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  1. Freshenmeyer

    Suggestion: FPP new system

    All they have said is that they are " looking into improving aspects" of matchmaking and are "actively discussing the system". This could mean that it "is being worked on", or it could mean they are doing nothing but talking internally. As usual their comms are pathetic (I'm past being nice about it). In any case... it is very, very plainly obvious that broadly that's how matchmaking works right now. The estimated timer has shown that. They silo people into a map based immediately on queuing. They've also said there is ping "prioritisation" and MMR involved without ever specifying how that works in any more info that I've seen. What has made me particularly angry is the no comms + ignoring the problem for months. This should have been flagged as a critical issue several months ago and addressed immediately. Instead it seems they sat on their hands and hoped it would go away with the release of Sanhok - presumably in the belief that it would stabalise or boost player numbers.
  2. Freshenmeyer


    Cant edit: But just on that first point - I'm talking about common usage here.
  3. Freshenmeyer


    Firstly, lay off the caps. As a layperson I'm always happy to be better informed and educated by those with the expertise but screaming at people just makes you sound like a dick. Secondly on that specific point, perhaps this is just usage of a colloquial term (For us lay people) but if it doesn't change... ever... why do those who seem educated in this area state and display that it does change/fluctuate dependent on how many players are alive at the time? Again you're talking to a layperson so forgive the imprecise use of terminology. I am a low pinger - see a player and duck into cover. In my client I get to cover before the enemy shoots. In his client - as a high pinger - he see's me and shoots. My understanding (and I am happy to be corrected here) is that there is no restriction on how "late" the sending client can be with that data. If he has a 400ms latency then despite the fact that I could be a long way from that location by that time as long as "on their client" it was a hit it will be accepted by the server. I'm talking about a limit on how "late" or how far from my last updated position that hit will be accepted. At least that is how I understand that kind of limiter to work.
  4. Freshenmeyer


    I didn't say region lock by ping - as I said in region high pingers I've not got a problem with. Mitigating out of region high latency is still mitigation - and a significant one. The other half of that is that PUBG gives no tools to identify problems on our end. Not sure what they are so afraid of on that front. Where did I say it was anything of the kind? I was saying it needs to be restricted so that people with low ping aren't disadvantaged and dying in cover. When the tick rate is jumping all over the place then even 33ms or more is a pretty significant amount of time in an FPS. Yeah they've stated that they want to fix all these problems by raising the tick-rate but does anyone believe that we're going to see solid 60+? There is rarely a magic bullet right? So it's about a cumulative affect.
  5. Freshenmeyer


    Look I'll eat a high pinger if they are in my region. Some people just cant get top class internet or just live a long way from the servers (Most of Aus and NZ are thousands of km away from Sydney). However there should be some kind of compensation for that in the game. Battlenonsense makes a good point on that in my opinion. Where he says "oh region lock will do nothing to help this because locals can have a high ping" I disagree. If you region lock you reduce the pool of high ping - and particularly extremely high ping - players. So the overall problem is mitigated. I loved the idea of the soft region lock they were supposedly testing. Great way to do it if you include some kind of lag compensation limiter in there too.
  6. Freshenmeyer


    I'll try to dig it out when I get home.
  7. Freshenmeyer


    Bullshit. I've seen it stated directly by a PUBG developer.
  8. Freshenmeyer


    Ah but we've been assured that the ping based matchmaking only places us in matches with players that have a similar ping. So that can't be the case can it? To quote Homer - In case you can't tell I'm being sarcastic. However I've been playing a fair bit on NA & SEA recently because of these problems and the rubber banding hasn't been anywhere near as prevalent as it is in OCE. I'm talking about say 5% of games compared to 75+% of games in OCE.
  9. Freshenmeyer


    While the quality of the OCE servers seems below other regions (the rubber banding in the plane for example doesn't happen when playing cross region) the queuing problem is entirely in PUBG's court.
  10. Freshenmeyer

    Cannot Join a Game!!

    It is a problem with their matchmaking system. It has become a population problem because they've done nothing about it for months despite repeated requests and now people don't queue in OCE.
  11. Sorry but I keep seeing this from other regional players and it's just bullshit. Well let's say it was bullshit, but inactivity from PUBG has turned it into a reality. The problems started with an update. The update with map selection. Since then it has been a gradual decline as people move to SEA servers from OC because of the matchmaking problems. PUBG in their usual non-committal non-reactionary manner have decided to do nothing for months about this despite repeated requests from the OC players. This was not a population problem. It was a shit matchmaking logic problem that has produced a population problem.
  12. Freshenmeyer

    Oceana Matchmaking.

    Broken for my squad. The only queue that was working previously (Sanhok) had a 65 minute queue time.
  13. Freshenmeyer

    When will there be matchmaking

    Run your game name through this site mate and have a look at your stats. https://www.pubganalyzer.com For example. My two most used weapons are the M4 (19.13%) and AK (15.37%). However my "Kill Success" when I attack people is significantly higher with the AK ( 28.19%) than the M4 (18.87%). So what I take from this is that all else being equal - I should be using an AK over an M4. Obviously that's very simplistic (and there is far more to the game than just shooting) and I do make adjustments based on what attachments I have but you get the gist of what I'm saying.
  14. Yup. You'll need that soft region lock they were supposedly testing once any changes are made to MM. That's the only way you could revive OCE.
  15. Freshenmeyer

    New Unique Weapon Ideas

    Could be an idea for a crate pistol weapon.