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  1. 110 fps with a 1050 and an i5? Yeah I call bullshit
  2. No, he's wrong. It has nothing to do with the system even though poorly maintained systems will obviously be worse off.
  3. You're still missing the point I guess. Here, I fixed your sentence for you.
  4. What? It wasn't my question. I replied to your incorrect answer that blames his Windows OS or his CPU for the terrible performance since the last update, when that's not actually the case. Kinda hard to GLHF when the game averages 40fps compared to 90fps a week ago.
  5. No, new anticheat measures (especially the last 100mb update to the game) brought down performance for everyone across the board and a bunch of people are complaining. It's not about having underpowered or old systems, it's a huge screw up from the devs and framerates are down regardless of system specs.
  6. Last update killed my FPS

    Can't even play on the test server, they closed this round of testing (next round probably Monday/Tuesday if we're lucky)
  7. I don't think that's a very smart idea with 16GB of RAM. Maybe larger amounts such as 32GB will do but that's an extremely small market
  8. Last update killed my FPS

    1080p here with a Core i7/GTX1070/16GB RAM/SSD and I've been knocked down from 110-140fps to 40-60fps since latest patch
  9. Last update killed my FPS

    Had some delusional person say that we shouldn't have potato PCs else we wouldn't have this lag. Some people can be so blind and adamant on their ignorance
  10. I love this game and I definitely think the idea (battle royale) and the style of game in general (Cold war era first person shooter) deserves GOTY. The current state of the game is the only downside
  11. Please turn the test servers back on

    Wrong, the system is very recent and new and maxes out on most other games. There's no need to approach people in such an unfunny and trolling manner by the way, one day it might be your system getting messed up by something and you'll find people like yourself infuriating.
  12. Last update killed my FPS

    I'm on a fresh reformat/reinstall of Windows 1709 Fall creator's update 3 weeks or so ago - my FPS wasn't so bad up until this week's 100mb update. Seems like they really screwed up something with the anti-cheat protection To reiterate: I used to get 110-130FPS and now I'm down to 40-60 with constant jittering and strange lag. Core i7/GTX1070/16GB RAM/SSD
  13. Please turn the test servers back on

    What's so funny? Read this and all the other threads complaining about fps drops and lag when looting bodies etc since the last 100mb update