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  1. Microstutters still exist

    That's interesting, I had the issue myself and changing drives worked out for me. How often are you getting stuttering when playing? What are your game settings? Try tweaking the settings to see if there are any improvements in the micro stuttering. From memory I was getting a lot more stuttering when I turned post processing on max. I was getting stuttering every 10-20 seconds before I put my game on a SSD. Anyway, I hope you find a fix to your issue. It must be really frustrating having the deal with it.
  2. Microstutters still exist

    Get a SSD and throw your game files on it. That should solve stuttering and texture bugs.
  3. I'm sure they will add a new crate after the game's release with a variety of clothings and colours.
  4. Sawed off in pistol slot terrible idea

    If you're afraid of campers in buildings then compromise and use grenades.
  5. Sawed off in pistol slot terrible idea

    Think about it, the handgun slot has been absolutely useless in regards to mid/late game until this release. The sawn off is not that hard to find so I don't see why you're complaining. If you find it overpowering then just pick it up with the rest of your Loadout. The shots aren't as powerful as a normal shotgun and the reload times is nearly twice as long as the double barrel (if I remember correctly). What they've done is a good thing. Holding a variety of weapons opens doors to newer strategies and ways of defending/fighting.
  6. Circle Changes

    That's sounds like a terrible experience, well I hope they take this into consideration and maybe add a few boats on each island.
  7. Win94 no bullet loops?

    The win94 was a good gun to introduce, but I myself was absolutely disappointed when picking it up to find no attachment slots. If they don't add a scope slot then it will be another useless weapon. For those of you who are saying it should only take a 8x, it's not a good idea since it will still make the weapon useless as 8x scopes are so rare. With the size of the map, I think it would be a good idea for the win94 to take all scopes just like the kar98 for example. Plus with the size of the map it's really asking for a scope. I love the drop rate of it, it's not so rare and gives a chance to everyone to get the rifle but all it needs is a scope slot.
  8. Game Crash & Rubber band

    The rubber banding starts happening for me when I parachute and land. It stops happening after a few minutes into the match. Have you tried fixing it or did you just keep trying to run the game in hopes that it would start working?
  9. How about while hes standing there and takes 4 shots?
  10. I've been having this issue too, it's quite annoying having to shoot people 6 - 10 times with an AR without knocking them.
  11. The video link doesn't work btw.
  12. Fix your goddamn window bars!

    I think they should change the design of the window bars to look something like this, I think this should solve most of the shooting issues. Or maybe they should just remove the window bars once vaulting is implemented and crouch jumping is removed. I don't like the idea of say, being in an apartment without an open roof while players are storming upstairs to kill you. You don't have good weapons and you can't jump out the windows, so you're most likely dead.
  13. Well said hahaha
  14. It's a love hate thing.. You can't live with it and you can't live without it
  15. I've had my worst night so far at least 8 games I've played out of 12 have had players using aimbot. I just want to enjoy the game, but these cheaters make it so hard for anyone to enjoy it.