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  1. Vladplaya

    Here is a crazy idea

    Naa man, lets leave the headglitching for the all the shitty games out there.
  2. Vladplaya

    Map choice.

    No need for graphics options, it's battle royal, everyone plays on minimum settings with 800x600 resolution.
  3. Vladplaya

    БАН просто так!!!!!

    Это была ошибка, они уже объяснили что эти бэни будут снимать.
  4. Well, more like I just gonna go play a different game, but to each their own I suppose heh
  5. I don't claim anything, I am just saying that I will quit the lobby when i will be forced to play map I don't want to play. I assume plenty of people will be doing the same.
  6. Nope, it will just make me play their game X amount of times per day, before I rich the "map limit", after which I won't play anymore.
  7. Content, new maps, guns, skins, vehicles and whatever else. Because this game has been out for so long, made billion of dollars, and it still has content of an alpha version. Server stability and anti-cheat are also important, but those usually get developed by separate team of the software engineers, so it's not like they successfully couldn't be doing both, content and stability/security right now.
  8. Vladplaya

    Stupid Rifle Damages

    I wanna talk about how much it bothers me that OP is a solid block of text without any punctuation whatsoever.
  9. I couldn't careless about either of those streamers, but I do like the design and colors of the skins. They are miles ahead of majority of the skins we have in the game at the moment.
  10. Vladplaya

    New molotov cocktail Patch #14

    This is going to be pretty insane. I imagine there is going to be so much throwable spam, that they will eventually tone it down or revert the changes completely.
  11. More weapons is always great, in my book.
  12. Vladplaya

    Please remove the trash.

    Don't feed the troll
  13. Vladplaya

    Parachuting & Invisibility

    Yep, definitely noticed that and glad it's not just me going crazy. I need to record some drops and see if I can capture the invisichutes in action one of these days.
  14. Vladplaya

    does ANYONE use E-Motes

    That's cuz we got most boring and underwhelming emotes. And they are like, very slow too, which is just annoying.
  15. Vladplaya

    Warming Up in Hot Spots

    They should allow people to opt in into joining straight to the plane. I would gladly skip unnecessarily long lobby even if I might still be loading on the plane and won't be able to jump right away. There are always seem to be few people disconnecting on the plane anyways, so it wouldn't hurt anything by filling those spots right away with people who have good enough connection and computers that they can connect quickly. For a game with one life and where you can die really fast to anything, the loading times are asinine.