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  1. Highvelocity619

    Camper repellent

    Have you tried calling 9 - wah - wah for the Wahbulance? Wait I already here it coming for u babies ... wah-a-wah-a-wah-a-wah-a-wah
  2. Highvelocity619

    Old man grumbles about cheating....

    +1. I'm 33 and notice a difference from when I was 16 for sure!
  3. Highvelocity619

    Winning needs to feel better

    I recommend flogging the dolphin after winning, you'll feel much better.
  4. Highvelocity619

    I hate gasoline car

    This brings me to my next point boys and girls, don't smoke crack.
  5. Highvelocity619

    New map dynamic weather?? (Rain)

    This is such an awesome feature. Please Please Please Please don't take it out!!!!
  6. Highvelocity619

    Don't You Hate It When...

    hahaha this is hilarious...
  7. new map to test server coming in April which will be A) different playing field B) smaller so, slightly more fast paced the event mode sounds interesting... had a TON of fun with the 8 player mode. Would like to see this permanently added as an option. Also curious as to what other "event mode" types they'll have.
  8. Highvelocity619

    players leaving like crazy!

    Doc has said he's never playing it again and has uninstalled it more times than I can even count. A lot of it is part of his "persona" I feel.
  9. Highvelocity619

    players leaving like crazy!

    I really do not understand the mass appeal for Fortnite besides that it's F2P. The building is somewhat cool but the aiming system...(barf).
  10. Literally the 'Jump to Conclusions Mat' is a better idea than this.
  11. Highvelocity619

    8-man Squad Feedback

    Agree 100%. My group of 8 created 2x 4 player groups and would sync our queue ready ups together to try to get in the same squad. We were able to get in the same server pretty often but we just kept leaving in the lobby until we could be on the same team. Took about 7-8 tries per game but was worth it. I agree with OP in that it is more fun as a random as well, to join larger groups than smaller premades in regular squads. It's crazy how team size can change the feel of the game so much
  12. Highvelocity619

    Blood Colour Change

    You can still do it on PC. Right click on PUBG in your steam library. Left click properties...then Set Launch Options...and type -KoreanRating in the text box. This worked for me!
  13. Highvelocity619

    Low fps on Pubg (Gtx1060 msi gaming laptop)

    make sure your nvidia drivers are up to date too. I've noticed decent differences sometimes doing this before on my desktop.
  14. Highvelocity619

    Is Pubg Need Middle East Server?

    A middle eastern map would be cool with some caves
  15. Highvelocity619

    The reason why I'LL quit this game

    Typically the flight path of the plane never approaches EVERY major loot area. If you don't want to go near the action or towards the smaller areas I recommend landing near a major road and taking a vehicle to the far reach of the map where parachutes can't reach based. When I do this sometimes I get entire cities to myself.