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  1. Something not right since update

    If you have a somewhat recent NVIDIA card, there is a free NVIDIA program called Shadowplay that can capture whole matches or highlights when you enable it. Very minimal fps lost from enabling it. It's cool too because you can crop the clips from highlights at the end a little too.
  2. Desert Map - First Vehicle Revealed

    Bigger squads would be such a welcome change especially with vehicles that can hold them. It sucks when like 5 or 6 friends are on and we cant all play together.
  3. Whats my bottleneck? NEED 144FPS !

    Any reason not to consider intel? If your willing to go over $250, you could get a brand new i7700k for $309 on Newegg Link . Obviously you'd need a new MOBO but I'm guessing you will probably anyway with that old processor.
  4. Desert Map - First Vehicle Revealed

    I wonder if you can throw a smoke grenade it and drive it around like Scooby Doo and the Mystery Team
  5. How Random is the R in RNG?

    I've thought the same general thing! If I find a great primary, I'm probably not going to find a scope anywhere close or vice versa. SMGS/SHOTGUNS to me seem like the "filler" loot in a lot of cases as sometimes I'll go to 3 different towns and only find these with other "general" items, especially uzis and pump shotguns. Sometimes I witness clumping where one area will have a TON of one item, sometimes a really good item like an SKS. One time my squad each found a SKS from a town of about 5 buildings.
  6. Tactics while IN vehicles

    DRIVE OVER BUSHES! I always try to swerve my vehicle to make it harder for shooters to hit me but its also good to zig zig into as many little bushes as you can... you never know when you'll find a pancake breakfast as a 1st course to your chicken dinner.
  7. Option for Name Change

    It's been mentioned in a few other threads I think that it is on agenda but with no idea of when. Wouldn't think this would be that hard of a feature to add though. I would probably be changing mine as well.
  8. Enable sli lower fps? gtx 1080 sli

    I run 1080 SLI with a 7700k. I used to run a 4k 60hz monitor but then decided to try 144hz out so I dropped down to 2k and haven't looked back. On Ultra everything minus foliage/shadows and never go below 60fps (except for a few random times with patch issues) Typically I'm sitting in the 80's for FPS. +1 on CPU limits more than GPU. I have a very mild 4.8 OC on my cpu and will hopefully up the OC once I move my pc to an area with cooler temperatures.
  9. Is ReShade blocked for all now?

    Glad to see they are still allowing it, the game looks so much better with it. Even besides a tactical perspective its just more aesthetically pleasing. Would be awesome if this was just how it looked naturally but I get it not everyone can have the best setups.
  10. A cave system and underwater loot in Erangel

    I'm completely all for caves as it would give some more depth to combat in elevated areas, as well as more reason to go to these areas besides just camp sniping. If not Erangel because it'd be too much at this point with everything else, please include this idea on future maps. The underwater loot though I'm not sold on as much.
  11. Why bother with rewards if...

    It's weird how unrandom this seems to be for everyone. I mean while 90% of the options lack any sort of luster or appeal, statistically I should be at least finding some of them. lol
  12. Make Bike Cart Detachable

    Hey all, I have an idea that I think would be awesome. On the dreaded bike with a cart, could there be a way to make the cart have a detachable pin with the 'f' key so it could be a solo cart? I feel like this would be a pretty realistic feature and it would make solo riding (especially solo games) so much more... less glitch crashy lethal? Theres a good amount of times where I'll see the bike+cart and just skip it because its not worth it. On the same token maybe you could have some unattached carts in garages around the map so someone with a solo bike could add a cart for his mates.
  13. Update again Holy *^&#* 2 nights shot to Crap in a Row

    It'd be nice if it could be more pre-announced but I understand random things may come that need to be addressed immediately.
  14. Statistics!

    Solo has a TOP 10 finish data point which is nice, I'd like to that that transferred over to squads and duos too!
  15. What happened to ...

    This would be awesome if it was an ingame feature.