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  1. Where have they said that? I have not seen any PUBG rep give any sort of decent explanation on the new matchmaking system. Are you just making assumptions?
  2. Freshenmeyer

    OCE players deeply vindicated

    I don't think that was the sole reason at all. By that logic many OCE players were still being forced out of the region just like others would have been forced into the region. Until PUBG provide some kind of numbers then it's impossible to know. For as long as they don't provide numbers I remain skeptical of anything they say. I didn't notice drastic problems with high-latency players while OCE was humming after patch 22 and I saw a hell of a lot of familiar names in my matches.
  3. Do you have a link for that? I've not seen any decent explanation from anyone at PUBG for how the system works.
  4. Freshenmeyer

    Oceana Matchmaking.

    Played 20 matches since the update and every one has been on OCE servers. All have been fast popping. There has been some lobby connection and lag problems though.
  5. Freshenmeyer

    Oceana Matchmaking.

    Broken for my squad. The only queue that was working previously (Sanhok) had a 65 minute queue time.
  6. Freshenmeyer

    Oceana Matchmaking.

    Agreed. I think it would take something that dramatic to make any fix work. This is why they really have to really improve/change how the lobby process works. I think a big part of that is exposing the queue and in-match populations. If there are 500 in game, plus 30/40/50 etc in queue matching your criteria then you know that it wont take too long before it fills. The problem is that despite what they've said their system seems to be pretty "simple" (or perhaps front loaded is a better label) when it comes to arranging players according to their entered preferences. It seems that when you hit matchmaking you go into a silo that has the map pre-selected. If you have both map groups selected this means that it's automatically filtering half the potential games you could go into with no upside for the player. While you sit in the "Battle Royale" queue for 10/20/30 minutes there might have been a dozen "Mini Royale" games that triggered. Because of this people (at least me and my squad) filter out "Battle Royale" and this takes us out of that potential pool screwing over others who might only be queuing for that map group. They've said that MMR & ping are accounted for however when talking about numbers the only stuff that gets brought up are the numbers of queues (map group * game modes). Presumably they are dynamic based on population levels (which would make sense) and shouldn't be problematic in terms of the plain old numbers game. However these seem to be the unknown elements to me and most likely to be where the "unaccountable" (to us players) problems occur. These are the only variables I can see that would potentially lead to that scenario where you re-queue half a dozen times with a single map selected only to pop straight into a lobby with 95 player in there already. These are just observations based on queuing... they don't really give us enough information in any shape or form.
  7. Freshenmeyer

    Oceana Matchmaking.

    See for me it's about knowing. I'd happily wait far longer than that if I was confident that I wasn't in an infinite queue. I want to know how many people are queuing/playing - and how many match the criteria I've entered. If I need to wait 5/10 minutes or a match it's not such a big deal. I just want to be confident that it's 5/10 minutes and not 30... 40... never.
  8. Freshenmeyer

    Oceana Matchmaking.

    Yup that's what they said in their original statement about the problem a couple of months ago. They were going to disable queues.
  9. Freshenmeyer

    Oceana Matchmaking.

    Again there is nothing in there. The language used commits to nothing. It's effectively the same as we got a couple of months ago.
  10. Freshenmeyer

    Oceana Matchmaking.

    Right now they've committed to nothing. They have trotted out the usual "Soon" and all they have said is that they are "Actively Discussing" ... " improving aspects of the matchmaking logic". That translates to - they have no plan - and they have not done anything about it in the months that it has been problematic for OC. Hit their twitter accounts. Remind them. They will only act when they are reminded regularly that it's an issue. @poopieQueen - Community Lead @vHawkinz - Community Manager @ExtolAU - Community Coordinator @PUBG_poopieQueen @PUBG_Hawkinz @PUBG_Extol Are they the people that control what does and doesn't get done? No. But they're supposed to be the gatekeepers between those people and the players. Clearly something in that link is broken but if you don't keep asking them about it you can be damn sure nothing will get done.
  11. Yeah don't count on that being next week mate.
  12. Freshenmeyer

    Sound Issues: stuttering, lobbies, loss of, etc.

    Bug Description: Audio cuts out (essentially mutes) for a split second randomly through matches. I haven't narrowed it to a particular action or occurrence as yet. Date Seen:  Post update #12 in multiple matches - 03/05/18 AEST Troubleshooting Attempted: Verified with squad mates if they were experiencing the same issue - confirmed. Though not confirmed if it was happening simultaneously or at different times. Checked sound devices - no issues found. No issues in other games or applications. Other Information:  Will note down what was happening each time it occurs when I next play. Two times that I can remember I was in vehicles but I can't remember the first few times as I hadn't figured it was reoccurring then.
  13. Freshenmeyer

    Rolling Back Recent Blue Zone Changes

    @PUBG_Tamat A few questions for you. How did your team decide on the bluezone definitions? I'm interested in how much weight you give to the feedback you get from "competitive" players . I've seen some back and forth on twitter from your reps and them (specifically about blue zone speeds in addition to other stuff) and I wonder at their influence given they're probably less than 0.01% of your player base. I've seen mentions of your staff "monitoring comments" and "collating information" from various sources etc. However that doesn't seem to have resulted in some of the most commented & requested issues/changes being addressed. How much testing occurred before it was released to the public test server (given how ridiculously short the public test server was up for)? Why was the public test server period so short? I assume you didn't really have any wish to test the impact of the changes on how the game was played or the feedback from the players. Was this pushed through simply as a matter of process and to validate the base mechanics and update processes given it was so short?
  14. Freshenmeyer

    Cheating Discussion

    To be fair to them I've never seem any BH/PUBG rep say that. At first they said nothing at all, and since they were forced to acknowledge the issue they have repeatedly said it's a major issue. Where have you seen them state that?
  15. Freshenmeyer

    Cheating Discussion

    Battleye alone have banned over 2.5 million accounts. Compared to the EA sales figures Bluehole just published that's approximately 9.5% of the accounts in the game - and that's only BE's total.