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  1. But the game is still Early Access guys, stop complaining and wait for release
  2. Probably one of the most infuriating bugs in this game.. exiting your vehicle too close to a wall/object/debris will make your character float for a few seconds then immediately die or get downed and continue to take damage until death. There should be some sort of check and prevents you from exiting the vehicle
  3. Let us choose our own map already.

    Are you telling me you don't want more crates that contain the same old clothes in them? For 40 dollar keys and a 0.0001% chance of good loot?
  4. Agreed. Either fix arrows staying in people's faces for 5 minutes, or remove the crossbow and put the AUG instead, or preferably remove all weapons from starting lobbies and create a practice map/area instead within the game for people to try out scopes and weapons.
  5. Netcode is awful

    I've died 3 seconds after I've seen someone then ducked out of sight behind a corner to avoid them twice today. Netcode is completely f***ed.
  6. Steam Market

    It was just a suggestion, calm down. I don't use the steam market often enough, I did get 4 desperado crates yesterday and immediately sold them for a crapload of money each though. Good luck with your whatever day wait
  7. Steam Market

    Do you (not) use steam authenticator? It might have to do with that
  8. Hackers are a huge problem but it's a harder issue to tackle and one that will take a lot of effort, time and work. Desync and lag are absolute gamebreakers because when you do get a game without hackers, you still get screwed by the lag. It's absolutely inexcusable that another game using the same engine runs way way way better than PUBG and that the latter seems to be getting worse with every patch, not better. Edit: I'm sure that the teams working on both issues are completely independent of each other, what I'm trying to say in my post is that they should invest much more than they currently seem to be in tackling desync and lag.
  9. Got it twice in two games
  10. First it was horrible desync, then it was a 2 second delay to loot and open doors, and now it's a combination of everything including dying 3 seconds after you spot someone without even hearing their shots (and no it's not hackers) What an absolute crap show
  11. There was a really good reddit thread a while ago explaining what every graphics setting does within the Unreal Engine but I lost it Edit: Found the reddit thread and the UE variables https://www.reddit.com/r/PUBATTLEGROUNDS/comments/7k2dkv/unofficial_10_build_3_patch_notes/ https://pastebin.com/rZHAVTSC Regarding shadows and effects, yes you get beauty but it's not about performance hits. It's about reducing clutter so you can actually spot players well instead of seeing butterflies, random flying dust, and broken shadows!
  12. I'm open to suggestions but from testing and experience what you said re. screen scale is wrong. In PUBG it seems to be akin to supersampling, and really helps with image clarity - the opposite of blurriness. I also disagree with setting shadows and effects to Ultra like you suggest.
  13. Image looks clearer than 100 and it works for me, which is what OP asked for. Attached: In-game settings (view distance missing - mine is on Low) and vibranceGUI program settings.
  14. This is the best I've found so far in terms of clarity: Graphics settings: Screen scale 120 AA High (no difference between High and Ultra apparently) Post-Processing Medium (adds sharpening) Everything else is up to you Don't use reshade, if you want colours to pop out and you have an Nvidia card you can either increase digital vibrance in the settings menu or download a program called VibranceGUI to do it for you automatically on a more permanent basis (reverting to normal vibrance when you tab out of game)
  15. You should check out some of this other videos, he explains his methodology in more depth in one or two of them.