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  1. They won't be a problem if they are extremely rare, in which case person picking one up won't be any different from finding any other rare items in the game, or having a crate land right next to you. It doesn't matter if someone has strong loot in the beginning of the game, they still need to survive till the end, and at that point it's just like anything else.
  2. Vladplaya


    That's pretty far for a grenade to kill either of them. I think closest guy would have taken massive damage, but I wouldn't expect a kill from nade that far away. Otherwise yes, similar to bunch of other things and mechanics, grenades can be very weird in this game, but they do work fine most of the time.
  3. Yeah, lets remove a whole feature that doesn't cause any issues to most players, just because OP lost a single game because of it. *Entitlement intensifies*
  4. Vladplaya

    motorcycles: please explain

    Someone would have to sit down and rewrite physics engine for the vehicles, which is not easy. I only assume something like that would be at the bottom of priority list, considering that current bikes work good enough.
  5. Friends only. I can't even imagine playing with randoms.
  6. Vladplaya

    Map selection returns!!!!

    No there won't be map selection... Actually here it is.... Oh wait, we are taking it away.... just kidding have it back... Classic Bluehole. The real question is now, how long before map selection will be pulled or changed to make shitty again after this release? ha
  7. Vladplaya

    The more BR games i play ....

    I think it's much more common for people to get more and more salty the more hours they put into a single game. So the fact that he still thinks PUBG is decent after so many hours, and playing other options, is remarkable.
  8. OP literally described why he doesn't like Battle Royale genre... It's cool, play something else.
  9. OP you can play the game any way you like, but at the end of the day, the goal of the Battle Royale is to be the last surviver. And I don't think it's fair to criticize devs because they are trying to motivate people to play for the goal of the genre.
  10. I dislike those as much as anyone else, but to be fair, those have been around in games for very long time now, although predominately in free to play games.
  11. Vladplaya

    4FUN - Whats people's 'bogey' weapon?

    Anything with iron sights really.
  12. Vladplaya

    User Interface - Inventory

    Nice mock up! I would get rid of the silhouette on the left completely (if player rendering is turned off in the settings), and use that space to extend the area of the items on the ground, so you wouldn't have to scroll.
  13. Vladplaya

    Why PUBG is Dying

    Yes bunch of people realising that they are not really into Battle Royale genre even though they totally bought into the hype of it. That's very normal, people get bored of games and move on to something else. And you haven't seeing dying games if you think this game is dying.
  14. Vladplaya

    Shooting range is popular!

    It's almost like people always want to try any new content.... Weird.
  15. Yeah, that would be a "No" to all of those...