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  1. Cheating has killed this game

    if you can see that would mean you are behind a tree or close enough to the edge where i would imagine he was trying to bate you to moving a little, It sounded like you meant you were way behind a wall and he shot right at you. that doesn't sound like hacking to me i do that to people all the time. and to say he doesn't know you're there.. come on, because he couldn't have watched you go in there.. even if you camped for like 5 minutes, some times i see someone go in a building then wait for them with the intention of catching them off guard. or ill see them way before i engage so i don't give my position away until i have a clear shot and know no one else is near. it just seems silly that you think all this is hacking, rather than the truth. even if the truth is you just don't know. I'm not saying there is no hacking. I have seen 1 the whole time Ive been playing. making shit up puts people on a witch hunt instead of trying to get better they just blame everyone
  2. Cheating has killed this game

    i feel like you're hacking, otherwise how would you know the bullets are hitting the exact spot you head is at? I'm no pro and i won 4 chicken dinners this weekend, i didn't see any hackers.
  3. Cheating has killed this game

    So I was afk until the end of they plane ride so I was way out on the opposite side of the map and had free reign to loot every building I went in. now I'm not on the hacker band wagon, this is my first death that I have even suspected ( 99% sure) it was a hacker. usually people just don't understand what happened and cry hacker. but anyways so I loot and grab a bike and I'm all the way north and the circle is on the military island so I ride down there and didn't want to cross bridge on the bike so I get off and go to loot a few houses and I notice there is only 9 people left in the game and its just started the 2nd circle this never happens and I didn't notice until now since I was just looting away. and this is 3pp where there is usually more people alive towards the end of the game then 1pp and there is only 10 people left! so the blue circle finally finishes on the 2nd circle and no on is around I see someone has gotten a couple M24 head shots and were down to 6 people. and I open a door to the building facing the military island where this guy is and bam head shot from across the military island no practice shot or missed shots just 1 bullet and I'm dead like everyone else. lol I'm not even mad, I'm glad I can claim a hacker killed me like everyone else