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  1. Rubberbanding - Detailed Feedback Request

    Which regional servers you were playing on? ASWhich country you were connected from? PhilippinesWhen did the rubberbanding occur (your local date and time, please include your time zone)? Every now and then (GMT+8) even when player count is already low on the map. On the live servers (AS or SEA coz there's no FPP in KR/JP , rubberbanding only happens in the early game and it completely runs smooth after a few minutes or usually on low populated drop zones.
  2. Feedback on recent blue zone DOT change

    I'm ok with the damage increase of the circle however, on the last few circles, the next circle should be placed a bit on the middle and not on the very edges. This is to eliminate complete RNG in winning games. Last few circles should be more predictable which would allow "fair" chance on all teams to strategize/move in and not run "yolo" because of RNG.
  3. Last update killed my FPS

    I experienced slowdowns(fps stutter) when looting a dead player after the latest patch. Still need time to confirm if this is always the case. No other issues beside that however
  4. Add FPP for all please. Stop the excuses as you are supposedly in a scalable infrastructure (AWS or whatever). Adjust TPP/FPP game modes running accordingly based on how many people will "switch". Yes, people WILL switch (not all ofc.) - We just don't have a choice now and play FPP in other(farther) servers. BTW I am not angry at your game. I like it. In fact, I like it enough that I complain hoping it would be a little better than how great it is already. I'm just frustrated at being in SEA and forced to play on another server for a "feature". You have no idea how that feels