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  1. The_Ancient_One

    PUBG still needs to work on finer details.

    I feel the rush of fear in most matches, but I play stealth and tactics; not Run & Gun loot dance mechanics. Perhaps the issue is not in the game, but in the player.
  2. The_Ancient_One

    Clothing Presets Please...

    Not a bad idea; like to switch clothing due to map choice.
  3. The_Ancient_One

    The SKS currently sucks...

    I rarely find a scope and SR at the same time, and when in teams, am more likely to give it to a more experienced player. But am good with a Tier 2 helmet offering protection like intended, esp when I am wearing one too.
  4. The_Ancient_One

    The SKS currently sucks...

    I would also trade up for a SLR. But the KAR and M24 are more available, so this also affects choice. The SKS seems to work fine, so no reason for another unnecessary fix unless it is distance; same for Mini-14.
  5. The_Ancient_One

    Do something about the Lung Capacity

    Do not care about the stats. Only use BP to get some varied cosmetic items myself; will never spend cash on a key, and unlikely to have the extra resources available for bonus skins. So I do not care if my rankings drop because I avoid conflict, but I also never used deep water to camp; only have used it to travel to another location. Now having to bob on the water among the flotsam and sinking boats to be shot or drowned is made into something to be avoided; not enjoyed. And this is not something any game wants. Let changes occur in Custom settings for Tourney's, and let the public alone to enjoy the beaches.
  6. The_Ancient_One

    The SKS currently sucks...

    SKS appears to be OK as seen in the hands of the practiced witnessed in streams. I have not seen one much, so I cannot judge well for my own experience.
  7. The_Ancient_One

    The mass exodus continues...

    To those leaving: Have fun storming the castle! But as for moi, will remain with the game that has tactics, strategy, and suspense; not cartoons and Minecraft mechanics. Many of the numbers leaving are kids jumping over to the next Sat morning cartoon. Let them go; may help the lobby.
  8. The_Ancient_One

    Curse Trials & PUBG Bashing

    In any business I know, bad mouthing the current employer is not the way to rise within the ranks of the industry itself. And if they accepted payment from others beforehand, perhaps there are legal ramifications to meet, too. Personally, I hope they are removed, and not allowed to return. And there are plenty of rivals that all look the same: cartoons with fast jumping bunnies. Whether or not PUBG goes the way of esports, I shall stick with the one that I brought to the dance; not dump the title for the new one of the week.
  9. Strangest thing today as I was watching the Tourney. Normally, I do not care much for these events, but this time I know some of participants via streams, and wished to see them in action. As I recall, in match #2, but more so in match #3, the casters for a PUBG event started being negative about this title, and started praising other BR titles like Fortnite. Now I care nothing for other games, as almost all fast paced flea hopping cartoons like alike to me. But though the PUBG devs might wish to know that it looks like the casters were bought off to do this so blatantly during a match sponsored by the game that was being belittled. Anyone else see this?
  10. The_Ancient_One

    Do something about the Lung Capacity

    Breathing changes were excessive. The same soldier that can run the entire length of the map to make circles cannot hold their breath safely for more than 11 seconds. And this change was implemented because a minority of tourney players somewhere took advantage. So instead of correcting the issue for Tourney's in those settings, all must suffer making the water of every map fairly toxic, lessening the use of water, and thus helping campers of beaches and bridges.
  11. The_Ancient_One


    While I dislike Cheaters, I do not blame the sport and game for those that do it. Shall stick around myself for the better days ahead.
  12. The_Ancient_One

    What is better fpp or tpp

    While I am unable to play FPP comfortably due to health, the answer is Choice. Being able to choose is better than either by themselves, IMO.
  13. I like all the maps. My issues are my own; not the game as a rule.
  14. Playing under the influence; too much Whine....
  15. The_Ancient_One

    another complaining topic

    Looting is complicated?