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  1. Aim Punch Discussion

    Body shot aimpunch is pure rng. Sometimes u dont get aimpunch at all, sometimes u get tons of aimpunch. I just dont wanna rng like that. nobody does. i think. And check the headshot damages; https://pubg.gamepedia.com/Assault_Rifles Even u had level 1 helmet, scar does 71 damage. Level 3 helmet 46 damage.
  2. FPS Drops & Low Frame Rate Issues

    Date Seen:After this patch. Server: Live server Launch Options: No settings, no reshade or something... System Specifications: Operating System: win7 Graphics Card: r9 200 series CPU:amd phenom II 4x 945 Ram: 12 gb I was getting 60+ before patch. I m getting -30 fps now. I cant play anymore. I m getting 5-10 fps at early game. Unplayeble for me, ı m trying but ı cant...
  3. Aim Punch Discussion

    Aimpunch should be headshot only not rng based.
  4. Region server

    We need a hotfix for this. I m getting bored cause of that.