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  1. Frozenhaert pubg guides.

  2. Frozenhaert pubg guides.

  3. Frozenhaert pubg guides.

  4. Frozenhaert pubg guides.

  5. Ingame MENU music COPYRIGHT claims

    youtube is a bitch.. you know in theory you can't even upload you playing a game whitout paying copyrights. Try uploading a nintendo game
  6. Prison starting GUIDE +TIPS

  7. Prison starting GUIDE +TIPS

    Hello, this is the first video of my new series : "starting guides" for the most common starting places in PUBG. Hope you enjoy.
  8. My top 3 starting strategies.

    Hello, i'm a new youtuber and after a long time i'm pretty satisfied with this video. I show you my top 3 best and unique strategies i haven't seen before on youtube. I hope you enjoy.
  9. New youtuber with unique content.

    I am working on a 12kill video right now. I don't know what people would like to see more. The tactics and positioning in a game. Or just a game with lots of kills ?
  10. New youtuber with unique content.

    Hello, my name is frozenhaert. i am very new to content creating. But i think i can offer some things new. I currently started a series where i try to unravel the tactics behind winning. Instead of just showing you the gameplay. I cut it and voiceover explaining all the decisions and the thoughts behind it. All i ask is to check out my video and to critisize me. I want to improve what i do and like. But i need people's opinion to improve. Keep in mind this is the first time i ahve used a video editor. I have lots of gameplay stored. But it takes long for me to edit. I'll try to post 1-2 videos every week. Thanks for your time and make sure to respond if you ahve anny comments. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=62Oi1y6MLGU