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  1. Instead it's a running simulator if the circle hard shifts or RNGesus isn't smiling down upon you.
  2. It feels like Miramar (desert) will become too much of an outlier once Savage is released. The action is too dispersed and the map is too big, and if the feedback for Savage is anything to go by, people seem to enjoy the smaller more action packed games.
  3. It really needs much more work to be a decent UI. On another note, what's up with all the 25mb updates
  4. With the improved community interaction by PUBG Corp, and the constant quality of life improvements to other aspects of the game, I think it is fitting to ask about the status of the current lobby UI and whether there are plans to implement a new and better UI than the web-based one we currently have? It is still extremely buggy to invite friends or change game-mode, with constant "server too busy" errors popping up. It is still hard to know whether your teammates are ready or whether their UI bugged out, and a simple change of game-mode removes the ready status from everyone with no real feedback. These aren't game breaking by any means, but are just annoyances that tend to build up and become too obvious to ignore over a weekend of gaming.
  5. Played a couple of Miramar games today and the blue zone changes are great, the boring mid-game is almost completely gone and the circles keep you moving and on your toes without being hard to outrun.
  6. will Battleye ever tweet again?

    PUBG most definitely still uses BE, it hooks with the launcher when you start the game.
  7. Orange gun skins are horrible

    Gonna be honest, I actually don't mind the orange skins at all.
  8. Im a slow peeker.

    Never stop moving, only for that millisecond when you want to take an accurate shot. Get used to spamming peek right/left, crouch, and sidestepping (A and D) behind and out of cover when engaging an enemy. Get used to aiming on an enemy before even scoping in (get the crosshair as close to them as possible before zooming in/ADSing).
  9. They have to push the patch to everyone at the same time due to how steam downloads work, so staggering server downtime based on timezone would make no difference.
  10. The numbers apply to PUBG http://www.legitreviews.com/nvidia-geforce-391-01-whql-drivers-boost-pubg-performance-7-percent_203000
  11. Looting Delay?

    I believe that this issue falls under general server optimisations such as the hitreg and rubberbanding they've been working on lately. They seem to be trying different things to alleviate issues, and everything they try has certain side effects, which this could be one of. Honestly, you'll just have to wait for the game to keep maturing and for the devs to keep learning how to fix things. It's a matter of time, no amount of money thrown at the optimisation issue can lead to immediate results. Edit: And yes, I get the loot delay thing too - whether it's dragging or clicking. Sometimes it's not even just at the start of a game, but during the mid-game. Other times, looting is perfectly fast and responsive./shrug
  12. Create a non BP server.

    I have no idea why that would change anything
  13. Whatever, any useful response to what I said?
  14. OP wasn't talking about damage, actually in my opinion the damage is good as it is. Circles should however move slower towards the end. They move way too fast, and in most cases any attempt at engaging enemies or flanking or trying a smart play towards the end when you're not firmly in the white will get you killed by the zone. Players should at the very least be able to outrun the blue zone's shrink rate, and your argument regarding planning and preparation can work here too, because those within the white early will have a superior position and the ability to kill latecomers anyway. Give people a chance to outrun zone, if they don't try to do that, let the damage hit them like a truck. But the status quo punishes creative play and punishes brawling.