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  1. BehrmanTheBeerman

    General Vehicle Issues, Bugs and Unpredictable Physics

    Motorcycles are more powerful than all other vehicles and they can easily cause other vehicles to spin out or crash.
  2. BehrmanTheBeerman

    Cheating Discussion

    It shouldn't matter if it's TPP or FPP. The cheating problem needs to be resolved.
  3. BehrmanTheBeerman

    Text bug in lobby (PC 3.6.10)

    I've seen this a few times too. Very strange.
  4. BehrmanTheBeerman

    Poll: Return weather modes

    I made no such proposal. I want it all!
  5. BehrmanTheBeerman

    Poll: Return weather modes

    I could be wrong about this but I think they made the mistake of monitoring these stats right after the new map became available. At that time, many people wanted to try the new map and would leave the lobby if it was anything but. And yes, there were some people that would leave rain and fog maps anyway, but this was magnified immensely when people were just trying to get the new map. If we want to talk about stats, this poll shows that about 80% of players want the weather back. Now that the new map has lost its allurement, perhaps the devs should try introducing weather again and see how it goes.
  6. BehrmanTheBeerman

    Cheating Discussion

    Just played a bunch of games with my buds and almost every game died to obvious cheaters