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  1. return the rain and fog

    I agree, I would like to see the rain and fog return. I also like to see a custom mode come in for night time, maybe with some attachments that are specific to night fighting.
  2. Request for msinfo32 information

    I really hope this gets fixed soon, its been two days and your responses have not been inspiring at all. msinfo.txt
  3. Game won't run

    No problem. I am in the same boat. All my friends are having no issues, and, well, I can't play because of this issue.
  4. PUBG wont start

    I saw someone else also report the same thing running a I7 CPU, but it does seem to be mostly the Phenom processor.
  5. Game won't run

    This is happening to a lot of us. are just a few other topics that have been started on this issue, and still no acknowledgement from PUBG about the issue.
  6. PUBG wont start

    Ditto, I have a AMD 1090T Phenom II as well. Windows 10.
  7. !!!--SNOW MAP--!!!

    I do like that. As for the weather and what not, I liked it and I do miss it. I wish that, instead of removing it, it would have been optional.
  8. pubg patch says emotes but no emotes in game

    I think that is in the patch for next week, not this week. both those are just above the list of the things being introduced and changed.
  9. Yes, they are similar in ways but that's like saying tomatoes and apples are the same thing. But whatever. Ignorance is bliss I guess. As for the range, I believe it varies from game to game and dev to dev. Never used them so I can't really comment, I just know about them from my time with a anticheat group for RTCW, (dating myself a bit there).
  10. PUBG does not start up

    Happening to me as well, but I am getting no errors and seeing no log, though I may be looking in the wrong location.
  11. No, that is not what ESP is. ESP gives you locations of specific items, (guns, ammo, health kits, ect...), players, and vehicles without LOS, or being in close proximity. Wall hack is the ability to see players through walls, buildings, ect..., but did not give you all the additional information that a ESP would. Generally, WH and ESP would give you roughly the same info about a player, but ESP gives more information on other items.
  12. !!!--SNOW MAP--!!!

    I don't know about snow, may be interesting, but I really would like a night mode, but that may just be me.
  13. PUBG wont start

    I dunno, I have tried everything I could think of. I asked some of my friends and they are in playing. I have no idea on what to do.
  14. PUBG wont start

    Ditto, I watch task manager and I see battleye launch, but it gets no further then terminates itself.
  15. Cheats ruining the game

    I agree, In the last 2 days, out of maybe 15 matches, 3 of them I was killed by blatant hacks, (across the map, through walls.). I really haven't seen much in hacks in the game except for the last couple of days, and it's sad that they are not even trying to hide the fact they are cheating.