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  1. I dragged and dropped it 5 times and my opponent walked up and picked it up first time.... FIX THIS GARBAGE!
  2. Accidently pressing the (Action Button) and jumping out of the vehicle to just die is getting ridiculous. It shouldn't even be a thing. No one wants to jump out and die. Lock it if the vehicle is going at a velocity that will kill you.
  3. kar98

    The reason it's not a crate item is because it's the only defense against the real high powered rifles.
  4. kar98

    Honestly, there is so much wrong with HitReg and Lag there is no telling if it's weapon balance or poor netcode. It's both.
  5. kar98

    It doesn't 1 shot level 2 or 3 armor; not when I use it.
  6. You mean that I have to use my HARD EARNED FAKE MONEY to get a CRATE WORTH $3 in REAL MONEY?! What is this?! I don't want to MAKE MONEY PLAYING VIDEO GAMES!!!! That's what I have a JOB for!!!! Please PUBG CORP! Make it so I have to PAY FOR EVERYTHING!!!111 I am so tired of this PLAYING A VIDEO GAME and having a chance to get REAL MONEY in return!? I don't want to go on to the STEAM MARKETPLACE and SELL my 1 DESPERADO CRATE for $3 and BUY 10 SURVIVOR CRATES! (or a anything else on STEAM.) I don't play video games so I can earn money doing something I love. I play video games because I WANT TO WASTE TIME AND EARN NOTHING OF VALUE!
  7. Considering purchase

    This game is awful. Hit detection is crap. It lags like hell. Incredibly non-intuitive. Sometimes you have to press buttons multiple times for it to register you pressed it once. Hackers. Campers. Weapons damage is incredibly unbalanced and stupid. Nerfs. Pay crates. Sometimes you have to reload 20 times for it to reload just once. Aiming is terrible. Frame rate drops for no reason. Terrible FPS.
  8. Many guns dont fire on the first shot

    Exactly as the title says....
  9. Binoculars!

    I would just like binoculars to be standard on the player. No reason for it to be a item drop. Just make a key that lets us use them. No reason to have to "Search" for them. Kind of like how we all start with that little leg pouch. It's not an item you search for, its just on the player. Or maybe even, allow players to exchange that little leg pouch for different items like binoculars.
  10. Binoculars!

    M16 can't use the 8x
  11. How can I wear them?

    They know exactly what they are doing. Video games are only profitable for a very short amount of time unless you are trying to make an IP. Since PUBG isn't so much an icon of Battle Royal so much as it is just a quick cash grab on a fad. Making paid crates gives them more income. Hacking allows them to sell more copies. Once the hype dies down and the game is no longer profitable then the game will die and fade away but PUBG corp/Bluehole will be laughing all the way to the bank.
  13. Crate System a joke

    You can sell your crate on the Marketplace for $3 then buy 10 free crates.

    You're wrong and this is happening to so many people. It honestly doesn't make sense but you know what, I really don't care. PUBG is a money grab.
  15. Binoculars!

    Since this game has been in EA I have wanted Binoculars or some sort of scouting device, even just being able to use a scope without being attached to a rifle would be kind of nice. It's really annoying that I have the 8x and no weapon I can attach it too and I can't even use it as a scouting tool. This is an valuable tool and should be implemented in this type of game. It's a surprise that it doesn't have it at all. I feel the same, too many CS/COD players that don't understand the value of a spotter. It's even worse when I am on a team that doesn't call out enemies. Just because you can see them and are taking cover doesn't mean the rest of your team can/has. I die so many times because my team mate shoots first / communicates second.