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  1. I agree that the Armored UAZ needs to be much better. They said that they're working on changing it. But if they want us to test adding the flare gun, then they should include that new thing in the test.
  2. In the current state, the flare guns give an advantage to people who are lucky enough to land in the circle, and those people already have a slight advantage because they don't need to rush. The problem lies within the mechanic of getting a strong loot drop when you shoot a flare within the circle. If you happen to land within the circle and find a flare, you can use it immediately to get good loot that people outside the circle don't have access to. Sure, it gives away your position. But since it's the early game and everyone is so spread out, it's less likely to be contested. Meanwhile, anyone who happens to land outside the circle has to rush to attempt using a loot flare, and that's if there are even any left by the time they make it into the circle. And sure, shooting a flare outside the circle nets you an armored UAZ. But that's pretty much useless when you roll up on a team that has 2 M249s, an AUG, and an Mk14. To be clear, I really enjoy the flares. But not within the core game. I think they're best left in special events. TLDR: People who happen to land within the circle can take their time and completely gear up on flare drops while everyone else fights a losing battle.
  3. BehrmanTheBeerman

    General Vehicle Issues, Bugs and Unpredictable Physics

    Motorcycles are more powerful than all other vehicles and they can easily cause other vehicles to spin out or crash.
  4. BehrmanTheBeerman

    Cheating Discussion

    It shouldn't matter if it's TPP or FPP. The cheating problem needs to be resolved.
  5. BehrmanTheBeerman

    Text bug in lobby (PC 3.6.10)

    I've seen this a few times too. Very strange.
  6. BehrmanTheBeerman

    Cheating Discussion

    Just played a bunch of games with my buds and almost every game died to obvious cheaters