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  1. Make Bike Cart Detachable

    WHAT?! No way! That sidecar causes me to spin out whenever I run over even the smallest pixel. A detachable sidecar would be perfect. The motorcycle by itself is extremely easy to control except the random moments it decides to front flip on a flat surface, but the variant does the same.
  2. Reloading

    I hate that you can fully load a weapon like the P1911 or the S686 and still have to wait sometime after the animation is complete before it says you have ammo and allows you to shoot. I don't even know how many times I went through the entire animation just to hear "click-click-click" when trying to shoot someone who landed right next to me at the most time crucial part of the game.
  3. Frag Grenade Spam

    I don't know what you are expecting.. it's like saying you want to remove the automatic feature from the AR's and SMGs.
  4. 2 wants. Am I crazy?

    A drone would be pretty cool. They are pretty common and not at all out of place for the game and could be effectively destroyed with a shotgun. I am all for it except the IR cam would have to be an attachment and come from the crate only. Although, I couldn't see how effective it would be unless it had an auto-follow feature, allowed 10mins of flight time, and had an auto-home feature, with exchangeable batteries. The drone could hover overhead and give you a visual where your mini-map would be and allow you to switch between mini-map and drone cam.
  5. Shotguns weapon class balance discussion

    Soft style body armor won't save you from a shotgun. It may not penetrate the vest but it will still liquify your insides. The biggest problem isn't the damage or range, its the firing rate and recoil of the weapon. I dgaf about your fake sense of balance. We don't need balance, we need realism. You aren't going to get a 200m kill (without effective aiming ability) with a shotgun but that's why there are AR's. The SMG's aren't there to be more powerful than a shotgun or be more effective at "mid" range. They are there to allow you to spray and preform suppressive fire while the shotgun is affective at killing targets. You can use an SMG when you can't see your target but have a good idea where he is, but you use a shotgun when you have LOS on your target and you know you can hit him. The SMG will effectively out preform a shotgun at short to mid range when in a competent persons hands while the shotgun will mess you up if you are playing stupid.
  6. FIX THE S12K

    This is how that weapon should operate, not like it does it the game which is complete trash.
  7. Am I missing something with crouch jumping?

    Pressing C+Spacebar is pretty easy even though they did make it more difficult. Now there seems to be a problem with how it interprets the inputs. Sometimes it just won't jump at all. Not that it will crouch either. There seems to be a lot of problems lately with inputs and latency from the network. I notice people can teleport from one point to 5 feet from where they were making aiming at someone close range extremely difficult and there seems to be an input lag when firing, particularly with the S1897. I've noticed, from myself, and from other people that it's often impossible to hit someone 5 feet from you, even if they aren't moving. I've also noticed that the S686 doesn't go exactly to where you are aiming when hip firing or when aiming down at a prone target. Also, hitting someone crouched if they are within 4 feet of you feels impossible.
  8. Am I missing something with crouch jumping?

    Dude, it doesn't work. It automatically removes the binding. There are people online claiming that it works. It doesn't. They patched it out.
  9. Am I missing something with crouch jumping?

    you cannot do it with the ini file. You can crouch jump by pressing two buttons at once. You cannot bind one button to two actions in the menu with the config file.
  10. amazing new idea for pubg

    LOFL! WHAT?! HAHAHAHA This is satire, right?
  11. Am I missing something with crouch jumping?

    You can't anyway. You can edit the .ini all you want and you can't set a single key to two features.
  12. Cheating has killed this game

    That is pretty much what I am getting at. I have had snap aiming with controller with aim assist turned off. I hate aim assist. I have decent aiming with mouse. Some of his videos you can see that he often overshoots his aim on some people but, also, when targeting multiple players he is able to snap from one to another in less than a second with perfect precision. I know that you can on-the-fly turn on and off macros and hacks through shortcuts. When I get my new mouse tomorrow, I will have to check different setting and using micro-movement to control vertical recoil. It just seems strange that many players have this "ability" to "control" vertical recoil so precisely. If it's my understanding, it has been said that recoil control macros are detectable but how much truth there is to that has yet to be touched upon officially. They could, also, blatantly, lie about the detectability of such macros. How deep can you set a macro? Can they been programmed and installed onto the mouse itself? Can they be programmed into the BIOS? How are macros detected and distinguished from human movement? How far are people willing to go to make cheats to the point to create AI that can manage recoil and aim to replicate it to a human level? And finally, is it really that big of a problem and should macros be allowed?
  13. New Recoil On ARs Is Too Much (AK especially)

    Balance? For whom? Surely, not for the people not using recoil scripts..
  14. Cheating has killed this game

    Yeah, I am questioning his legitimacy in some cases. You can see that he controls recoil full auto at 100m way too well and snap aiming headshots. I watch a lot of his videos and somethings don't look right. I watch a lot of streams and many don't even move their mouse when full auto and some how having perfect recoil control? I call bs.
  15. BP Crates are horrible

    Opening 43 crates. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/170643518