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  1. Okay so i know i have a Low End PC but with optimization i hope the issue can be addressed. So before 1.0 i used to render in very late on Live servers. In Test servers the texture loading issue was fixed both on Erangel and Miramar. After 1.0 I'm getting issues specifically on Miramar. The following issues are what i have experienced on 1.0 : 1) I textures load late on Miramar (Live Servers) Note: they used to load perfectly on the test servers. Idk how it doesn't load in Live servers (Optimization Issue which i really want to get fixed quickly) 2) Starting Lag on Miramar after i land Note: This is not the rubberband issue. It doesn't rubberband but i face huge fps drops in the beginning of the match which highly affects the game as I've died to this issue COUNTLESS times. Erangel works perfectly as the optimization done on it was flawless! Well done on that part I just think these issues can be fixed by some optimization patches and I'm ready to wait for you to roll out the patches. Please take my feedback into consideration Love to the devs for making such an awesome game