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  1. This game for everybody. And I don't like how stupid people decide direction of this game. Millions of people also listen Justin Bieber and all other crap ever made on this planet. Millions of flies can't be wrong -------------------- Honestly If speak about what like or don't like community or what like or don't like millions of people there's what I think. Less of 10% people have decent IQ on this planet. It means 90% people actually adequately. They not stupid, but they have no skills to decide serious things. This is why in most cases good developers I knew did right things for their games before even community understand it is good. And when it's done nobody like it before start understand it is good. Concerning about PuBG I believe all players win if every player has more life in every match. It will happen sooner or later and all other changes.
  2. It seems I understand why most people who play PuBG don't understand why this game is so bad. Most of you play\know only team-based trash like Overwatch, CSGO, CoD. Btw I play only DUEL games (original Quake 3 and Starcraft 2). And I know how game is bad with even small ping difference between you and your opponent or just bad connections (bad jitter). Because when you play duel you clearly see such things. This game just deadly needed increase HP for character or decrease weapon DMG, because this is damp to die due to ping issues in every game. This game is now working properly. As a bad optimized game there's should be some handicap. Topic actually wasn't about ping issues, but now I understand that's is real problem. I can bear with loot system, campers, but not with that fact half of people play with ping over 100 in this game.
  3. You know guys. The problem is not my skill. Any game where half of people has shitty ping can't be competitive. Maybe I believe in case if I can see ping of every player who killed me. As I said before I play right now in Quake Champions based on own engine. Only duel mode. Even in duel where only TWO people I get most time very bad perfomance, something like no hit registration due to bad ping compensation. But in Quake I can at least always see ping of my opponent and make conclusions. I'm just admire how people here seriously take this game after that fact developers even don't show us ping for other players in session. How we can analyze our skill after this? When Bluehole allow us something like debug mode for Early Access? I hope coming replays should help with this.
  4. I'm looking right now at Quake Champions which has own engine made by Bethesda. In contrary this game has small player base (because of most people suck in this game). Also it has superior graphic and working over 100 FPS on my GTX 1080. Battlegrounds working max 60 fps on top configurations, it's known fact. And it's just UT engine limitation, they can't optimize it. It won't happed even after final release. Same shit with ALL games based on UT Engine. I tested also ARK, and it's not working good even on top configuration having average graphic. I won't believe developers having 1,000,000 players LIVE can't create new engine. I'm not saying right now, but in the future they should think about transition to own engine.
  5. No. You come back because of feeling of unfinished things. That's why this game so dangerous.
  6. I don't need actually you reading my posts. I hope developers gather feedback and trying to figure out how to improve the game. Of course dumb majority elect. That's why USA people right now live with president-clown.
  7. Guys, with the same success you can count birds on the street, it's fun and also RNG, you never know how many birds you able to count. :-)
  8. Quake is alive, right now I play Quake Champions and at the same time it's working with 130-150 FPS on highest options on my 144hz monitor. It's an example of good optimized game. Mostly because Quake based on own engine (old Quake it's idtech and new Quake Champtions uses completely new engine). The problem with Battlegrounds actually because Unreal Engine is not well optimized for specific games, it's good only if developer don't have time to create own engine. Most problems possible to resolve in case Bluehole go this way, I mean create own engine for Battleground.
  9. I play Quake by the way. But of course damn people who play in modern shooters even don't know about existence of this game, while it's a good example how 1st person shooter should be optimized. Why I love Quake? Because there no lucky noobs, completely.
  10. I believe this game can be really good after final build in release. But it won't happen if most people keep saying, "I'm ok", "everything is good", "just give us new maps". Because most people sick. They sick doing nonsense in their lives, like playing too much in random games.
  11. Specific places with better weapons, places with best armor, or special place where you can find ammo for full range weapon. Put in game more logic please.
  12. No. You don't get the point. I want logic in this game. What sense in all this looting and armor system if I can die from one shot anyway? If I spent some time and have at least 2 armor loot I shouldn't die from one shoot. Not really. For now I can find everything in one place or nothing checking almost 2-3 major points on map. Completely no balance in loot spawning. Exactly.
  13. Saddest part most of you even don't know well optimized games. For all time there was only one shooter that cover all your skills it's Quake. This game should be an example for any other game in terms with netcode optimization. Right now I play in Quake Champions. It has worse netcode than original Quake but every patch from developers consist major netcode improvements. And playing in this game I'm not feeling like I'm wasting my time. And I can see ping for every player playing Quake, I don't play FFA or TEAM but players who do always says that guys with high pings go to first places. It means you can't actually play in shooter with laggers. Since this I quit matches if I see any lagger in session. Now I really wondering how match players from 100 people in Battlegrounds have ping over 100. Most people even don't care about own perfomance. I suppose a lot. But I care. If I would never play Quake and never seen real picture with laggers I would never write such things.
  14. It's really impossible stay hidden if you parachute to high populate area (like school or military base). Also on military base if you don't find weapon you should go through the field and more likely get killed by snipers. For real right now I have only 2 choices from start of the game: 1. Parachute to high populated area and get killed by somebody who just lucky with weapon. Result = I waste 5 minutes of my life to start useless match. 2. Parachute to low populated area or completely without people and get nice travel for 20 minutes to find normal gear. Result = it's boring. Maybe it's not boring if I would like to play 1-2 times per day. For now it's completely no logic in loot system, sometimes I can find two or even three 2x scopes in one place or find all scopes in one location, at the same time I see lack of scopes and other gear in other areas. Fuck Yes. I'm taking it deadly serious because it's not minecraft or ARK or any MMO bullshit. It's COMPETITIVE game and I want cover every piece of my skill If I learn how to play. I'm not having fun get killed by some noob due to ping issues. Last time I get killed being in full 3 armor by guy who did few shots from M416 (not even headshots). It's really impossible, I suppose it happened because he saw me earlier on his side and start fire before I see him on my side.
  15. I thought also it's unique until I learn a bit about weapon damage and start count shoots. For now it's complete random, I saw desync problem almost in every match. I don't really understand how some people play over 1000+ hours. Right now I can't take this game seriously. For sure half of people play on server with ping over 50ms and it's critial in close fights when both players start shoot at the same time. It can't to be resolved on server side. I see only one solution, matching people by ping. So laggers play only with same laggers. At least let see ping for EVERY player in game. So I can see who lagger who not.