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  1. The_Ancient_One

    How is this game so broken?

    I have not confirmed Hackers myself in many matches, though my team has. I reckon I have not the urge to Spectate all of my gameplay in order to weed them; someone else can do it. This all said, PUBG remains my fave BR title. P.S. If one has to cheat to defeat an older disabled gamer, then I may not be the sad one here....
  2. The_Ancient_One

    Vikendi loot

    While playing 1 Man Squads, I found a lot of Uzi's and shotguns in main areas, and AR's in the small untitled compounds; also a M24. Scopes were rather non-existent (ie; 2x and below), but over the loot was between Erangel and Sanhok; just like map size, IMO.
  3. The_Ancient_One

    Death of PUBG

    Tis a good thing that other MP games have no such issues, and all of the problems are here.... 🙄
  4. The_Ancient_One

    Remove the Red Zone for god sake

    It ain't like there is no warning, as the Red Zone is indicated well in advance of when and where it shall fall. And it adds immersion, additional PvE elements, and helps to remove campers as it motivates players to move along. Lowering sound back from Daredevil levels is recommended.
  5. The_Ancient_One

    Map Selection Re-enforcement Bias

    An entire 60 second wait? It must be a sign of the Apple Collapse. In the meanwhile, I recommend avoiding any theme park lines, college registration, or a doctors office in the near future.
  6. Loot system could use a tweak to insure all items are being placed, and not a lack of one item while seeing an over supply of another. But bolt action rifles appear to be spawning at a fair rate currently; less for the KAR than what was seen months ago, IMO. Am not really much into the virtual clothing and skins, but would like to see less pink slippers and the like; more skins that are for soldiers. And pls continue to get rid of what hackers and cheaters remain. Appreciate the results reported thus far. P.S. It would be nice if the Training Area could be kept free of items, devices, and players that impair another from enjoying their session. The removal of flash grenades is appreciated, but my head is often so full of crossbow bolts that it makes aiming an issue. Idea - kick these players off to Forknife where such maturity is expected from that age group. ?
  7. The_Ancient_One

    Pubg Out of Time

    Have fun with the new fast paced FPS soup of the day. As for myself, I will stick with the title that allows for options, tactics, strategy, that is different than the myriad of other like games.
  8. The_Ancient_One

    Map Selection Re-enforcement Bias

    Apologies to the OP, but maps seem to be available for our group, including Miramar. We play with one couple that are split between Sanhok and the larger maps, so we vary them up by using Quick Join and specific selections, and the long ques seem to be lessening at a steady pace. I am Techless; could be related to region, time of gamplay, etc., but it is working well for us. Guess we must be from a varied Universe.... Also, we play TPP, as I have perm vertigo which makes FPP problematic.
  9. The_Ancient_One

    Get rid of map select

    I do not mind the current map selection options; just am concerned of wait times moving forward with the Winter map and others in the future. If these are addressed, am good with the current implementation.
  10. The_Ancient_One

    VSS optic

    Perhaps you like them, but I would like the option of a clearer scope.
  11. The_Ancient_One

    VSS optic

    I also like the VSS. However, I do wish the scope was not so full of markings and graduated lines. I am not familiar with scopes in RL, but desire that these could be cleaned a bit.
  12. The_Ancient_One

    I Love to play but I hate this way ~

    I have permanent vertigo as a disability, and while I can play FPP, it is poorly. And vehicles are even more problematic and disorienting. Thankfully, PUBG has TPP at least for now.
  13. Our teams play all the maps. However, one couple that plays regularly are split between Mini and Battle Royal, so they work out kinda even. Détente
  14. I prefer the idea of Slower, yet stronger Blue overall. Let folks grab the weapons, armor, meds, and a possible vehicle, and allow more PvE and PvP; not RNG as the primary focus. I applaud the tests for dynamic weather and Red Zone tweaks for PvE, and wanting to encourage folks to move instead of camping in the Blue. That said, one type of gameplay style should not be forced on the entire community over another. Personally have little to no Run & Gun skills, but have been having a lot of fun learning to coop on Teams, stealth, and play in my own way.
  15. The_Ancient_One

    Rolling Back Recent Blue Zone Changes

    Slower, but stronger in those final zones seemed good. Being able to keep ahead of the closing Blue was also a return to hope for those far from Circle safety. The tweaks I hope to see is the removal of the faster initial Circles to allow for proper gearing, including meds and vehicles. And again, Thank y'all for listening to your community!