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  1. Actually I have also noticed this. When I'm near a red zone, the audio tends to get a bit confused and sometimes other sounds in the area such as vehicles start cutting in and out a little bit. Unfortunately voice chat seems unaffected and works fine.
  2. But can I play solo FPP in OCE on it.
  3. * more crappy sub machine guns, pistols and weak guns overall, less boring one-shot-kill stuff, this way FIGHTS LAST LONGER * BB gun (does no/little damage but could use it to fake people out and be super annoying) * hunting knife * Swiss army knife * ability to put a pistol in primary weapons slot/and or akimbo any two light pistols (with severe drop in accuracy of course) * radar (would need to be limited somehow so not OP, perhaps like the vague motion-sensing radars in the Alien films) * ability to pick up any rock from the ground and throw it, only would hurt if a headshot on someone with no helmet but would give them a good knock, also could use to smash windows etc, even better how about a slingshot * mace can (ultra-short range, players with face coverings or glasses on would be immune - finally a use for the glasses!) * tear gas grenade (ditto for gas mask) * fire extinguisher (could put out burning players, also blind/knock back enemies) * summary: more FUN stuff less AMERICAN GUN-NERD stuff