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  1. i have absolutely no idea why this is happening, it could be optimization related, who knows, i just wanted to see if i'm the only one with this issue - first of all, this problem does not occur on any other game (neither in pubg live servers), even if they are more gpu taxing than pubg test servers are! game runs completely fine, normal fps, but after a few minutes my gpu fan will suddenly go up to 100% rpm and get stuck there, and it can't be controlled by any software (speedfan, msi afterburner etc) and hwmonitor shows my gpu temps completely fine (it never goes over 80c, it might go to 100% rpm even if gpu is only 60c) and as for fan speed, it shows ZERO rpm, which means whenever pubg test servers cause my gpu fan to go 100% rpm, hwmonitor's readings start showing false information for whatever reason now the only problem i have in test servers is the 100% fan speed which is really loud and distracting, and because of it i can't play at night. it's not the worst problem in the world but it's extremely weird and i hope someone understands how frustrated i am about this
  2. XikoN

    won a game, no rating change

    i'm top 53 on leaderboards eu solo fpp ,played another match, game froze and i had to log off from windows and log in, started up the game and i could join back the match. was swimming in the water with other afkers, found a boat nearby and the rest is history, basically won the game. afterwards no rank or rating changes from that win, it says 2 wins in my stats screen though so it did count the win but no rating change from it. i did check stat recording sites like pubg op gg if other players had the same problem (no rating change) they all got rating from the match, only i had none. so the question is, did the crash cause me to not gain any rating from the match
  3. yes there is no button assigned to unarm atleast ingame menu and i'm too afraid to look at the .ini files since apparently they're not supposed to be edited/opened
  4. Weapon gets disarmed in a firefight when i'm shooting and someone shoots me. (unarm button is not binded) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VG3-Few_We8&feature=youtu.be Has happened twice so far. It's either a hack feature or an extremely very super rare bug that has only happened to me according to google