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  1. Cosmetic Loadout

    Just play the map regardless of the weather?! Less mimimi, more ratatata. Thank you.
  2. Cosmetic Loadout

    -1 You can change your clothes prior you queue. If you don't like the map, exit Lobby. Imho it is part of BR and RNG to not know the map. If, in some point in the future, you get the snow map but are prepare for a green map, search for clothes in houses. Until your all white and gg. If you get chicken dinner, get all the clothes you came across. But that's OT and part of another thread. Just saying.
  3. Favorite Weapon combo

  4. Shooting guns near doors/walls needs to be fixed

    As I said: If you have time for preparing yourself, ok. But in the heat of the fight, never ever. Technically it would require an animation, which plays whenever you approach a wall/door and that is silly af.
  5. Shooting guns near doors/walls needs to be fixed

    Improve aim when you step sideways and hit the door with your arm? I would be really surprised. Did you ever hold a weapon, tight grip, then stepped sideways while shooting and hit something with your arm? Shit will hit the fan, but not your enemy. If you have time leaning against it, then firing it, ok. But you were moving and shooting at the same time. You probably know CS:S, where you can walk against walls, your weapon straight forward. Very realistic. The arm moves to get more cover, when standing near walls. Anyway. Bad luck, happened to me often too. Generally CQ in houses is tricky.
  6. Shooting guns near doors/walls needs to be fixed

    Your arm hit the door, what do you expect?
  7. My post is pro-OP. Yours is slightly contra-OP. And I don't complain. Just a straight fact. Nothing like "OMG i want the endzone always in the corner" I understand your posts, just to be clear. But it seems like a "save-and-reload-until-it-happens"-thing for you. But this is not the case in this game. Even if the first circle spawns in the corner, nobody knows if the last one, with the OP-system, is in the corner or somewhere else. No player will have an advantage, if the smallest circle is determined first. The circles around it will still be RNG. As long as nobody knows, it's ok. Even now, if the 2nd or 3rd cricle is 60% on military island, you can be 90% sure, it ends somewhere there, but only to due to the fact, that there's no ending zone in the water. Maybe the water is the problem in the upper left corner. Anyway: Mixture of current and OPs system would be: determine 4th oder 5th circle first. RNG around it and in it.
  8. Themes (Halloween,Christmas)

    As long as it is less than every fifth game the themed map appears, it's ok. but the maps should stay the same, weather is something different.
  9. Shooting when u near death

    I wouldn't ask, if it it was obvious. It is nowhere written. Seems like a feature for the sake of revenge. I played CoD4 alot and I hated the martyrdom and last stand-perks. But you respawned a few seconds after that, but not in PUBG. I don't see how it should improve gameplay. More details please, OP? What happens to the last guys of a squad/duo? Instakill or knockout and shooting? Shooting while being revived?
  10. Snipers Are Making Me Hate This Game

    @Black26 +1 for the G933 Got them too. Could not play without them. I know, OT, but do you guys play Stereo, Dolby Surround or the other surround option (forgot the name)? I tried once stereo, did not have a clue where the shots came from. I just have issues estimating the distance of the shots.
  11. I only need a shotgun, really

    Than its a leaf my apologies. Thought it must be a player, since the angle changed but not the shadow. Hard to see in youtube beacuse the title hides the top, at least in normal mode^^ Edit: the angle just changed not in those seconds^^ Anyway: Nevermind
  12. Shooting when u near death

    It is nice enough to have a knockout-system and don't be instakilled at duo/squad.
  13. I only need a shotgun, really

    Top of the footage, slightly left a guy coming down the rock? at 4:54 starts falling, 4:55 he is midair, goes prone afterwards i think
  14. Shooting when u near death

    What sense should have in Solo? You get knocked, you shoot the guy shooting you, he gets knocked, he shoots you dead-dead. And then? What happens? The guys revives himself? He stays there until he gets shot from somewhere else or dies due to the blue zone? Please think further. -1
  15. You know.. In a specific case, statistics doesn't matter. And every game is a specific case. It's not like in Skyrim, where you can save and reload and wait for the statistics to hit. The last circle can be somewhere else than in the corner, even if the first circle and second are in the corner. That is, imo, all that matters. But there is for now a very small chance to have such a scenario (ending at the corner). Imagine ingame voip Player 1: "Okay, the first circle is in the northwest corner, we need a car, get to Zharki. Statistically, we must be safe." Player 2:"True story, bro, the last circle must be there by statistics" *Arriving in Zharki/first circle shrink ends* Player 2:"Dude, we are not even in second circle, its south of Gatka" *Player 1 quits the game and uninstalls*