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  1. If it would be rare loot it means ammo spawns with it, that means the AWM would be buffed. Right now the AWM is at balance because you only find 20 bullets per crate. Which means you have a very limited amount of shots with it. If the deagle is a rare loot it means people will take the ammo (you know, like sniper attachments since there might be a chance you find an AWM in a crate) and thus buffing the AWM.
  2. Is it time for a breakup?

    These are some of the strangest posts I've read in a while. As for me, I've stayed loyal to her for the past month. Haven't even looked at other women. I know she's not perfect but there's something about her I just can't describe, something unique I want to saver. Something extraordinary that makes me keep coming back to her.
  3. What I do now is just jump on the window and then crouch. If you time the jump correctly, you should be able to just stand on the window, then crouch to go through it. it's a slight bit slower but you can still get out of a window.
  4. Discussion: September Update

    It's not too hard to press 2 buttons at the same time while moving forward.
  5. It would be something like the ranking system, all armed forces/DEVGRU/Spetsnaz would be put in a match and normal civilians put together. To answer the question, would I do it? Only if we have the technology with meds that they have ingame. lets say there would be something like the energy drink, adrenaline shot, painkillers and the first aids. So If I get shot at a non-lethal part of my body and I'd use a med like that the damage to my body would be restored nearly instantly and get me to a state to where I was when I jumped out of the plane, sure.
  6. We need a Petition - Remove the Kar

    Most people can't even hit a moving target with the Kar98, let alone a headshot. If you get headshotted by a Kar98, you probably got yourself to blame for sitting still for too long.
  7. What about League of Legends? Dont they have like the biggest playerbase?
  8. I can understand this from one side. But on the other side, check how much time you have left before even engaging (or if engaged at, to flee if neccessary). If you are far away from the white zone and you have a minute left, then that's not the time to engage when seeing someone run.