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  1. Encountered on: Test Server When: September 13th, around 4am JST/KST Description: A was shooting an almost wasted uaz because I was afraid it would kill me in a gunfight. When it actually exploded, it somehow insta-killed my teammate who was at least as far away from the vehicle as me, with 75% health and behind solid walls inside a building. I wasn't damaged at all. Are vehicle explosions this devastating or was my teammate in some kind of bugged state? Don't know if this is relevant, but my teammate was knocked out outside the playzone once, while driving the same car long before the accident happened. I have a recording through NVidia Highlights, as it counted as a teamkill, see for yourself (caution: Japanese voicechat):
  2. Cannot drop Quickdraw magazine if inventory is full

    Changing magazine attachments causes the loaded ammo inside the weapon to be put back into your inventory. If you do that while your inventory is full, your ammo does not have enough space. If only the game could drop the ammo on the ground as well, it would be smarter.