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  1. Interesting ideas here ! You get my upvote
  2. Fever crate loot

    Just do a search in forum guys I opened a topic for that and get an answer by PUBG_Hawkinz
  3. Just disable deathcam/replay until they fix : it will stop the pb.
  4. Need to upvote the deathcam fix !! It works !!
  5. Tottaly serverside. Stable 60-75Fps. But still stuttering. Jeemz stream had it also. disable replay and deathcam and the stutter is gone. I really think it's serverside. But funny thing, when the death cam is active : there is no death cam still "cannot load death cam" So i will give it a try to see if disable it will work.
  6. Same here since the 900Mb update. Nothing between the 5GB of this night and the 900MB EXTREME is the word ! It's becoming unplayable
  7. Please STOP killing PUBG Servers during Prime Time!

    Maybe he is doing this. But you still avoid the facts. The update was not in prime time here (France - 03AM) And be honest, if you are force to choose between annoying 60% of your customers or 30% what do you choose ? Last words (but it's not the topic here) i can criticize this game in a lot of ways : but not on the update schedule
  8. New items on the steam market !

    I don't buy 30 crates. you missread this point i think And thanks but i know how to read rules and you know what ? There is a fun fact : you will never find a place where steam explain that if you buy a key, wait 7 days, open a crate with that key, you will be allowed to sell the item inside immediatly. I check all the steam descriptions/guides/rules etc... The only information you can find is : "can't be put on the market until 7 days" But this description is on Keys / locked crates / Cosmetics SO --> The description say you have to way 7 days to sell the key or to sell the crate. It never explain that the item INSIDE the crate is LINKING to the old of the key used to open it. Want more ? The description is the same on items you can find inside those crates. So legally this description should apply to all the items at the moment they are obtain (without taking care about HOW they have been obtain - gift,key, redeem code etc) Little bonus ? It's not possible to choose what key you want to use when you open a crate. So even if you have buy some keys last week and one key 3 day ago, you will not be able to choose to use the 7days old key OK : you want another bonus ? Try this : check that you have no key left in your inventory -> buy a key -> wait 3 day (for example) -> open a paid crate (desperado or fever) > you will see that you still have to wait 7 days for selling the item Not the 4 day left because your key is 3 day old And for finish, because you just look like wanted to teach me things like if i was a kid or something else for you : i never say here that those misinformation or few information are related to PUBG Corporation/Bluehole. (tip : i say something similar in another topic related to the market and it was about when they merged the previous gamescom keys you already a player of PUBG in thos days ?) And like in my other long replies : sorry for my english - not native
  9. New items on the steam market !

    Buying thos 30 crates was a risk, i understand your point of view. But i'm not agree with "At least people knew what was going to happen" because its the first time we have an official answer about how the 7-days are working with those early bird keys Until the reply of PUBG_Hawkinz we never had the confirmation that if you buy a key and wait the 7days you can sell immediatly the item in.
  10. New items on the steam market !

    Just look what happened when the desperado crate was announced, a lot of guys/bots ruin the market because they could buy a huge amounts of keys one week before. Now with "surprise" new cosmetics crate, they don't have so much keys in reserve
  11. Hi, Like the last time you put new crates in your game, there is a problem with items ! If you open one of the new crate and then get an item : you have to wait 1 week before beeing able to sell it on the steam market. BUT ! If you look at the market you can see items actually available. There is 1 Zest silk scarf for example !
  12. Best player in the world (Hax)

    Like in this thread with video. As i reply in this thread : STOP THE MARKET > ban all this bot accounts > upgrade detection (B.E and whatso ever)
  13. Steam Market

    That's the price of the baggy pants brown. It's now 1 week since the desperado's items are available, so 1000+ baggy on the market. The price was between 18€ - 22€ all the last week, but now it's 2.40-2.60 !!! Price divided by ten only for those who can't sell this item before... It's clearly not fair. In some country like belgium, this is considering legally as gambling system, with the rules/laws going with that. In those laws there is a point saying that a system like this is not allowed to provide advantage in the access (price of the crates, % of loot) AND in the selling part. As i presume all these days, the market is now broken. Oh wait ! It's not ! It works for all the cheaters who have hundreds of accounts getting crates and not ban.
  14. Steam Market

    Nothing wrong here. You can trade items from biker crate and have to wait 1 week for the desperado's items. It's the way it has been designed. Yeah. Good job here ! Now i now how i will speak to my lawyer and then to bluehole Because in the patchnote where they announced the merge, they NEVER explain this. So... it's a backdoor way for having an OFFICIAL ANSWER !
  15. Steam Market

    If this is confirmed, you just explain how some people find a way for selling items beforre the 7days. Soooo, the players who used this methods are "legit" in a way, they outbrained the steammarket by this way. But, with this merging key system, i still consider that Bluehole have make a huge mistake !