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    Other player invisbile

    I had a similar situation: 3 alive, up a hill, no tress in sight, only a stone in the middle, kar shot 10 meters ahead kills the third guy. going up there, nothing, only grass. tought I must be blind. searching and searching, but nothing. sprinting behind the stone. then granades flying at me form the direction I came from. I made screenshots just to be sure, but I am not able to upload them now. I lost this match, to be clear. The I watched the replay. From his view first, then from my angle. He must have thought:"wth is he doing?" he watched me searching. Even from my angle.. my crosshair was on him, but I did not see him in the match. I think, this is a anti-cheat-mechanism. normally this invisibility should not occure, when weapons are fired or damaged is applied from or to the corresponding person.
  2. This. Few Things to add: RNG the center to shrink to every 2-3 minutes. Don't show the center, don't show white. ??? Profit And someone before me mentioned a "black zone" which kills instantly. Either one circle behind the blue or just 500m.
  3. I just want to point that there two angles to look at the blue zone and its moving speed and the chances to even make to the 3rd circle, if you dont have a car. Either the blue zone is too fast - which is mentioned a lot - OR - which is not mentioned at all but can still be discussed - the map is too big for the sizes of the circles and the speed. Also, if you decrease blue zones speed, the match would last longer, I don't like this. The 30-minutes-to-chickendinner are just fine imo. But if you make the map smaller, and let the speed (I am talking here of the speed you see on the map [M pressed], not he actual ingame) stay the same, it would be fine, and still 30-minutes-to-chickendinner. That's why I am really looking forward to the new map being smaller. Lets see, how the circle behaves in this case. Edit 1: Patching an existing map smaller, is no option, just for record. Would break all experience to this point. Edit 2: 8x8 km is too big. Maybe 7x7km would have done the job better with the circle how it is now.