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  1. Changes to MMR/ELO System

    Right, but considering that every game 99 people lose, you might want to add something to entertain them while they are trying to win. I love OPs idea, and at the end of the day, it really doesn't change anything gameplay wise, people can still play any way they want, but it would motivate people who do pay attention to the ranking. Also I think it would awesome to show all your stats (points and where they come from) for you and person who killed you. Definitely would make playing game little bit more meaningful if you don't make it very high up there, plus its just interesting to see.
  2. Considering that BF1 macro detection seems to be full of false positives, they are most likely not detecting macros directly, in which case it's probably slightly better than nothing, but still more of a crapshoot. Otherwise there is not much they can do against built-in macros, unless they will tell people that they can't use their gaming mice, and good luck with that.
  3. Emotes pffffff

    The only reason why emotes were added to the game is because they can sell more of them for money. That's about it.
  4. Emotes pffffff

    Haven't seen anyone use them in the lobby either. They are so basic and underwhelming, to the point where I don't think I would care to even watch anyone use them. It's a good thing that animation team wasted their time on those instead of just going straight to improving general animations like they are planning on doing down the road.
  5. New Map!..Idea!

    I feel like a snow map is a nobrainer at this point. Its one of those standard maps for every game ever, you know, urban, forest, desert, jungle, snow... etc. Its just a matter of when they will actually add it.
  6. I think he was talking about not rending players who are actually hiding in the grass, so since you can't see the grass, you shouldn't see the player hiding in it. Which makes sense, but as I mentioned it would be annoying when people would be popping up and out of the existence. As far as simply not rending anyone past 200 meters.... umm, why would they do that? Rending players at long distances is not a problem. Also it would change game pretty dramatically as 200 meters is actually no that far away, and you definitely need to see people that far just to be aware to where to move and plan for possible tactics and ambushes.
  7. I see where you are coming from with that idea, but I am sure in practice it would be annoying as fuck to get shot by literally invisible people.
  8. "why is grass still not rendering at long distance?" Because it would take too much resources to render it at longer distances, therefore increasing minimum requirements for the hardware, which would leave a lot of people who already got the game unable to play. Grass doesn't render past 200 meters (it works both ways, so you can see enemy just as clear from your end, if they are out of a cover). Solution is simple, don't hide in the grass unless you know someone is next to you. Find a rock, or a tree of something, and if you can't, might as well just serpentine away from whoever is shooting past 200 meters.
  9. I assume they downgraded the effect for the sake of performance. In which case I am totally okay with that. The new effect doesn't look terrible, and if it helps with performance for people who have trouble, than so be it. Not like it's effect that you constantly see during the gameplay. I use grenades all the time and I hardly ever see them explode, I usually don't have time to pay attention to something like that.
  10. How I experience PUBG

    Yep, that's PUBG. You either like it, or you don't.
  11. Leaked SKINS!

    Pretty standard stuff, can't wait to pay my hard earned dollars for those colors

    I don't get your point here. If they will never add map selection, next game I will play is Fortnite, and yeah, I will give H1Z1 a shot too, why not? But I am not going to play H1Z1 right now, only because it's similar to PUBG, because I still have PUBG and we are still waiting to see what all the features they will add this year. And as already said, map selection will most likely be added anyway.

    Thanks, but it's not PUBG. I am just going to wait till map selection will be added, which is surely to happen, even if later than sooner. Once maps of different size will be added, people will really get frustrated by been constantly forced to play on the ones they hate. @Radix I don't see the real "evil" in having map selection. Some maps will be more popular than others, but as long as you have around 90 people who want to play a map, you will be able to play it. You might be playing with the same 90 people who happen to like a map that nobody else likes, but in my opinion that is the lesser evil, opposed to forcing everyone else to play that map, just because a small % of the populating likes it. That's kinda absurd. And yep, there are quite few games that don't let you pick maps, and there is a good junk of playerbase in every other of them that would love to have ability to pick a map to play on. It's all how is set up, with right filters, you can have people who will play only one map, you will have people who won't care and play everything, then you will have those who will constantly change their preferences with time. I don't think it would be as bad as you are imagining it.

    Yeah it's ridiculous that people play games to have a good time and enjoy them, and that they want option to pick what experience would bring them the most enjoyment depending on how they feel.... So silly, how dare they. On the serious note, I got this game, and like it, pretty much because of the large maps and slower pace. If they are going to add tiny meat-grinder maps and force me to play on those, when I hate that experience, than I am just going to play Fortnite. Which is ironic, because I am pretty sure that the main reason why they are adding tiny maps in the first place is because of Fortnite. I don't mind the diversity, I do mind when the developers think they should tell the players how to have fun though. @Radix If a lot of people want to play on just few maps, while other maps are deserted, than it is what it is. It means people made a decision that those maps are the most fun for them. I rather have players decide than the devs or random chance, that's bullshit. So should we get random weapon when we pick them up, because a lot of people choose to play only with certain guns? Sound silly right, so how picking map is any different? If a map is shit, and majority thinks is shit, then that's what it is, cramming it down people's throats will not magically make it awesome, it will just piss people off even more.
  15. View My Location

    By default, on PC, it's space bar, if that doesn't work than I am not sure what can be done.