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  1. Hey Fam! Where I Droppin?

    I've had a fair bit of back and forth with Sammie in the past about PUBG comms. The fact that this position is only now being created is pretty shocking and would seem to explain a hell of a lot. Though the PR lean of the job description doesn't particularly inspire confidence that the biggest problems I've seen would be resolved.
  2. If he quoted Battleye - then it's not just some yahoo throwing numbers to the ether. It's a developer providing statistics directly from their contractor. He doesn't contradict them there.
  3. Not only "some yahoo from Battleye" https://www.kotaku.com.au/2017/12/99-percent-of-battlegrounds-cheats-are-from-china-playerunknown-says/
  4. Cheating Discussion

    To be fair to them I've never seem any BH/PUBG rep say that. At first they said nothing at all, and since they were forced to acknowledge the issue they have repeatedly said it's a major issue. Where have you seen them state that?
  5. You do get the feeling that any medium or long term plans that existed have been thrown in the air over the last couple of months because of the major issues (cheating, server performance, etc.) that needed complete focus. I'm sure they had a roadmap though it's never been shared in any detail. It has likely been shredded and rewritten to prioritise and revise what's in there (e.g. mod support seemingly being tossed). You never know though. The number of operations (in any industry) that lack proper project planning and what not is phenomenal. The chatter about a "permanent beta" concept that came from Greene doesn't really inspire confidence on that front.
  6. Cheating Discussion

    Battleye alone have banned over 2.5 million accounts. Compared to the EA sales figures Bluehole just published that's approximately 9.5% of the accounts in the game - and that's only BE's total.
  7. They are looking at ping restrictions because of the server performance, not because any players requested it. Brendan Greene basically told everyone to go fuck themselves over region locking.
  8. Yet you've never quantified what that means to any of the players, nor ever requested feedback on what their preferences and tolerances would be in the matchmaking experience. My experience in OC is that without constant followups and badgering we would never have had it enabled.
  9. Cheating Discussion

    Where this falls down is just how big of an impact a single cheat has in PUBG. You leave a hacker playing for even 10 games more than necessary think how much collective time that wastes for all those affected. How much aggravation it generates.
  10. I'm quite surprised that they aren't. Every person I've played the game with has a similar experience with those problems. I didn't ask for a full and detailed response, just some basic information would have been great and that should really have been in your patch notes or updates in any case. All information that should be generated through your internal reporting and management processes really. What was in there was so vague as to be meaningless to any outsiders or laypeople - and clearly from the tone there wasn't an expectation that it would be as successful as it has proven. In any case that's a few snide responses or comments I've seen from you now so I won't bother addressing you any more which you'll probably see as a win I guess.
  11. But you guys have testers right? You do quality control? I mean at least some of you play the game and experience what all the players do yeah? The early game lag and desynch has been there for months - it was just consumed by the rubber-banding. It's better than it was but is still fluctuates between annoying and aggravating. Recently the desynch while a passenger in a vehicle has been the worst I've ever seen in this game - proper ARMA level desynch. Can anyone give an answer to those questions? We heard multiple times that it wasn't going to be a quick or easy fix. That you didn't know what the fundamental problem was. That it would take time to investigate, then develop, then test, then implement. Then within 48 hours of hearing those sentiments a fix is going in the problem is basically wiped out. A very odd scenario!
  12. So you're not looking at early game lag or desynch? What are your testers or internal players saying? That they're not experiencing any? That would surprise me greatly. Also could you please respond to the original question(s) I asked?
  13. @PUBG_RoboDanjal So... any response here? My experience (and others that I play with) seems to be that generalised early lag and desynch has increased since the fix was put in place and the rubber-banding has nearly disappeared. Are these linked (a reasonable assumption here I think)? Where to from here? Etc. etc.
  14. After a couple more days play, it seems to have been replaced with a general bad early game lag. Interactions seem to have slowed noticeably (picking up objects, opening doors, getting into cars etc). Preferable to the rubber-banding but still needs work. @PUBG_RoboDanjal Any chance you could actually reply and give us an indication as to what the problem was - or what part the fix you've put in has actually addressed?
  15. Their original tact was seemingly to ignore the problem as they only addressed it once it became so outrageous that it was almost as common to encounter hackers as legit players (that's a slight exaggeration but not so far off sadly). Now they may have been working on the problem the whole time however nothing was said and queries and cries on the forum went unanswered. So it feed the perception that they didn't give a shit or were incapable of doing anything about it. Whether that perception was accurate is one thing, allowing it to build by staying silent (regardless of what efforts were going on behind the scenes to alleviate the problem) was a major mistake. Unless of course there really was nothing going on behind the scenes. You provide a couple of examples of what playing games can provide to a developer. Firstly (and to be honest this is basic reasoning that could be deducted without any play time, but the play time makes it blatantly obvious and painful) is just what a major impact a single cheat can have in a game of this nature and population. Secondly anyone who has played under BattleEye protection would know just how ineffective it actually is. Any development house should be an expert anti-cheat organisation. It's an integral part of creating a game. If they decide to outsource that function then it's still their responsibility to ensure an appropriate effectiveness. The ubiquity of hacks in matches proved that BE was a joke on that front. Playing the game - as the customers play it - should be an integral part of the development (and later design) process. I would disagree with that. Because a single cheater has such an impact you have to expect more than we would with other games. That may sound unfair but that's what they should be striving for.