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  1. Red Zone Removal

    You might not like being in a redzone but to say it adds nothing is factually incorrect. People complain about how footsteps are too loud and you can't sneak up on people, well the redzone is your solution to that. Time your house siege with the redzone strike for great profit and kill your enemies while they can't hear anything else. This game is trying to make you think tactically, instead of whining about it, why not come along for the ride? Also the redzone generates tons of those hilarious gaming moments which is the reason why so many people play PUBG. I will always fondly remember my duo narrowly driving to a house before the redzone hit while furiously chasing the circle and then coming out to find all the vehicles in the area got destroyed.
  2. Actually I have also noticed this. When I'm near a red zone, the audio tends to get a bit confused and sometimes other sounds in the area such as vehicles start cutting in and out a little bit. Unfortunately voice chat seems unaffected and works fine.
  3. end

    Who said I was joking? He's leaving the game for good, and that's his choice and totally fine which I respect. He therefore definitely won't be needing his PUBG stuff anymore, so I think he should donate it to one of the players here who is enjoying the game as has no intention to leave, plus is an avid collector of stuff i.e me. I don't think that's a very radical proposition.
  4. Defaulting to TPP on Solo

    This is why Bluehole's claim that FPP is less popular is wrong, it's skewed by the default setting. Most people couldn't be bothered to change it. If FPP was default more people would play it. Mind you TPP being default is good in a way, it means TPP servers have way more cheats than FPP and I can game in peace. However the downside is "FPP is less popular" will be potentially used as an excuse by Bluehole to lock off FPP servers in some regions in the future when this isn't truthfully the case.
  5. But WHY do Chinese play on NA/OC

    I'm Chinese and I wanted to play on OC servers so badly, I moved here.
  6. M24 to the head = no kill.

    I'm not sure what happened, but it if means an end to boring one-shot kills then I'm all for it.
  7. idea for performance

    I'm unsure why you're even playing PUBG when literally every other shooter out there caters to your preference more than PUBG does. Looting in PUBG is half the fun.
  8. Where are all the guns?

    PUBG is not a game of skill and only skill, and never has been. It's just not that sort of game. If you want a game like that, where it's a completely fair level playing field, might I suggest ARMA?
  9. Never had this problem. A long time ago if you dropped a weapon and picked it up again it would revert to single fire, but that was fixed some time ago. I'm a crap player and if I could blame my failure on this I would, but it's just never been a thing for me.
  10. 1. I play FPP too so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 2. Trike is easy peasy, let me show you how https://forums.playbattlegrounds.com/topic/107374-using-the-sidecar-bike/ 3. Yes it's poop, but it's improved noticeably since I've been playing 4. There are plenty of vehichles 5. Less is more 6. Never even noticed this 7. Splitting the player base has a lot of negative knock-on effects, some regions could lose FPP completely when map selection comes in, I'd rather have FPP than map selection 8. Meh 9. Are you sure you're just not making this up. When I survive a trade I generally have pretty low health, it's not like no bullets hit. 10. In PUBG EVERYTHING is arbitrary. The entire style of the game is based around this, it's literally the only thing that makes it different from other shooters and the big reason why it has become a hit. Like it or not, luck is a core part of the experience. 11. I agree, you shouold shoot yourself in the foot instead and take damage. 12. Actually the removal of rain and fog has had more impact on my crossbow game 13. You want this AND 3? Good luck. 14. I've had maybe half a dozen crashes in 6 months, most when it was still early access. 15. Agreed this would be nice. 16. I don't think I've ever been killed by someone who was in the blue when I wasn't also in the blue. Can't see this as a "major issue". 17. Personally I like it how you can't practice, it increases the joy of finding a new weapon "let's see what this thing I've never used before does! Can't wait to use it!" - if you give the children all the toys in the toybox at once, they get bored fast, but give them those toys one by one and you have continual excitement 18. Randomness is part of the fun of the game. Also let's not make it even easier for snipers in this game, who are way, way, WAY OP as it is
  11. I thought I'd check out Spawn Island since I kinda miss it now, just to see if there was actually any good loot out there since the changes. So I started a game where the plane started off in the north east corner, parachuted right on top of a boat and headed out there. I went through every single building on the whole island, all the towers and the airport runway. I found, in total: * One pump action shotgun, 10 shotgun shells * One P1911, 45 bullets * A crowbar * A level 1 vest And that's it. All of these were in buildings. Nothing on the picnic tables. Just thought I'd save you all the trouble of going out there. (Amazingly, I made it back to main island in time, killed 3 people and finished #2 overall)
  12. I'd actually be fine with that. As long as I can buy what I want to buy. Who goes to a clothing store and plays lucky dip, nobody. You buy the things that you like the look of.
  13. Or just give us a shop with the clothes in it and we can buy them directly, rather than having to push gambling on children.
  14. I disagree with nearly all of you but I won't say why and instead I'll just play along and say "buff SMGs please" because I use them a lot and it will make my game easier if they are OP.

    I'm not proposing anything at all until the devs respond. It was just a question, that I thought was pretty reasonable.