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  1. How to play TestServers

    Download it from the Steam library.
  2. Middle or edge-play

    I personally prefer the edge play, hugging the border of the white and blue zone as it gives me one less direction to worry about, and also gives me good vision of the field.
  3. What are peoples favorite late game weapon.

    I quite like the Mini 14 as a versatile weapon with a SCAR-L or M416 backing me up. At least for urban fighting that is.
  4. Can anyone solve this problem?

    Haha, you're an absolute legend! Good work mate, thanks for your answer. Maybe time for an aspirin? hahaha
  5. English speaker ON AS servers for squads.

    Hey mate, I live in Japan and play on both AS and also KR/JP servers. I usually play with friends from Australia too so if you want to join us sometimes, let me know!
  6. A reduction in speed when hit

  7. A reduction in speed when hit

    I like this. It`s frustrating at the start of the game or even mid to late game when you pump someone full of lead just for them to either turn around and lay you one in the face or for them to just run away full pace.
  8. Can anyone solve this problem?

    Thanks for your reply!
  9. Can anyone solve this problem?

    Out of curiosity. Would love your answers!
  10. Poison Gas and Gas Masks

    What about the ballistic mask? Maybe they can implement something for that too.
  11. Kwijiboe TV

    Hey guys! https://go.twitch.tv/kwijiboetv Live - Monday to Thursday from 1930 onwards. Weekends vary! We consistently make top 10 and get the occasional win and laugh. Mostly it's just about having fun and cracking jokes. Hope to see you on!
  12. Guide: How to use the Mini-14 with the 4x and 8x scopes

    My favorite weapon.
  13. I know that feeling. hahaha