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  1. what to remap lean Q/E?

    There is toggle option soaps. Well it doesn't work like in ARMA that you can both hold and toggle, but it's there. I remapped the left to E and the right to Q: it needs some getting used to, but your other finger will never be in the way and you are not using up other valuable keys. It is a strategy game within a game to set your keybindings in ARMA and becomming moreso in PUBG too.
  2. Just a heads up.

    I love these new topics with people probably having been thinking for hours not to sound like a cheater scumbag, but they can't hold it together for more than a couple of replies. The more I see of this the better. Is it some kind of attempt to self assurance? Or why don't you guys appeal at the official place?
  3. Can we remove the vector?

    Vector + compensator is a legal man's no recoil macro.
  4. will somebody win pubg for me at least once

    lol, keep on playing or stop playing if you are not doing it for the fun. I have 90 hours, 320 games: I twice got to #2, but I still enjoy every moment and getting better in my better skills and getting better also in my bad skills. But please uninstall it now if you are here for the win and not for the game. (and probably playing FPP in Europe night, which is eastern dawn time helps in meeting fewer cheaters)
  5. I think what you experienced and what you propose are not in sync. Just consider a random game from both perspectives: For the pro player starting phase and middle phases will be about killing noobs mostly (if RNG doesn't put him closer to one of the other few pros) For the potato it will be next to impossible to get to the endgame as sooner or later he will be butchered by a pro. Both can lead to frustrating games. A good matchmaking however will place you nicely AFTER a couple of games played: my best games (where I could actually kill people and get to the end game) was when I met with people around my skill. You are saying the same: having (a lot) lower skilled people is boring, having (a lot) better skilled people is suicide. This is what would happen in all of the random games at different phases of the game. I would actually like a stricter matchmaking so that everybody could have the same chance in a given game and still have the chance of going higher.
  6. BKitten: I totally understand your point and this would be truly outstanding, but I am afraid it's not possibble in a video game for the same reason that there are a ton of hackers. It is kinda how DayZ worked back in the early times though, and it really added to the tension: "Wait, don't shoot, I am friendly". - I had extremely tense and great moments before noone started to care and the insta answer became "bangbangbang" BTW: the proposition wasn't that everybody must love and use this mode. It is just an added possibility.
  7. Are you talking about ADS or hipfire?
  8. Are you a jerk in PUBG?

    The RNG is strong within this one. I see no connection between the title and the text.
  9. AK47 all but Useless...

    I got double headshotted with it the other day, so someone/somebot can use it pretty well.
  10. Interesting thought. How to achieve that?
  11. Whats happening?

    Exactly. They said they would. PU is coming from Arma background where this is standard, so I have faith in them.
  12. Another Useless Thread

    Because as a software developer myself I understand that pushing this game to ready-like levels will take at least 2 years even with all the money in the world. They said they would do it. This is why I trust them. Worst case for me is having lost 30 bucks. What a pity.
  13. Another Useless Thread

    If money alone could solve problems the world would be a better place.
  14. This game is awesome

    2.5M, holy sheet! I can't for it to finally die as many wish to a tolerable level. A level to which you can actually prepare as a game developer. It's insane, and I'd say they are an outstanding group if they can keep it running with these numbers. I mean imagine your closest 2.5 million pop city. And now imagine that EVERYONE there are playing AT THE SAME TIME. (total owners are like a middle sized COUNTRY in Europe). What kinda police do you need to keep crime at a tolerable level in that city / country? And they had 2 months only to play catch up. And like 30 people for starters.
  15. Whats happening?

    Patience dude. The game brought in 10x the people their worst case scenario was made for. 10x. Worst case. In what? 2 months? Take a look at Arma3 - that's the best example. They had Alpha, Beta, Release, all were crap. It took them about 3 years to take it to a level where it should have been on day one. Check back in 2 years, I'd say, or know what you are into.