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  1. Free weekend Maybe?

    New players? I'd say bh would want less players, I bet it's hard to keep up with this boom of people. 1.5 million concurrent players. It's a metropolis playing pubg.
  2. EU Solo FPP Rain and Fog games

    Welcome to RNG. I love both rain and fog maps and I get them once every ten or more. RNG is not random. RNG is what you don't want. It watches you and it hates you.
  3. getting in the f'ing driver seat

    Or set it to Shift+W. It's the third topic I wrote this today.
  4. tips on quickly getting in drivers seat

    set W or Shift+W as a driver seat key, so when you want to move you'll get into driver's seat.
  5. loot spawn is the biggest issue!

    Because spawning loot to all the hundredthousand positions would be redundant performance usage. So loot is spawned where needed. This being the biggest issue seems a bit of an exaggeration.
  6. Something not right since update

    The number of players constantly rises, what do you expect? Call it EA or don't, this company just don't yet have the experience to handle this many players. We'll have balance sooner or later I hope.
  7. Dunno man, while Dolby 7.1 definitely gives you better overall sounding, I find it washing away left and right sounds which are the most important when you are getting shot at. For me the Windows Sonic for headphones without 7.1 gives the most definitive left and right sounds.
  8. Changes I would make to the game

    Set driver seat key to shift+W, or whatever is your boost forward and wherever you sit in a car as soon as you want to leave you'll be the driver
  9. What's with all the negativity?

    And what makes you guys think that the devs are not aware of the problems and not trying to address them? I'd say they know about them all and trying to make this thing work, but it takes time. Arma 3 became what it should have been on day 1 in what? 3 years? 4? It's a relatively small and new studio not having expected ten times the popularity of GTA. The whole world is in programmer shortage: having artists is not the same as having specialists who can build netcode capable of serving this many people.
  10. Sorry if I wasn't clear ,I meant I cannot fire faster with the wheel than I can fire with my left button. I wanted to say that you cannot fire more bullets with this techique because there is a fire rate limit, so I don't really understand what the topic is really about.
  11. Dunno, I tried it with a SCAR: it doesn't allow THAT fast shots for me. It's not like you can get 5 bullets at the same time: it's not faster than spamming the left button manually at all. I tried with an empty mag too, and it clicks extremely fast then. So there is a limiting mechanism for sure for real bullets. (and not my mouse wheel is slow)
  12. What's with all the negativity?

    You are talking about 5-10 frustrated people out of 10million? They are all over the place though, some have multiple topics about the same frustrations. They are loud and spamming their sht, that's it. I know this game is an addiction it must be hard to get off of it, but I'd say few people use the forums, even fewer comment, even fewer are negative. So rest assured: many are enjoying it, as it is enjoyable as hell. I see the problems too, but hey they happen only rarely and it takes 2mins to start a new game.
  13. RAM / SSD / VRAM ?

    Me myself couldn't even run it without 16G mem, but it's running fine with a 2G GTX960.
  14. Has delay increased for anyone else?

    I have that every once in a while. Picking up objects take like a second and I usually die the same death pretty soon, but next game a bit later is fine again.
  15. Cooking a granade not working anymore?

    It does, but you need to manually do it since patch. Default key is R. So left click takes it out, hold it and press r. You'll hear the click.