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  1. So I was banned today from this person @PUBG_AndroDars without reason from this video that I posted of me playing with a random team mate that killed my team. 

    What TOS was broken in this video?

    No racial comments, no hatred spoken to this person. Speaking in different accents is not racist, as you will note I put on more that one accent during this. At least have the decency to tell a person the reason for the ban in the first place.


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      Also there seems to be no mention at all to team killing in the ROC

      If it's an offence one would think that it would be listed in the RoC. 

      Thanks tell @poopiequeen she's a legend.


      you not so much. 

    3. JRBAYO


      It's easy, post the rest of the video with the evidence that this person killed your team and not just that last piece like you did in this one. Only then they could make a honest decision, till then you have to deal with the ban they handed out.



      Well the one that you see named Noodity was show as being killed by him. The other one is before the video.

      Matters not I have a release date and will just wait it out.

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