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  1. Huge FPS drop while correct computer

    I recently upgraded my PC, but not with such powerful components as yours. Like the first reply said, you should be able to run everything with every detail to the max with that setup. What made a big difference for me was going to the TslGame.exe file, right click Properties and disable DPI scaling. Also disable Full screen optimization. Also, Nvidia just released the 388.0 drivers. Try those out.
  2. Idea to stop speedhackers

    Wasn't there a thread recently here or on Reddit stating that the UE4 engine has speedhack detection built in? The way I understood it, it can check your location at intervals and the distance traveled during these intervals. If you move faster than this (taking into account perhaps vehicle mechanics and explosions) you get flagged for speedhacking.
  3. I have been quite happy with Voicemeeter Virtual Cable + Banana. Once I got used to compression (knob set to 5 or 6), it feels horrible going back to normal.
  4. Just watched two of the videos. I like these and I hope you will continue making them. Good voice, calm and clear. Smart play.
  5. Will Windows 10 improve performance for me?

    Yes, I got a good deal on the license so I bought it some time ago. The free period is over. So far, based on the replies here, I wouldn't expect Windows 10 to give me any increase in framerates. Windows 7 simply has served me so well that I am in no rush to switch to 10. PUBG performance would have been a reason for me to switch right away.
  6. Will Windows 10 improve performance for me?

    Thanks for the replies. I actually did exactly this yesterday. No noticeable difference. This particular processor was released in 2012. It might still be a bottleneck. For now I might wait with going Windows 10, although it might be a nice change either way (DX12 support). The other option is to simply upgrade MB+CPU+RAM.
  7. I use the Logitech G403 wireless gaming mouse. I have had zero problems with it. Wireless mice have come a long way since I last used one. I am quite demanding when it comes to input lag and I have not noticed any downsides. Battery lasts me perhaps 30 hours or so of 50/50 gaming and desktop use. I am not going back to a wired mouse. I would thus highly recommend a quality wireless mouse.
  8. I currently run Windows 7 64-bit. Would switching to Windows 10 Pro 64-bit improve my performance? I have the license for this, but haven't switched yet. If anyone has knowledge of the performance difference between these two, I would be grateful if you could share it. I get about 100 FPS staring out at the sea from spawn island towards Military. In Military I get about 70-80 constant. Also in Primorsk I had a remarkable ~90 FPS constantly (sadly game didn't end there). In Pochinki I get perhaps 45-70. Yasnaya... I avoid that place completely. Ideally I would never want to go below 60, but that's not realistic. I used to get higher framerates, before the PP-patch. My specs: Intel Xeon E3-1230 v2 3,3 GHz 4x4 GB DDR3 1600MHz GTX 1080 8GB Samsung 850 EVO SSD Running the game at 1080p resolution. The processor might confuse some, but it was a good bang-for-the-buck processor at the time.
  9. Please remove fog

    I just Exit to lobby when it's a fog game.
  10. reshade problems again

    After you have done what is mentioned above, go to Steam PUBG properties. Go Local files and verify. I had the same problem as you but needed to do this.
  11. I just started using Reshade and I love it. Makes the world look less Soviet. But, two days of using it and it stopped working. Bluehole seems to be aware of many issues, which is nice. Hope this awareness leads to a quick fix, but I'm not holding my breath.
  12. Same here. This is the first time I have gotten Network lag detected. My last death was me teleporting about five meters from cover into open ground (after network lag screen disappeared).
  13. g- sync

    I started reading into this topic because I get such inconsistent performance in PUBG with a decent PC. Gsync removes tearing, sure, but it does not solve my FPS issues. My impression was that Fast sync is for situations where you would often exceed your monitor's refresh rate. But, as you might understand, I am far from getting too many frames and thus I haven't researched solutions for this problem in any depth. My FPS goes up and down, and I have yet to find a solution. Even though I have a 1080, the extremely unoptimized mess that is PUBG made me learn new things concerning refresh rates and FPS. I, too, always avoided Vsync at all costs. I have the Asus PG248Q.
  14. g- sync

    Hit_Marka is correct. It is as he says: V-Sync ON in Nvidia control panel, but OFF in game. The V-Sync option in fact does not affect the things you would expect it to when G-sync is on. It is confusing, but that's the way it works. Fullscreen mode is also strongly recommended. Good article on this can be found at Blur busters. They state (about NVIDIA control panel settings): "G-SYNC + V-SYNC “On”: This is how G-SYNC was originally intended to function. Unlike G-SYNC + V-SYNC “Off,” G-SYNC + V-SYNC “On” allows the G-SYNC module to compensate for sudden frametime variances by adhering to the scanout, which ensures the affected frame scan will complete in the current scanout before the next frame scan and scanout begin. This eliminates tearing within the G-SYNC range, in spite of the frametime variances encountered." I was surprised by this. I expect very few to have the problem that their FPS in PUBG exceeds their monitor's refresh rate, so a third party FPS limiter (or limiting in the .ini file) is probably not necessary. V-Sync ON in NVIDIA Control Panel when G-Sync is enabled.