pretty balanced. you can already tank some bullets, i dont think it should be even harder to kill someone. it might be desync like "multiple hits registering at once" but i really dont get why players should get more health especially in fpp. whats the difference?
  4. uaz driving up the hill past me m249ed the uaz from behind, guys die to vehicle explosion instantly turn around because there were people further down the hill (they shot at the uaz driving up aswell) cant spot em, go prone and reload m249 the second i start reloading i see the burning wreck of the uaz rolling back down the hill towards me stuck in 1 hour long m249 reload animation and cant move burning car runs me over rip
  5. Prancing Reindeer a growing trend?

    thats just for you. the enemy will hear you. but its not the usual footstep sound thats correct for me in fpp + checking over ridges/cover but mainly its just a habit. i climb every hill jumping, the last step into cover while getting shot is always a jump i dunno, its a first person thing for me, i feel like i can see more of my surroundings if i jump every now and then, and i cant say i die more since i joined the jumping cult *boing* *boing* *boing*
  6. AFK's

    so how does this work? if 35000 BP per week is realistic thats like 8 crates every week is opening the crates an option? i dont think so, the chances for a shiny item are sooo low... so selling the crates? im not sure but they should be around max. 1 $ at the market right now? so keep the bot going 24/7 for like <8$ a week? thats like 4 weeks just to pay for the game, doesnt seem very profitable can someone explain that to me?
  7. Is bare skin a better camoflage?

    i agree. it blends in with the fields pretty well. especially at some distance when the foliage doesnt render anymore players are usually very easy to spot, but the banana suits are way harder to see on that green/yellow/brown texture in an urban environment however...
  8. AFK's

    FPP squad? 30 bots/afk/afk farming 30 die military/school right away --> midgame is boring af
  9. its just junk loot to fill the loot spots. i think its better to have clothing-junkloot compared to some random items without any function. + i start naked when i play squad with randoms and take the clothes i can find on the run + new players without a wardrobe might enjoy finding their favorite pants in the wild just imagine they if they remove it. join a match loot three house, dont find a single item come to the forums and create a post "NO LOOT AT ALL GG BLUEBALLS FIX UR SHIT"
  10. Reshade vs. No Reshade

    are you guys using reshade or not? Yes Why? Why not? With it every day is a summer day at Erangel Is it fair? Is it unfair? I dont know enough about the possibilities of reshade, cant tell
  11. New Leaderboard System?

    i understand the frustration caused by the way the leaderboard works, but i dont think it is wrong the main skill measured by the leaderboard is the skill to survive if you survive by killing every other player you can find or if you survive by hiding and avoiding doesnt matter that much it does matter a bit - see kill rating and how the top 50 are nearly all "fighters" and yes in a top 1000 match there will be "fighters" and "sneakers" and in a combat situation the "fighter" will most likely crush the "sneaker" that might be frustrating for the "sneaker" but i dont think kills should give more points so "sneakers" cant reach high ranks i think the current system is ok for a battle royale leaderboard
  12. agreed. stereo game sound -> stereo headset it was kinda confusing to locate the shooter when i was new to this game due to the multiple sound clues. the gunshot, the whizz, the crack and maybe even the impact + character grunting/screaming if he hits you yall remember this picture? but with some playtime its pretty easy to tell the general location of gunshots. yes i do think the bolt action snipers are really strong with the one shot kill potential but i dont think they are too strong and should be nerfed and i dont think we need an extra mechanism to counter them
  13. I can't hit Earth Skydiving.

    !!! attitude in a 1v1 situation the confident andex will beat the frustrated/insecure andex 9/10 times and besides raw practice id recommend self-analysis, because there more to aim or hitting your shots than just "point and click fast and precise" whenever i died in an engagement i ask myself "did i fuck up?" more often than not its a "yes" i picked the wrong moment to engage, or the wrong gun, or the wrong firemode, i shot the naked m4 like it was fully decked out, leading too much/less...etc the next time ill encounter a similar situation i make the same mistake () and immediately think "damn son you know better" but the third time with the same situation my brain finally learned the lesson and i kill that guy. this takes a lot of time because every round and every engagement in this game is kinda unique but thats my way of getting better at killing enemies
  14. Top 5

    do you play first person or third person? solo tpp is usually a little more passive, people are hiding a little more and the game continues to the final circles. i usually go for one quick push in top 10 to occupy a good central position so i can crawl to the next circle. everybody will be prone in top 5 and the guys that have to run to reach the circle will die, then the people shooting them will die because they popped out of cover. i got most of my solo tpp chicken dinners by playing the lategame veeery sneaky. imo the lategame in solo tpp is the most rng based of all 6 gamemodes and its very hard to counter bad luck. solo fpp has a different lategame because you cant see shit if you prone in the grass. heisens advice to never stop moving is even more important here. you can play this lategame more active. once its 5-10 people left and the next white circle pops up i usually look for a tactical superior location that i can reach without exposing myself too much, maybe some elevated position with some nice rocks for cover. i do not wait for others to move first, but work my way toward that location around the edge of the blue. i take over said location and try to clear my sides so i dont get surprised by other people going for the same location. i use the good position to look around and take out whoever i can spot. the solo fpp games usually end 1 or 2 circles earlier than solo tpp games. with this a little more active and dominant approach i won most of my solo fpp dinners. but remember every game is unique and everything is situational. decision making is king and you will develop instincts by playing more
  15. Best Looting Spots

    best loot comes indeed from dead players. i dont like to spend my time looting, just grab the first decent gun and go hunting. or land next to a hotspot and kill the winner of the early fight and collect all that shiny loot. + this makes people rage over mic which warms my heart. Just imagine: you landed military and won the fight, killed like 6 people and got maximum gear just to get shot by some random noob (me) with an ump iron sights as you try to leave the island but if you are looking for a place where you can loot till youre properly geared id recommend yasna and novo. big cities with a shitton of high density lootspots. u will usually meet people there but its not like the designated early fight clusterfuck places where you have to land on top of a gun to survive.