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  1. Zaphat

    Cheating Discussion

    Where are you located? Which server you play on? Which mode? What time?
  2. I have ADS on HOLD (right mouse - aiming is on ctrl) I have peek on HOLD (mouse button 4 and 5) If I hold to ADS and hold to peek AND then click fire: both peek and ADS cancels without actually firing the gun.
  3. The first circle isn't 8x8. 8x8 is only a buffer the way smaller play area is selected from. Even if it was made 6x6 the first circle would be the same meaning the pace would be the same,only result would be a lot more circles placed on the same(ish) areas.
  4. Zaphat

    Does PUBG have Matchmaking?

    Dunno, I can now see who shoots me in FPP too, and although I am around 300,000 trying to learn and enjoy this game (sometimes have some positive feedback too) I always get killed by someone #20,000ish or toay was the best: a #5000ish player. While it really adds to the challenge, I'd still like to compete with people on my level...
  5. Zaphat

    Tactics problem

    Now if something, this thread confused me a lot! I've always thought that there is a good strategy for a given situation, that you can "out-think" your enemies, but all 4 or 5 solutions seemed equally justified for me. So basically this means that you may meet people at all the paths you take, because everybody thinks in their own ways and all can be logical. This gameis extraordinary (This is my first time I've met with battleroyale, so it'"s all pretty new to me).