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  1. 我的PUBG帳號進去會寫你已經遭steam封鎖,可是我這幾天都沒玩 PUBG 。Name : sexyYoYu

    Picture: https://imgur.com/a/oM6G01

  2. There are so happy to help. The only reply you'll ever get.

    Hello Survivor,

    Thank you for writing to PUBG Support.

    It looks like you are seeing a restriction error message on the account.

    We understand that this may be a very frustrating experience. However, please understand that a restriction is placed because we have determined that there was a violation of our terms and services.

    Please note that even without having any programs specifically for “hacking/cheating” there are other programs or actions that can violate our Rules of Conduct and cause a permanent restriction.

    - Software that bypasses the services in the game
    - Programs that alter the game in any way (even if it is not for cheating)
    - Cheats, macros, etc. for other games and not for PUBG is still a violation of the game’s services

    Having purchases, low KPD, short gameplay time, etc. does not exclude any accounts from restrictions.

    We can assure you that the account was blocked because there was a violation discovered on the account. We apologize but we cannot provide any specifics on the details of the violation.

    Therefore, we do not accept any requests for rechecking account restrictions. However, we also constantly check our systems for false bans and if found, we correct any issues internally.

    We will continue our work to make sure that no erroneous restrictions are made and continue creating a fair gaming environment for all BATTLEGROUNDS players.


  3. After a few games yersterday, after getting killed I suddenly get the message that I've been banned from Steam.

    Today, I log on to Steam and I see the message that the devs have banned me.

    It has been over 17 hours since I was banned, and the tweet from @PUBG_help said it would take only 5 hours.


    1. It doesn't state why, so that I could understand the reason of my ban

    2. I've done nothing that breaches the ToS or code of conduct, so it seems like a random ban


    Would it be possible to inform me as to why I was banned?

    If I was banned for no valid reason, could I get unbanned please?


    In-game name : oEcHeYeTi

    Steam display name : oEcHeYeTi


    Picture of the ban message https://imgur.com/a/WIfWmPj


    1. oEcHeYeTi


      I can now say I have been unbanned.


      Thank you for your actions.

  4. I've been unbanned, so they are working on it.
    Just sucks that there is zero communication on the status since the issue should have been fixed 11 hours ago.
    Hope you all get yours soon.

    To the Devs, you should be ashamed on yourselfs that this is happening again.
    I've seen plenty of bugs in my life, but a bug the bans innocent people.... Well that can never happen.
    Not only does it happen once, this is the SECOND TIME where you ban INNOCENT players, all the while cheaters still roam free

  5. I was permanently banned without any reason. Please remove.

    In game name :- PSYCO_27

  6. I was banned .please remove

  7. So after getting a false ban, which has been noted as one by PUBG, I'm still banned.
    This issue should have been solved 8 hours ago.....
    Not only can't i play the game, my profile is being shamed as well.
    On steam it's shows that i've been banned, people think i'm a cheater.

    Compensation? I mean they are shaming people's accounts


    1. psyco_27


      Same here. No action has been taken yet.

    2. Amaro


      I've been unbanned

  8. I've just opened up my computer to see a permanent ban which is really shocking because I've never used cheats and its literally my favourite game at the moment and it's not exactly cheap so a ban is ridiculous and I hope I get unbanned. I'm not sure what to do about this? It says I was banned by a game developer. I was playing yesterday. 

    Steam account : coolhandsluke10

    PUBG nickname: Lucius_GOD


  9. Hello! I played PUBG for the first time and after one game i got banned for no reason


    Steam name: phoniccobra400

    ingame name: PhonicCobra400

  10. Hello !!!

    Last night I played pubg and after game i got banned 

    i don't know . why why . pls help me !!!

    Stream name : hung0nline97

    Pubg nickname : FollowTaoNow

    Thank You !

    got ban.png

  11. Hello.I played pubg today. but I have been banned from the game.

    Please help!


    steam name: pota1145

    ingame nick: pota00

  12. Hello, I tried pubg today, I got an unknown warning and I can not play.
    I am not using cheat or macro. I want you to deal with you

    Steam's name: tino_96
    Publication name: TiNO 96

  13. Hello, Last night I played pubg and after game i got ban for no reason why why help me.. ?


    steamaccount: rknokia

    PUBGingame nickname: 21MM392

  14. i have been banned from the game and did nothing wrong! please help!

    gamer tag- TrashDaddy7

    1. DaBeast34YT


      I was banned to for no reason. 

  15. Got banned for no reason after completing a round no explanation given. 


    Steam name 


    Freedom Jesus

    Ign thechunn