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  1. Hey man. I bought the game on a old steam account i got because i wanted to grind from scratch, try to get good kda n stuff. After i played for like 35min or something, i got global ban. I feel like i dont deserve it. 

    Ingame - KappaFace

  2. Negative BP! its was -48k still no fix


  3. Hello, i got banned today. For no reason (At least I'm not aware of anyt reason). Iam not sure, if this could be the reason (if yes, then this would be a joke :D). We played yesterday with some friends, and i killed a mate NOT on purpose with a grenade.

    My ingame name is "GOTCHA93".

  4. hi. my balance is still in the negative can you please help


    not good.jpg

  5. Hi, my game lagged when changing character appearance and left me at -11,997 bp. Any way to get that 12K back?


    In-game name is Tesserac_T


  6. hello  @PUBG_FWG ,  i was changing my appearance and somehow the interface lagged out. After clicking continue multiple times, i ended up with -54000~ BP. This is my Steam ID: http://steamcommunity.com/id/stev4stevens  .

    Please reset it. Thank you.



  7. Hery FWB, seems there is a bug with cosmetic changing where if you click the button nothing happens, so clicking a few more times eventually updates but then you end up with negative funds?

    Went down to 5.6k, have worked my way back up to -1.3k but will always be in a deficit of 5k bp down. 


  8. Hey PUBG_FWG, i was changing my appearance just a week ago and somehow the interface lagged out. After clicking continue multiple times, i ended up with -50000~ BP. This is my steam id: http://steamcommunity.com/id/kingz234/. I was having a 4000~ BP deposit before this issue occured. Thanks in advance. Capture.PNG.3aa9b3853f561e19dd7b9a7cfb28d748.PNG

  9. Hello! I had 3k+ BP and when I tried changing my apperance I got a network error, and now I have -35,000BP. I would really appreciate if you could help me out. Steam URL: http://steamcommunity.com/id/dige999/


  10. Hi, I had 6k + BPs, I changed my appearance to female pressed OK, nothing happened, pressed it a couple of times more and now I have -2.388. Can you please fix this?



  11. 2017/08/11 I'm a passionate player of PUBG and who loves this game hardly... so i paid for this game crate box about 400$ or more maybe.. Anyway, It was my day life playing this great game until I global banned when I killed at game just before. I can't understand what happened now on earth??? I was playing solo rank to uprise my rating to 2000 points so hardly! I jumped up from plane and landded on Novorp, quickly take UMP and run to the competitors that i saw the position while i falling with parachute. First time I was cautious about enemies specific position until I found them on the container. Then I go to the side position of them with prospecting their farming route but I misses my shots badly and hit my head just 3~4 bullets of enemy. I thought maybe he using an aim hack or something. Then I pushed my self up to the next game BUT I CANT!  I was banned! Why this absurd thing has happen to me??? I betrayed by my earnest playtime on PUBG. I'm so dissapointed at banning system. I couldn’t get over feeling of being mistreated. I'm Korean player and I hope to some disposal react comes for me quickly so as I can play the PUBG that I love please.


    1. savrina


      And my ingame nickname is savrina

  12. 8/10/2017 i was in the middle of a game and i got a global ban, my internet is not the best and i got no clue as to why i am banned and i have been having a lot of issues jsut trying to get past the main menu screen 


    1. Sneppa


      hell you guy's can even take a loot at my profile and see i have a completely clean record http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198184133406 i dont TK out side of messing with friend's and if that is what this is about this GLOBAL BAN is unjust..,

  13. Today, i was in the middle of a match with my friend, then i lagged while in my inventory. The screen showed "Global ban". Im using ReShade for video quality purpose.Please help me I beg you I love this game!                                                    Here's a link to my Steam Account :  http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198344639021/                                          Please help me please I really care about this game and my account!!!


  14. Hello! Sorry for borrowing you!

    Yesterday I changed the appeareance of my character and the server lagged, so I pressed a few times on confirm and my BP changed into negative BP..

    Here's a screen et it could be very nice to reset back my BP back ;)