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  1. Goofie82

    Sehr oft Loss, Telekom Problem?

    Ok kleines update meiner Seits. Zuerst hats wunderbar funktioniert aber hab mittlerweile uach wieder ab und an packet loss.....liegt am routing der Telekom....Bin bei der Telekom im Forum am schreiben mal schaun ob sich was tut was ich eher bezweifel
  2. Goofie82

    Packet loss FIX

    ipv6 and ipv4 in dualstack can make problems like packet loss. I had packet loss since how many month in pubg. Deactivating Ipv6 helped me believe it or not. Or watch my stream videos you can clearly see it What else i tried before was i contacted my ISP they found nothing. Bought the latest router. Changed MTU. The only workaround that helped me was deactivating Ipv6. Search in Google Ipv6 packet loss you will find many many threads about it.
  3. Goofie82

    Best map ever

    This is the best map you have ever created. I really enjoy it so much. I can feel that you really tried your best with this new map not like sanhok ;). Loot to many uzis and tompsons on the map to less assault rifles. And pls increase the loot on erangle too
  4. Goofie82

    Packet loss FIX

    No i live in Germany but i had always 1% upload loss too sometimes. My packet loss Download was between 0-13% sometimes. And Sometimes the whole time 6%. Now i deacitvated ipv6 and the game runs really smooth. I even have the feeling the desnyc is better now. Just try it out its easy to deactivate for testing.
  5. Goofie82

    Sehr oft Loss, Telekom Problem?

    Jop habe ich gerade im englischen Bereich geschrieben. Hatte auch immer Packet loss bis zu 13% oder so. Suche seit mehreren Wochen nach Lösung. Habe seit 3h ca. Ipv6 deaktiviert und siehe da so gut wie kein Packet loss mehr nur ganz selten mal 1 oder 2% für 1Sekunde. Spiel läuft jetzt viel flüssiger auch das Looten vom Boden. Btw. auch Telekom hier...
  6. Goofie82

    Packet loss FIX

    So after testing a few hours.....Packet loss is almost gone only very rare sometimes i have 1-2% for 1 second. To deactivate ipv6 helped me a lot. Good luck Even the looting from the ground feels more smooth now.
  7. Goofie82

    Packet loss FIX

    Ok i tested now another methode. I deactivated ipv6 and joined 20times a lobby. No packet loss till now. AND i always had a ping between 25-30??? Before my ping was always above 50. Will tell in a few hours if that was really a fix omg
  8. Goofie82

    Packet loss FIX

    ok never mind packet loss is back....
  9. I always had packetloss before sometimes 0 sometimes till 10% i found a fix that helped me. https://www.sevenforums.com/tutorials/94721-mtu-limit-test-change-your-connections-mtu-limit.html Try out
  10. Leguan is playing a lot of call of duty bit i not really like this game^^. MILF is not really a clan its just for his friends. We have a community https://steamcommunity.com/groups/aimmitniveau. Leguan is better then me he is 22years old and has god reflex. Im already 35 and i feel im getting slower Season 8 we only played duo together that was our deal ;).
  11. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1490499294 My mate was MILF-Leguan on the screenshot. And many players there in the top10 i know. For example swissgameplay 1st place is not cheating im 100%sure. He is known one of the best tpp players in Europe. At the moment i try more to entertain people on my stream but i have a lot of reallife stress....Impish and Ravicone dont cheat too they are german players like me ;). And if you win so many games with average maybe 2-3kills you get such a high K/D. We played erangel and miramar only. At the moment i only play Sanhok most of the time. But Sanhok in tpp is BS.^^
  12. Are you serious? lol that stats says nothing really. Im a streamer and stream every match i play. My season 8 stats!!! Duo 2,243 Top 200 #6 (Top 0.0014%) 161 Games win 80 top10 63 K/D 4.88 Avg. Damage 335 Win % 49.7% Top 10% 88.8% Longest kill 408.0m Headshot 20.0% Avg. Rank #4.6 Avg. survived time 27:33 KDA 6.67 Most Kills 8 Now im a cheater too? 50% win? If you have the right mate and want to win easy peasy Streamname Underdog82 Btw stats were end of season But playing to win is very boring really boring. Since season 8 i not more play serious. Its too laggy now
  13. Goofie82

    Sehr oft Loss, Telekom Problem?

    Hey habe genau die selben Probleme wie du und bin auch bei der telekom. Dachte auch an routerprobleme aber selbst mit dem neuen router genau das selbe... Immer mal wieder packet loss bis zu 9% oder gar nicht.... Pinge ich die einzelnen Server an mit cmd kommt immer 0% ist echt seltsam
  14. Goofie82

    Uhh what is this?

    - Bad aim? - to high mouse sens? - controller play?^^