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  1. F421D

    Failed to Initialize Steam Error

    I've found a fix to it, I had 2 anti-virus programs running. After removing one of them it started working again without issue.
  2. F421D

    Failed to Initialize Steam Error

    No one has had any issue like this? I still can't fix it
  3. I have an issue with getting into my game since last night. Basically it's appearing with this message when I start the game. There is also a green line on the right and bottom of my screen which only appears when I start the game (which was never there before and only started appearing since last night). I've done the following: - re-installed the game using a backup from a friend. - re-installed steam then the game again. - follow the tutorials on how to fix login errors provided on this forum. - tried playing other games on steam which worked without any issue. The only thing which I couldn't do on the tutorials is update my windows 10 to the latest version as it comes up with an error. Could it really be my windows update which is causing the problem? Here is the screenshot, it really sucks cause I can't play the game due to this problem. I have no idea what that green line is and why it's appearing, but i'm gonna assuming it's related to the error i'm getting. I don't use reshade or any 3rd party programs for this game or any game.