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  1. Just some feedback

    And one more thing In this patch is implement some anti-farm of afk players but: When players are AFK and already out of plane, then they are jumping like kangaroo, but when I stay under them and he drops on me, his character body will stop jumping and starts run away from me. However I see run them just me, real character body is elsewhere. I cant kill them, because I see just running character not real one It looks very glitchy and strange. (hard to explain for me :D) I hope you don't mind, that I´m writing here in this topic.
  2. Just some feedback

    Hi, I didnt edit anything, I just started the game Honesly, I had this bind on live server, so probably test server (build) has shared settings with live server. About uneven terrain, I will try find some specific place and tell you more about It. About reload animation, I have issue for example with S1897 or UMP45. When I press R, I dont see anything but after while I get full ammo. But this happens only when i shot once (one bullet).
  3. Just some feedback

    Hi, I would like to some words about update. For first, you are doing good work, I like the update but some things are questionable. - Crouch jump with "special bind" still works, maybe I misunderstood patch notes, but Iam still able to do crouch jump with "one" key. - I have to agree with other people and their opinion about screen shaking while jumping. Because shaking doesnt perform only while jumping but also if character walks over some "not flat" ground. (I didnt know the word, maybe arched - I really like the option to turn off 3D character model in inventory, but the body contour which replaces the 3D model, looks like place of action after an accident. I know, blank space is giving too much advantage, but It should looks better than this :). I do not know how complicated is create 2D model of character body and implement It, because this option could be the best. - I dont see reload animation of every gun, when I shot only one bullet. (Idk if this is on test server only, tested for S1897, ump) Thank you guys for improving the gameplay!