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  1. Vladplaya

    Show map... leaked files!

    Pretty easy. The team that's working on the new map had little to do with problems from the last patch. So both teams can be working on fixing issues and new content at the same time.
  2. Vladplaya

    Solution to cheater problem.

    Not really a solution to anything, because OP wrongly assumes that cheaters will just keep using the same flagged account, instead of going out and buying new copy of the game.
  3. Vladplaya

    Show map... leaked files!

    I like how that map will have few pretty cool areas in it, like the castle and a Cosmodrome with a rock. That's pretty unique compared to fairly blend areas we have in current maps. Furthermore I like other small details like old style windmills you can see at 1:36.
  4. Vladplaya

    Show map... leaked files!

    Looks pretty nice! Thanks for the video.
  5. Vladplaya


    I think its in GEAR option. This item is not pure cosmetic like regular hats, its actually your level 1 helmet now.
  6. Vladplaya

    Camper dissuasion idea

    You want this game to be something that this game is not. You want faster battle royal with more action, than CoD Blackout or Fortnite are there to fill that niche for you. PUBG is just slower, that's all to it. In PUBG you gain huge advantage by been in a good spot and landing the first shot, that's like the core of this game. You don't have to play it like that, but if you playing PUBG and bitching about been bored because not everyone is just reckless by running toward you to have a gunfight, than its your problem, not the game's or the other players'.
  7. Vladplaya

    Loving this game again... but...

    Yep, cheaters are annoying. Welcome to PC gaming.
  8. I regularly drop there just for shits and giggles. And cutting that part wouldn't give you any fps to make any difference during the game. The engine doesn't load the whole map, so if you are not in that area, it doesn't affect you any more that any other part of the map that you can see.
  9. Not much can be done if the hit registration is client side, at that point it's just reality of how the internet works. Some games might have it a little bit better, some have it a little bit worse. If hit registration was server side, you wouldn't be dying behind cover as much, but then way more of your shots wouldn't register either, and that would probably be even worse than dying behind cover. Also I am not sure if PUBG is the worst. A lot of it obviously depend on your location and your connection speed and quality. Most games I have played have this issue, but other than Titanfall 2, I don't think any had it more than normal amount for me. Which is pretty ironic, considering that TF2 has very few players per match compared to games like Battlefield, and PUBG.
  10. Vladplaya

    Camper dissuasion idea

    What's wrong with sitting in one spot for too long?
  11. lol Yeah, because it's all about you, and not like abusing a glitch can ruin experience of many other players, am I right? No "manufacturer" in the world will ever tell you that they are providing you with a perfect product. Things can and will go wrong, and there are usually procedures to how to handle different situations. Just because glitches and bugs happen, doesn't make it okay for you to use them for your gain. Especially if you worry about your ranking, since using a glitch that gives you an advantage will distort your ranking. A lot of people who play games are pretty entitled, but as I have mentioned before, developers have been punishing people for abusing bugs and glitches in pretty much every major game, for years, without any issues.
  12. You weren't forced into anything. You joined FPP game mode, and you were in TPP, which is clearly an abnormal and not intended behavior that also gives you a huge advantage over other players. You could have exited the game, and rejoin to see if this was still the case, but you chose to keep playing. In a lot of games this would be considered as abusing a bug/glitch, and usually is punishable by a temp ban to discourage more players from using that bugs/glitches to further negatively impact gameplay until it's fixed. Your only excuse is that you are saying that you didn't know, (which I don't believe, cuz that's just bs lol). All that said I don't have anything against you, I am just saying how other game devs deal with similar situations. I actually highly doubt that PUBG devs will punish you for "abusing a glitch", I think they couldn't careless. But you might be right to assume that you got reported by tons of people that game. Will you get banned from just tons of reports? I highly doubt that also.
  13. I feel like at some point you clearly new that you shouldn't be in third person view in FPP game, because there is no fking way you "accidentally" didn't realize for the whole game. So that would be abusing a glitch/bug. Most games will ban you for abusing a bug, as you simply should have existed the game, and then reported the bug. While game clearly fucked up, you are not really a victim here.
  14. Vladplaya

    Please just stop !

    The team that would be working on those three things, is most likely different from team that creates new content. And there is zero reasons why they would tell asset team to stop working on new content while software engineers work on the code. You won't stop watering the crops, just because cows got sick. They can work on both at the same time just fine. This really comes down at how knowledgeable and talented are their programmers. It's either they are good at coding good solutions, or they are not.
  15. Vladplaya

    Weapon skins

    Gotta spend that sweet sweet cash man.