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    Sim, barato. Produtora nenhuma dá desconto que estão dando para nós, apenas convertem de dólar pra real. O jogo custa 30 dólares. Na loja está 50 reais. Se fosse converter, seria 110 reais.
  2. rudabr

    Dúvidas bind Crouch Jump

    Cara, mudar .ini file não gera ban nenhum. Isso é mito e retardo de quem fala o contrário.
  3. rudabr

    Monitor turns off randomly only when PUBG is open

    It is enough. I limit the ram of the game to 6gb in the game start options in steam. -maxMem=6000
  4. rudabr

    Stuck / General Map Bugs - Post Here

    This is not a location so does not deserves a print. You can get stuck if the building is not loaded when you parachutes, and when it loade you get stuck, sometimes between a building and a wall. Some kind of teleport should be available in this case, to a secure area.
  5. rudabr


    O jogo está bem barato no brasil, se fosse converter de dólares pra reais, daria uns 100 reais. Já tem desconto.
  6. rudabr

    Modo FPP

    Antes do FPP tem que melhorar esse nosso servidor. O jogo carrega mais rápido no NA que aqui. Bincadeira isso, hein.
  7. rudabr

    Enemy disappeared when shot with mini14

    Guy turns into an ant when shot with mini.
  8. rudabr

    PC crash

    Use http://www.guru3d.com/files-details/display-driver-uninstaller-download.html to remove the drivers. Download 382.53 and try it out: http://www.guru3d.com/files-details/geforce-382-53-whql-driver-download.html
  9. rudabr

    PC crash

    What's your driver version? Recent nvidia drivers was making my game crash. The one that worked was 382.53
  10. rudabr

    AUTO stuck on AS server.

    Happens here too. Also, there's a bug with the search / play button. I can't cancel it. When hovering, it says "Click to cancel". But the click don't cancel it.