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  1. Map stuck spots

    I've made a video of this for you to use in your report. Not deliberately, I just happened to blunder into this hole and then noticed you needed a video. You're right, it's impossible to get out, I tried everything!
  2. Killcam Wait Time

    I have the same infinite wait for killcam bug. I'd post video of it but I don't realistically think any of you want to sit and watch a video of five minutes of a completely still screen.
  3. I fought off a four-man squad with just myself and a P92, killed two of them and made the other two run away. So pissed off that Shadowplay Highlights didn't record it. It's what prompted me to move to plays.tv for all my battle recording.
  4. So I've been playing Erangel for ages and only got on the test server for the first time yesterday. Here's my feedback about some stuff and things. Hopefully the devs find this useful. Most of this feedback is positive because I had a good time. * It's good that there's no guns in the lobby. While it's fun to test guns out, I prefer the "calm before the storm", the endless shooting of the Erangel lobby is annoying and I always sprint in a random direction just to get away from it. Also, having guns in the lobby is silly because if you're all armed to the teeth, how the hell is anyone going to talk you into going on a plane and parachuting on an island anyway. Of course a firing range/test area so people can still test shooting etc would be good. What the lobby does need however is fully functioning gym equipment plus soccer nets and balls to kick around, I mean you've already got the pitch. * It's really really hard to see where I am on the minimap, the player's position needs to stand out more. * It's big! And beautiful! Whoever says Miramar is too large, sorry but you are dismissed and cancelled, go and play CS:GO. The hugeness of PUBG is so much of what gives it life, I was worried when reading about it that the new map was going to be too small but it feels equally as big as Erangel, maybe even more so because there's more stuff around the edges. * On the other hand the inside of most buildings feels really tiny. Even though I'm the worst long-range fighter ever, I felt safer outdoors just because I felt that I could move around better and had more options to both approach and retreat from targets. * I don't get that "three feet tall" feeling that I get with Erangel, thanks for making me taller, Bluehole. * Menu music is great. * My character looks so much better now, in particular the facial features are much more distinct. I especially like it in the main menu screen how she occasionally looks down at her hands and mouths something, probably "fuck" because she realises she's unarmed. Now hurry up and make school uniforms available to buy at a reasonable price from a market or something. Every time I see that girl with the Groza in the new promo images it makes my blood boil because you're not actually offering that look in the game in a way that is reasonable for a sensible purchaser. Tsk tsk, please fix soon. * When I was parachuting down, I tried to go where nobody was, then I had a heart attack as I saw another parachutist closing in, right on my location! Bastard, I'm going to kill him qui... oh wait, it's just my shadow. Ahhhhh, you trolls. Clever though, looks cool. I don't know if this is in Erangel or not but I never noticed it before, it's really noticeable in Miramar though. * I like it how it's really hard to take vehicles offroad now. As it should be. Taking a bike or a ute (I refuse to call it a "pickup" ewww) through the sand is a laugh riot. Of course I'm a genius at it because driving is the only thing in this game I do well, I'll post up some vids in the tactics section. Also the vehicle sounds are now sexy af. * The undulations of the terrain don't just make driving harder (i.e better), they are great for gun battles. * Do people really think that there's less loot? Really? No way! My last game I swear I found about 10 ARs just wandering around looking in crappy third-world huts and stuff. If anything I'd say that the abundance of loot makes me struggle with the fourth wall a bit, it's hard to believe I'm in a deserted no-man's land when every single lump of dirt is armed to the teeth, I could use a little toning back on the loot for atmosphere's sake. * The red zone sounds are gorgeous now, pity the red zone itself is still such a paper tiger. It should be something to make players cower in fear, not something you can dance through 90% of the time with no consequences. I wish it had the bite to back up the new improved bark. * I haven't got a kill with any of the new guns yet, I've been getting all my kills with the AKM (which there seems to be one of in every second building). However the new guns do look sexy and have some fun uses, the Winchester in particular is really a lot of fun for long-range harrassment when you know you're not going to get the kill and you don't want to waste your good gun's ammo on annoying others at medium/long range. I'm so glad it doesn't have a scope attachment, that would suck the life out of the gun completely. Scopes in general, boo hiss. * Having said that, I LOVE how when you zoom in, the area outside your scope is blurred, that's very clever and takes away an unfair advantage that scopers had, where they could see zoomed "outside" the scope's area as well as inside. * Vaulting is great but I haven't found a lot of uses for it yet, I think my main trick is going to be shooting crossbows through windows to make people think I'm vaulting through them and watching and laughing as the other player scours the whole building for me when I'm not even there. * Wandering around sightseeing revealed a lot of things that I wish were useable in the world - monster road bikes, tricycles etc. * I have no idea what people are talking about with the anti-aliasing thing, but my vision probably wouldn't be that great if I was out in some Mexican desert where it's really hot without any water or anything, so I think people should just learn to love it. * No FPP solo OCE, but if it arrives with 1.0 next week I'll forgive you and finally change my Steam review to positive. Thanks Bluehole for reading!
  5. I like it that the good guns rarely spawn, gives me more chance to get a feel for the new deliberately crap weapons. It's probably deliberate so people can test those weapons out.
  6. I think people should look at this positively as a great opportunity to learn another language.
  7. Bluehole would like you to play in other regions, if your servers are too busy. Please utilise the helpful region selection system to find a region that works best for you. Don't pay attention to any peer pressure that playing in another region is somehow bad or wrong. Bluehole implemented swappable regions for the good of everybody so be sure to use this system to maximise your enjoyment and gaming experience.
  8. Test servers make me testy

    I don't get it. This just makes my proposed solution seem even more ideal as far as I can tell. Do away with the test server, test things on the live server instead. Then you don't need to worry about different engines because you've only got one build/version to worry about.
  9. PUBG is in Early Access, right? So we're all "testing the game" in some respect, yes? So why do we even need a test server? Why can't they test things on the normal server? Isn't every server essentially a test server anyway given that the game isn't 1.0 yet? I feel like lately the test server gets all the love while the rest of us (especially those who don't have test servers in their regions) get left out in the cold with a game that hasn't seen a lot of love in quite some time. (and needless to say OCE gets shafted, like it always does. SOLO FPP OCE when, Bluehole?) Discuss.
  10. I think if anything the blue zone should be even brighter. I have trouble seeing the edge of it at times, which means that sometimes I step into it by mistake when scouting the edge of it looking for troll kills. It's nothing that occured to me to complain about before seeing this thread though. Agree with this 110%. PUBG is fun partly because the high amount of RNG elements gives shitty players an occasional chance to compete with those of higher mechanical skill. A blue zone with unpredictable flashes that might obscure a key moment is part of this, as is a bad weapon drop, bad circle luck, no vehicles etc. So many people here seem to want to make the game more boring and dry like every other shooter ever, I want it to go in the opposite direction and have even more RNG stuff that messes with people.
  11. The fog is genius. I would play fog every round if I could.
  12. Ah okay. I'm cool with visible walls.
  13. I'm Asian and I play in OCE a lot. I'm sick of all the Australians being rude. This poster is right. All you have to do is open your mouth and the Australians are being rude straight away, even if you're bring constructive and helpful. Australians hear an Asian accent and just go at it with the racism. It doesn't take much to show good manners to your fellow overseas gamers. Oceania isn't just Australia you know. Of course I would never ask that we boot the Australians off the OCE server so the Asians can play there in peace without Australian racism, even though us Asians are the majority, because I believe in coming together across racial and cultural barriers and having a good game, and I believe that not all Australians are racist (just the ones who use the mic a lot, sadly). I'm trying to set a good example for others, please join me.
  14. What will happen to players who wander off the extreme west and north of the map. I hate immersion-breaking invisible walls.