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  1. How come no one from Asia post here?

    I post occasionally.
  2. Please make music volume changeable

    Did you not check the settings tab?
  3. Servers laggy as shit

    It's the same for most people mate. Ever since the 1.0 launch, rubberbanding has been a prevalent issue which has yet to be rectified, though I'm sure that once the Christmas holidays pass, a patch may come out to fix the issue.

    I don't mind the new map, but having a 99% chance to play the new map is a tad tiring.
  5. Miramar 64 times in a fucking row!

    Indeed. Since 1.0 I haven't played the old map. It's always been the new map.
  6. A reduction in speed when hit

  7. A reduction in speed when hit

    I like this. It`s frustrating at the start of the game or even mid to late game when you pump someone full of lead just for them to either turn around and lay you one in the face or for them to just run away full pace.
  8. Poison Gas and Gas Masks

    What about the ballistic mask? Maybe they can implement something for that too.
  9. Make rocks easier to climb

    I`m well aware. I`m just being salty.
  10. Take the Kar98 out of the AirDrop

    I know people like it, but it's not super rare around the map. It's frustrating when you decide to risk chasing an airdrop, particularly in water just to find out there's only a Kar98 and a damn compensator for an AR in there. It makes you feel quite empty.
  11. Make rocks easier to climb

    That's the 5th time I've died on the rocks because there's absolutely NO damn way to climb up them. Chased an airdrop in fog, landed in the water, decided to go get it with just enough time to make the safe zone, but nope. The cliffside is just impossible to traverse. Effin' A.
  12. Make rocks easier to climb

    That`s true, I forgot about that. Thanks! Fingers crossed it helps.
  13. Make rocks easier to climb

    Hi Devs, I wish there was a way to be able to traverse the cliffside of the rocks by the beach. I accidentally fell down the rocks in the last 2 circles and there was absolutely no way to climb back up, which pretty sealed my fate because of one accident. Is there any way to implement something like that? Regards, Chuck.
  14. Why the M16A4 BurstFire is terrible

    Take the 4x off and get a little bit closer and then watch the magic. At range, single fire is all you need.
  15. 5 left, almost final circle, and BAM. "Network lag detected". Thanks PUBG. It's happened about 5 times now. *Sigh*