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  1. Stop buying pubg cosmetic on steammarket

    like 1% of people who play even look at this.
  2. something changed with peeking?

    maybe I just did not notice before or run into this. but it seems weird I've seen it like 10 times in the past couple games. but people peeking and you cant even see them just the gun flash and your shot. anyone else notice this just recently? or notice it a long time ago and I'm blind?
  3. Cheating has killed this game

    if you can see that would mean you are behind a tree or close enough to the edge where i would imagine he was trying to bate you to moving a little, It sounded like you meant you were way behind a wall and he shot right at you. that doesn't sound like hacking to me i do that to people all the time. and to say he doesn't know you're there.. come on, because he couldn't have watched you go in there.. even if you camped for like 5 minutes, some times i see someone go in a building then wait for them with the intention of catching them off guard. or ill see them way before i engage so i don't give my position away until i have a clear shot and know no one else is near. it just seems silly that you think all this is hacking, rather than the truth. even if the truth is you just don't know. I'm not saying there is no hacking. I have seen 1 the whole time Ive been playing. making shit up puts people on a witch hunt instead of trying to get better they just blame everyone
  4. Cheating has killed this game

    i feel like you're hacking, otherwise how would you know the bullets are hitting the exact spot you head is at? I'm no pro and i won 4 chicken dinners this weekend, i didn't see any hackers.
  5. call me a noob/American but once i get into the blog there seems to be no English option? Before I enter blog I can pick English from the drop down but that seems to just be for the front page. Will this be coming in the future? But the site seems great and it sounds like a fun idea!

    if you go look at the ESO forums you would guess that the community was going to plan an attack on zenimax and hate the game. yet they all spend about 18 hours a day on it lol. I loved that game but i always hated the fact that people act like they do one forums. People in the forums ( like this one) act like the world revolves around them and that the devs are out to get them or are blatantly not doing anything when they have TEAMS of people doing everything they can. but they also are just their jobs, they all have lives and the more you act like my 2 year old son they less they want to actually help the community and individual people. i know when I'm at work and i get a customer upset about a freight charge and they are a complete asshole, i stick our policies on them and make sure they are stuck with the charge. but when they act like a decent human I will get them a credit if i can. I would love to see some of these forum goers and how they act in real life. they probably are not very respectable people, or they are using the internet to act opposite of how they act in person.
  7. I'm beginning to think...

    I used to always try to go for the center. and now i am usually pretty close to the blue unless I'm coming in on the small circle and see some really good 360 degree cover to play out the game at. But i also get 5-6 kills a game now as opposed to like 1-3. so maybe I'm just getting better at aiming to kill the people on the edge with me, ive also gotten better and spotting people in grass and stuff. But i find myself winning more games these last two weeks. so might just need a combination of new strat and a little more practice. or maybe the practice will naturally change your strat idk lol
  8. Cheating has killed this game

    So I was afk until the end of they plane ride so I was way out on the opposite side of the map and had free reign to loot every building I went in. now I'm not on the hacker band wagon, this is my first death that I have even suspected ( 99% sure) it was a hacker. usually people just don't understand what happened and cry hacker. but anyways so I loot and grab a bike and I'm all the way north and the circle is on the military island so I ride down there and didn't want to cross bridge on the bike so I get off and go to loot a few houses and I notice there is only 9 people left in the game and its just started the 2nd circle this never happens and I didn't notice until now since I was just looting away. and this is 3pp where there is usually more people alive towards the end of the game then 1pp and there is only 10 people left! so the blue circle finally finishes on the 2nd circle and no on is around I see someone has gotten a couple M24 head shots and were down to 6 people. and I open a door to the building facing the military island where this guy is and bam head shot from across the military island no practice shot or missed shots just 1 bullet and I'm dead like everyone else. lol I'm not even mad, I'm glad I can claim a hacker killed me like everyone else
  9. PUBG Steam Reviews Bombed

    I'm new to the PC and "Steam" but on Facebook you can spend like $7 for 1000 likes or like 15 bucks for 500 comments and such. I don't know if they have things in place to prevent that. but I see so many reviews stating the complete opposite of what me and everyone I talk to experience. I was curious if companies do this on steam to screw competitors. Now I also see many negative reviews that i also agree with. I'm not saying i think all bad reviews are fake. but a lot of them are definitely bogus. Even if its just one customer who doesn't like the parent company and making shit up or logged in for 5 minutes and didn't know how something worked and thought it was broken so claim everythings trash. not necessarily people buying bad reviews in mass.
  10. KILL STREAK, how is it calculated?

    I think it's within a small timeframe in a match. Because my kill streak is smaller than the number of kills I've gotten in a match
  11. Seems the worry is apparently growing....

    hmm, I talked to one other person who had the same issue and he had a good rig also so that's why i thought maybe his location compared to server. I'm new to the computer so i don't know much about how all this works but it interests me. so i was just wondering. because it could very well be on their end but only effecting certain people.
  12. Seems the worry is apparently growing....

    I see this all the time about people complaining about the frame rate issues on the forums. But i have never encountered this. I have 1 time been kicked from lag, but even then it stopped my game with the lag indicator on the center of the screen before it kicked me and i have gotten lag but never like that, also usually only with the lag indicator. I have never seen someone skip around like that. (in PUBG at least) so I'm wondering if this is not just a computer issue with some people or internet/geographic issue? but I would venture to guess if i have not had issues that a majority of the games population also has not (forums is a very small portion of the population). since i don't have anything real special computer wise. but i always felt like the game runs really good, and I'm in Phoenix, Arizona for reference and on an Alienware R4
  13. Please remove fog

    Either you are doing something wrong or your game is messed up because my setup saves. I changed it ingame and it's always there ingame
  14. Please remove fog

  15. Are people seriously resorting to teaming in solos?

    how does that show teaming? when i see hear shots and watch someone die i also will kill the person who goes to loot