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  1. im so sick of cheaters...

    Just played a game when this guy was killing almost every player. I saw him on a hill on the other side of the hill I was standing, it was a third person game, and I had the height advantage. I could see him, he couldn't see me. He was shooting pre-fires in my direction. I moved west, he shoot the ground in front of me, I move east, he shoots it again. Finally it was down to me, this cheater, and another guy. Had to advance for a tree, he insta kills me with one shot from SCAR-L from 150m. 3 seconds later, he kills the last guy and wins. His nick, if anyone is interested, is mrshiqi. I'm tired of this game, seriously. Buggy, slow on good pcs and crowded with hackers. In-game report system that doesn't work, no server replay system (the devs want us to record with third party software a hacker, instead of making a system like CSGO overwatch), and updates that is focused on content instead of problem solving (like the ever lasting and buggy loading map issue).
  2. Pedido aos jogadores brasileiros de PUBG

    Como assim? Eles vão liberar FPP caso o nosso servidor SA tenha um grande número de jogadores. Reduzir o número de jogadores no SA é reduzir a demanda de servidores aqui, e aí sim nunca teremos FPP aqui. Continuem jogando aqui e esperem eles resolverem colocar o FPP.
  3. desconto

    Sim, barato. Produtora nenhuma dá desconto que estão dando para nós, apenas convertem de dólar pra real. O jogo custa 30 dólares. Na loja está 50 reais. Se fosse converter, seria 110 reais.
  4. Tip toe while standing or crouch

  5. Dúvidas bind Crouch Jump

    Cara, mudar .ini file não gera ban nenhum. Isso é mito e retardo de quem fala o contrário.
  6. Monitor turns off randomly only when PUBG is open

    It is enough. I limit the ram of the game to 6gb in the game start options in steam. -maxMem=6000
  7. It's really low chance, really. Fog is the rarest. Rain is kinda common, but rain is like 30%. Fog 10%, maybe. The thing is, even if it was 1% chance, or 0,00001%, you could get into 10 games in a row in the same weather. The probability is low to this to happen, as the fog is not that common, but can happen.
  8. Stuck / General Map Bugs - Post Here

    This is not a location so does not deserves a print. You can get stuck if the building is not loaded when you parachutes, and when it loade you get stuck, sometimes between a building and a wall. Some kind of teleport should be available in this case, to a secure area.
  9. desconto

    O jogo está bem barato no brasil, se fosse converter de dólares pra reais, daria uns 100 reais. Já tem desconto.
  10. They probably aware of this already...
  11. This game has damaged my hearing

    Well, raise the gate even more, to make the sound more flat. But you cant tell it's the devs fault for your loss of hearing, lol. You are the one who chooses how loud the sound will be.
  12. This game has damaged my hearing

    I'm using the program in the video and it works. You sure you set it up correctly?
  13. Activities Before Spawning in airplane

    Game already starts too fast. Also, they should focus the loading phase to try to remove some strain from the PC by pre-loading stuff instead of trying to load it all inside the airplane or when parachuting.
  14. FPS Drops & Low Frame Rate Issues

    I have i5 4670k and gtx 770 2gb with 8gb of ram and a 500gb HDD SATA 2 with 5.200rpm. My HDD is from 2009, got 1.000 days power up, so it's old and with some issues already. But I can still play. Only issue I have is at the loading of the buildings, because of HDD. Takes like 10 seconds after parachuting into the ground to load it all. After that, game runs smoothly with 70 ~ 100 fps in very low @ 1920x1080p. I bet that is a driver issue. Myself could not even open the game with the last nvidia drivers. Try removing the drivers installed and make a fresh install of the driver 382.53. http://www.guru3d.com/files-details/display-driver-uninstaller-download.html http://www.guru3d.com/files-details/geforce-382-53-whql-driver-download.html