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  1. How this game could be competitive with all these problems with no ping compensation and completely wrong hit registration? It's not game problem, it's a specific players problem who play using bad Internet connection. Massively multiplayer game is hardly optimized. I play also Quake Champions DUEL mode that is also in Early Access right now. Even Duel mode game with own engine and 2 players has major problem with ping compensation and hit registration. Just imagine real picture if we can see ping for every 100 players in game. When I start match in Quake and see if my opponent has ping like 80-100ms I always just quit. I understand it's not fair for players who can't get normal Internet, but is it fair force players play competitive game with other who has bad ping? My point is play with normal ping or not play totally. No any sense. Just let US see ping for every player at least, so I can decide play or not specific match.
  2. Idea. Imitation of Death in game.

    A lot of people from start of the every match trying to kill as much as possible opponents who without weapon. What if you you can just simulate your dead corpse and every player won't actually know dead you or alive? Every player should decide waste or not waste weapon to check every corpse, also to be or not revealed by other "alive" players in case of shooting. I think it's greate feature during all match. But of course developers should improve engine first, because right now corpses are disappearing.