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  1. It's Long Past Time For A Practice Mode/Map

  2. It's Long Past Time For A Practice Mode/Map

    not sure what your point is. did you feel it necessary to point out that a shooting range is not a good place to improve on any of the strategical elements of the game? csgo is arguably a more strategical game than pubg and nobody and yet practice maps like aim_botz are used by a huge amount of ppl.
  3. It's Long Past Time For A Practice Mode/Map

    nobody here is suggesting that they shout add a shooting range and force every single player to practice on it for 10hr per week or anything. if you personally do not think that you will use the shooting range much, then that's perfectly fine. but it does not mean that a shooting range is not something they should add. a shooting range is a very reasonable feature to request. they even showed in some videos that the dev's themselves have something that resembles a shooting range already.
  4. It's Long Past Time For A Practice Mode/Map

  5. It's Long Past Time For A Practice Mode/Map

  6. It's Long Past Time For A Practice Mode/Map

    i know multiple people, all seasoned csgo players who would play pubg if it had a decent practice mode. just saying, bluehole..
  7. M16 should not beat SMGs point blank

    SMG's actually have multiple advantages in CQC. 1) less recoil 2) they are more accurate while moving and/or using the targeting option instead of ADS. 3) do you know how your weapon starts pointing up into the air when standing close to an object? this can pose quite a few issues for example when pushing through or peeking out of a door frame and it happens way less frequently with an SMG, because of the shorter barrel. 4) the vector (smg) has higher dps than every non crate AR besides the m16. tldr: get good before complaining.
  8. It's Long Past Time For A Practice Mode/Map

    actually, it turns out the dev API simply means webpage devs can have an easier time. nothing to do with this topic it seems like.
  9. Team Reviving/DBNO Thread

    i completely agree with OP. there are a lot of situations where getting a knockout is not rewarding enough because of the current knockout and revive mechanics. imagine an ending with 2 teams left alive. both have some form of cover with open field between both teams. lets say both teams got a ridge pretty far from each other so crossing from one ridge to the next takes longer than the time to revive someone. getting a knockout in this case is basically meaningless since in order to capitalize on the knockout the team has to cross open field which takes longer than the revive on the knocked guy. its a stalemate and basically only the next zone will decide which team wins and which team loses. this might be an extreme example but it still illustrates the problems with the current mechanics. imo, the required time for reviving should be increased significantly.
  10. It's Long Past Time For A Practice Mode/Map

    you might be right.
  11. It's Long Past Time For A Practice Mode/Map

    true but iirc they said they would widen the access to custom games. so that means what? that a couple more streamers get access to custom games and can use those for practicing while the rest is hung out to dry?
  12. It's Long Past Time For A Practice Mode/Map

    what kind of an argument is that LOL. as if a practice mode would increase the number of cheats out there or make it easier to cheat. you have to be seriously retarded to think that. cheat developers obv have no problem coding their cheats without a practice mode. recoil macros are out there in abundance without practice mode. and to everyone who for some reason is lobbying against a practice mode: every big game has such a feature. and if you would not use it, its nothing that affects you negatively. nobody forces you to play the practice mode. overall pretty disappointed that the roadmap did not mention a practice mode at all.
  13. It's Long Past Time For A Practice Mode/Map

    practice map?
  14. none of you seem to understand the real problem. the reason mid-game is boring is because half the server hot drops school or pecado and similar places and dies right away. if you ever played a qualifier or tournament or watched those on stream you will know that mid game is not boring at all if enough teams make it to the mid game. most of what you suggest does not affect this problem of ppl just choosing to hot drop. sure more vehicles and longer parachuting would help ppl making it away from others and thereby allowing more teams to get to mid game but if ppl chose to hot drop, non of that matters. what would help is: a working rating based matchmaking. most hot dropping ppl do not make it to high rating therefor at high rating you would get more ppl making it to midgame (this is currently not the case because even at high rating you get matched with TONS of low rated players).