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  1. Melee is useless, make it worth something..

    Ok so don't wear level 3 gear. Because unarmored opponents take 25,000 consecutive normal punches to kill.
  2. Melee is useless, make it worth something..

    No. Maybe 3 hits but not instant. That would be ridiculous. So many things let people get close to you. When you first drop and trying to open a door or pick up a weapon. Sometimes the lag won't allow you to do these actions so you take a hit or two.
  3. Cheating has killed this game

    I've used the reporting system and they do ban people for cheating when you provide evidence. It's against forum rules to post as you did. I am just letting you know.
  4. Cheating has killed this game

    There is a place to report. Do it there. This is not the place. https://forums.playbattlegrounds.com/forum/35-report-a-player/
  5. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA You do realize that I did that out of irony?
  6. What are you talking about?! That's TOTALLY legit! GitGud! Also, wtf were you guys doing just sitting in that boat.. GET INTO THE WATER AND WAIT NOT SIT IN THE BOAT AND WAIT!
  7. Do you feel more satisfied when you win with 1 kill or 10 kills? Do you feel more satisfied to win when starting with 1 kill in a 100 man game or 10 kills in a 70 man game? I think your sense of satisfaction with winning a game isn't even an arguable point, moot, but maybe interesting from a game design perspective.
  8. If 67 players die in combat in a 70-player game that's still 67 kills... See I can do it too. Quoting a percentage means nothing especially when not backed by any statistical evidence. If 99% of players die outside of combat in a 100 player game then its still a 0 kill game. What is your point? This is a problem with the game not the players. But you are still conflating these ideas that they have some relevance to each other. People are complaining about hackers taking up legitimate spaces too. Nothing to do with the argument. I am just going to agree with you here. But then there will be people complaining about long queue times and quitting because their aren't enough players to start and causing a whole entirely new mess.
  9. POLL: Red Zones in PUBG

    I hate the redzone because it just follows me around. If I stay in one spot, the redzone continues to reappear on me. If I leave, the redzone follows me. I would rather it just not be in the game at all. It's one of the worst mechanics for competitive play.
  10. I didn't say you, I said the individual. I, also, said died from legitimate reasons not killed in combat. You can die outside of combat and in those cases it's exactly the same as if they left. So again, no difference. It should count as a loss AFTER you are on the plane. You have an opportunity to leave prior. Yes, you ARE allowed to be selfish, it's a game. You are not providing a service to anyone else, the game is providing a service to you. That service is to the will of the consumer not the other way around. As for "bot-farmers" that actually effects the game by taking slots that could be used by legitimate players and even in those cases it doesn't even apply to whether or not it should count as a loss. They farm for points and that saturates the player marketplace with items effectively lowering the value of earned items. I will excuse you for conflating the two. Here you show that you feel entitled to other players' time and assume how the game is supposed to be played. It's early access, if anything, people should be allowed to leave because of the fact that the game isn't even finished and such methods of filtering do not exist. You says "I want to play the game as designed." You still can but you can't ask other players to play the game your way and try to redesign the game around your whims. People can die to many things in this game; many of them being from non-combat related as per design. If 99 people died outside the safezone, suicide, drowning, falling, ran over by own vehicle, friendly fire, or redzone those all effectively eliminate any combat as per design. So again, you are not making a significant point for not allowing players to leave without a loss before the match starts (everyone is on the plane.)
  11. How does it affect the individual if all these players have died from legitimate causes? How is it different from them just leaving? Most players won't even see 34 players their entire match nor get 34 kills unless they are actively searching for them. Even then, if you are actively searching for them then you still aren't affected in the same way because you would still be searching regardless. Also, it's a game. You are allowed to be selfish, not to mention, they always have the option to not play at all. So your suggestion gives incentive to quit playing the game entirely vs just quitting a single match and re-queuing. You haven't made a significant point to back up your claim. With less players means more opportunity to loot and more vehicles to seek out the remaining players. Is it selfishly affecting other players' experiences when people die? You didn't get the kill so does it selfishly affect you? The only proof you have provided is that you want to selfishly force players into doing something they don't want to do. You are showing that you feel entitled to other players' time and are not considering their feelings at all.
  12. Care to elaborate your claim?
  13. [ Begginers / Veteran ]

    I don't like this idea. There is always a problem with these kinds of controls being implemented. They limit the amount of players you will be matched with and that slows down queuing. It seems like a good idea on the surface but a bad idea in practice. If they had a beginner space, like "Trails Island" or something where new players can go to learn the game against other new players I can see this being useful and after an amount of experience they would be no longer able to access the island but at all times could still access the main game.
  14. I don't think it should count as a loss. It's not really effecting/affecting anyone else's gameplay. There are up to 100 players per match. Even if all but 2 of them left I doubt anyone would really care too much. Free win or just leave; it doesn't cost you anything.