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  1. Misc QOL suggestions

    Just a few suggestions i thought that might improve everyone's game experience, even if just by a tiny bit. - player color indicators in minimap (like how the pins are) - allow dead players in the team to remove indicators - allow change to the compass' color/add border because sometimes the numbers are hard to read - allow map drawing based on player color (right click set marker, ctrl+right click to start drawing, add a gameplay setting to opt out of showing drawings on the map) - separate clothing from houses in different piles, so players can choose to ignore this aspect, i for one loot with f which sometimes instead of getting what i want, switch shirts -add a gameplay option to be able to lock into an already owned gun, this way, pressing f won't change the gun that you're currently carrying with the same gun that's on the ground but with an empty mag. - drop plane afk-ers in water or something and make it so they sink, if they aren't actually afk they can up swim to shore.