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  1. The_Ancient_One


    Already has a nerf; taters like me
  2. Toodles! Have fun storming the castle! As for me, I remain with the title I brought to the BR dance
  3. The_Ancient_One

    Get some real use out of gas cans

    Would like to see gas cans given the option to be used for refills, or help create 2 Molotov's.
  4. I have a neurological divisibility, and most MP and PvP games are too fast paced, and need far better reactions than I can produce. But PUBG allows the time to loot, use stealth, and other tactics and skills besides Run & Gun mechanics. Plus, cartoons and anime titles tend to lull me to sleep; some physically as well as mentally
  5. The_Ancient_One

    I would like weekly patches

    While I desire frequent patches and updates, I prefer that as much testing can go into each of them before release. So no vote from me.
  6. Not for me; horizons and vistas seem crisp and clearer than ever, imo.
  7. The_Ancient_One

    Help me solve a friendly debate

    I have heard of instances where a person beats the initial Loot spawn , and it goes from little or nothing to what is supposed to be included. However, I have not witnessed this myself, so unconfirmed.
  8. The_Ancient_One

    Subjective Fun: Casual Vs Realism

    Tracer rnds may hurt FPS; uncertain. But I support that a shooting range as a separate map or lobby might be helpful in learning, much like the apples on Sanhok can help teach grenade usage. And since my current peeve is the unrealistic breathing & swimming mechanics, I support adding separate changes to this on Custom settings as way to allow the majority to play in the waters of PUBG, while insuring that Tourneys will not exploit them.
  9. The_Ancient_One

    Subjective Fun: Casual Vs Realism

    PUBG has already found it's place, and one I believe will have a loyal base; more so as the bugs and kinks are fixed. What PUBG should avoid is watering down the BR system in place to become another extant BR clone. PUBG is the only such tile I have been able to play, let alone want to play. Let the others display their quick reflexes jumping, building, and using their cartoon animations to have fun, and I shall remain with the one that allows for tactical stealth, strategy, use of terrain, and even sitting in a snipers nest; no building mats required.
  10. While I do not use Emotes often, before I used a mic they were rather helpful. No reason to remove them, even if they may not be useful to most of us.
  11. The_Ancient_One

    Subjective Fun: Casual Vs Realism

    As a general rule, immersion should be kept unless it is a negative to the players (eg; holding breath safely for only 11 sec). Breaking it to allow energy drinks to heal, spamming bandages, etc is fine by me. Could be worse; could be building instant towers, or turning into chickens....
  12. The_Ancient_One

    can we get some crossbow love

    I would not mind an animation for bolt removal, but the FX for a blood trail seem counter-productive for FPS, esp in a game where many use lowered settings.
  13. The_Ancient_One

    Red Zone removal and hearing loss

    I have tinnitus; not a major case, but the hiss is always there. There are a few factors that led to this, but two of them were being next to loud speakers playing music w/o hearing protection, and and real artillery even with protection. This simulation is not an issue at all for me, as I keep my sound to comfortable levels; not 11. My advice is not to set levels of sound to those that will create issues (eg; hearing breathing and footsteps two houses away). Also, avoid RL artillery, especially if one is on the receiving end....
  14. The_Ancient_One

    why does s12k still have ×3+ scopes

    I use it for scouting, and while I may not hit anything, it certainly tends to clear the way
  15. What a top streamer/ player does or not really does not influence my choice to remain and play the game. I wish him well