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  1. Someone please check my logic here but I think this solution could potentially hurt the queues times for Miramar & Erangel rather than improve them. If there are no MMR pools for Sanhok then it's queues should fill & start far quicker than the other two provided it is selected. Yes you are combining the Miramar & Erangel pools... but unless players are excluding Sanhok in their selection then won't we just see a disproportionate number of Sanhok matches - so any improvement you get from combining the older map queues can potentially be lost (or worse)? Unless the MMR pools are tweaked for Miramar/Erangel aswell... Has anyone ever seen the logic of the MMR spread in these queues explained anywhere?
  2. The complication in it all seems to be the MMR split. My question is (specifically related to a small market like OC) how many MMR pools are there for each game mode? That is the unknown multiplier Surely this should be scalable based on the number of players in queue. I'd also like to see an indicator (like most other similar games have) to see how many players are queued in my pool/mmr range.
  3. I'm not sure what you guys expected? It's gambling. Usually you're going to lose.
  4. Freshenmeyer

    Game waiting times

    Well the problems are most symptomatic in OC it seems - presumably because we are the smallest market with our own servers. Generally speaking if you don't get a queue in a reasonable amount of time - cancel and re-ready.
  5. Freshenmeyer

    Game waiting times

    Are you in OC? The queues are broken for OC.
  6. It's still screwy for them too but the numbers queuing are greater I think - which means it impacts them less.
  7. Could you please elaborate or link to somewhere that does?
  8. Freshenmeyer

    solo FPP OC

    .... like every other game. Simple concepts. But then we can't get a ping indicator either for some reason.
  9. Freshenmeyer

    solo FPP OC

    They've stated that there are problems with the queuing logic. It's not just small numbers. The lower numbers exacerbate other problems. The issue is that now people know it's broken they don't even bother to queue for it which makes it worse. It happens in other modes also - for example I had one the other night with a mate where we were in queue for squad fpp - queue for two minutes - nothing - restart matchmaking - nothing again for 1 minute - restart again and insta lobby with 96 in there. They're supposedly working on a fix.
  10. Better communication wouldn't go astray for him I'm sure. Otherwise it just looks like you're (PUBG Corp) full of shit. Vague "something is wrong" messages with unbound time-frames don't encourage trust.
  11. Freshenmeyer


    They are supposedly "investigating" the problem. But have not provided an update on it for a fortnight.
  12. Freshenmeyer

    Pubg Hawkinz

    I didn't read the account name at first and thought "GET PANNED" was a new PUBG insult...
  13. Freshenmeyer

    DrDisRespect & Shroud PUBG Skins Unveiled

    Agreed that this is a better system, however the pricing is fucking ludicrous. People can use their money however they see fit - but 10 bucks for two skins is mental in my book. Same goes for the parachute skin. I am in disbelief that people paid 5 bucks for something that they will see for about 10 seconds per match. I shouldn't be because you see this sort of thing all the time but it's still bizarre to me.