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  1. If you really want to increase the number of players in the mid-game, you need to reduce the blue damage to what it used to be. As of now, people are very cautious of the high blue damage. To avoid getting stuck in it, many people drop at least somewhat central so they don't need to worry about going as far for the first one or two circles. This means that more people are dropping in closer proximity to each other, which leads to earlier deaths.
  2. Key bind to switch between primary weapons

    Yeah, I always put my shortest gun in slot 1 and the longest in slot 2 because of the way the animations work.
  3. Key bind to switch between primary weapons

    I'm not so sure. Say you have an AR equipped to "1" and a sniper equipped to "2". You have your sniper out and suddenly someone starts shooting you close range. For whatever reason, your brain tells your finger that your AR is "2". Maybe because the weapon HUD is the reverse of the inventory display (something else they need to change). So, you try to pull out your AR but you still have your sniper equipped. If you had a "switch" button set to "Q" for example, your brain doesn't need to think about which slot your AR is in. You know that if you hit "Q", you will pull out the other weapon you need. Significantly reducing your chance of miss-clicking because you don't need to think about which slot your weapons are in and also because there's only one button to push rather than two.
  4. Key bind to switch between primary weapons

    You could, but the point is to have just one button to switch between them so you don't have to worry about hitting the wrong button do to choking/fat fingers/etc.
  5. Key bind to switch between primary weapons

    Too bad we can't do that anymore. Would be very helpful for this situation. But I can see how other things could be taken advantage of.
  6. Key bind to switch between primary weapons

    So you think my suggestion is bad because people can buy a mouse with more buttons?
  7. Did they improve red zone?

    Yeah, it seems that way. Not sure if they actually did more red zone more effective. But I finally died to it and I've seen streamers dying to it much more lately.
  8. Key bind to switch between primary weapons

    Yep. That's what happened when I tried it. Why does it do that? That didn't happen when i had the mouse scroll set to change to next and previous weapon.
  9. Key bind to switch between primary weapons

    That's a good idea. I'll try that out. I still think having a key bind to switch between them would be helpful. Mainly because there's still the chance of chocking and scrolling the wrong way to no effect. But, for now, this might be a good fix. I'll try it. Thanks!
  10. Key bind to switch between primary weapons

    You certainly could do this. I suppose that if you had a sidearm or throwable equipped, hitting this "switch" key could default to your slot 1 weapon. Or it could switch between your two most recently used weapons like it does in Half-Life.
  11. How I experience PUBG

    You forgot scenario 7: Get kitted up and the game lags so someone can shoot you through a wall. And scenario 8: Get kitted up and then the game bugs out and kills you / gets you killed. (This scenario has about 20 variations.)
  12. Emotes: Give us ROCK PAPER SCISSORS!

    If they could make this work, it might be an emote I would actually use.
  13. Key bind to switch between primary weapons

    I still think this would be a great addition and would love to hear more thoughts on this. Come to think of it, this is a common feature in many FPS games. Halo and Half-Life immediately come to mind.
  14. This is how bad Bluehole is at detecting

    I'm so tired of people saying this. As @Bringo73 said: We shouldn't be forced to accept that hackers have taken away half of our gameplay experience and just be okay with it.