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  1. einmann17

    No! We want P90!!!

    I dont like the p90 in CS, and im pretty sure it would be stupid in PUBG aswell
  2. einmann17

    change default rifle fire mode

    Maybe you should try and remember to put the gun on auto then? What about the m16, should that come standard burst? Ump and vector, burst or auto?
  3. Hitting quick scopes are easy, but hitting quick scope heasdshot is pure skill! when i use M24/kar98 and an auto rifle i often quick scope and switch! Its a very good combo if you have confident in your aim!
  4. einmann17

    new game mode GUN GAME

    That would make an awfull game, designers working on coding, would be interesting to see the finish product after that xd
  5. einmann17

    Low general sensibility

    That is something you change in settings, if its to low, then change DPI on you mouse!
  6. einmann17


    The Killcam gets stuck on loading!