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  1. Pubg, listen to your steam reviews

    I must be sitting backwards on the horse. I made 40 dollars in pubg already without any negative or missed positive ingame consequences. The banana suit sadly won't make me shoot better. I would buy it then though.
  2. Well, this should be the difference between EA stage, and final: EA stage can break things/features, final shouldn't. I've always been a defender of BH, but this is an ugly move.
  3. My idea is that it matters who killed you. If he was more potato, you lose rating. Would make sense.
  4. Knowing this community if it was in there since day one, this wouldn't be the first topic on it. Strange that new anti cheat stuff is on and people's weapons start behaving strange. Not a message, just got me thinking.
  5. It would be easy to figure out a more intelligent system where you can keep your freedom of selection but not making others pay the price for it. Like: you could choose: -your closest server ALWAYS -the rest if ping is below a certain limit AND/OR you have a selected friend / teammate there. This is just a quick idea. I don't really know why it would have to be hard ping lock or total freedom.
  6. Calling Out the Pre-Release Sham

    Pubg being a scam is still lightyears better than any Ubisoft, Activision or EA game. How come that from the hundreds of early access games only very few (mostly the ones that have somethig special - which is extremely rare with Ubisoft, Activision or EA games!) become successful? How is that all the whiners still play and stick around for months? Maybe because Pubg is good after all? I'd say only small companies take ANY chance nowadays and try something refreshing even if there are technical shortcomings at the beginning. Sometimes they fix it sooner or later (Arma) sometimes they don't(DayZ). You risked an incredible 20 dollars. So what is really wrong with this model?
  7. Killing afk players

    I kill AFK people (they can come back anytime, so it's a must - see my example below). Getting a crash or having to leave and you gotta be prepared to get killed in the meantime. Which not always happens. I was holding a house (the big yellow one story building on Erangel) when I had to leave the PC for about a minute. I went into the buildings bathroom and hid in the darkest place. Then I was as AFK as one can be. When I got back, I saw someone kneeling 10 centimeters from me. Shit I thought, game had been over. But when I sat down I realized he DID NOT see me! I was still alive! A quick, shaky bangbangbang, the poor guy was down ( I can only imagine his heartattack) Watching back the replay: he came into the bathroom, but found something on the floor he needed, he didn't look around but started to reorder his inventory. So yeah, the long silence of AFK saved my poor ass.
  8. So you basically want the game to save you from yourself? And where is the limit? Accidentally not pressing fire gave an unfair advantage to the enemy, make fire automatic! - or what?
  9. Considering purchase

    In First Person mode, especially at China dawn you won't really see any cheaters. If you play, you get crates which you can sell on Steam, making back the price of the game and even more. And yeah, for the first 100 hours or so I don't think you'll want to stop even for a day. So the question is if you want 100 hours of incredible fun with some annoyances and earn a couple of dollars. (For some reason the very old haters - like Silverwolf above, who's been hating since at least summer - are still around. So yeah, there is something about this game, which is totally new in gaming)
  10. And how would the system know that you ACTUALLY see him? Checking LOS is the only way to go which leads to button spamming and accidentally revealing someone who you don't see but could. All this for the 0.0001% of playerbase, who don't have a $3 mic. But seeing your communication skills I kinda see why you want to trade it in for a keypress.
  11. Yeah, safety first on a wiped out island with a deadly electronic field, where the inmates are forced to kill each other for a chicken.
  12. Blue Circle Speed

    Did it change? Or you ended up the wrong side of it? (Speed of different sections are dependant on the next circle position)
  13. ADS / freezing while shooting CQC

    Having the same since last patch only. Eu fpp. Only when I pull the trigger. My fps has always been above 70, so it is now.
  14. And that c130 is a good distraction tool too, especially for the reason you mentioned. You can't hear footsteps, but yours can't be heard either.
  15. Dear Snowflakes

    On the good side it's usually the same 20 people with some newcomers after the release. So it's like 100 people out of 25 million. Not a bad ratio i would say. :-)