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  1. Old Rig

    That has nothing to do with your system. Everybody has that in game when you are near an edge while parachuting.. Yes it does take a a lot of your pc.. Try upgrading your system buy a new cpu and a better graphics while you are at it.. buy yourself an ssd that does wonders for the game.
  2. Hello where is the fog?

    At this point I have been playing all night long so have my friends we did not have fog 1 time.. so for me it is really disappointing.. Wish you guys would make an option for people to choose in what kind of weather type they want to play.
  3. Hello where is the fog?

    tried that to bruhh.. we gave up after half an hour...
  4. Hello where is the fog?

    Right it's the only reason I installed the test server for. I feel kind of screwed by installing something but not experiencing it. Especially as they were telling they put up the test server 2 days before the official update rolled out. If I get screwed at least give me a kiss before cause I am not satisfied
  5. Hello where is the fog?

    So maybe a strange question but we have been playing over 20 rounds now and not 1 time did we have fog on the testserver?? In my opinion WHAT is the use of a test server if we do not get to play with it. I think if you want to have members take the time to download a test server, just let them play fog only because at this point I just see members also leaving normal weather games just to cycle in the hope to get foggy weather. It is actually annoying just because of the fact that people take time to get to test it out and not getting any action at all. I think it would be smart to either put it on foggy weather only or have people pick what weather they want to play in.