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  1. Please post in this thread if you would like to leave feedback for our Observer Tool available in Custom Game mode. Please do keep in mind that the Observer Tool is very much a work in progress and is not representative of its final state. Whether your are a partner or a community leader, please let us know who you are when leaving the feedback (ie if your forum name is different from the one you use on other platforms).
  2. Help Game Code dupluicate

    Can you please PM me the key you received so I can look into it for you.
  3. Streamers

    No, because in civilized society if someone steals from you, you're not meant to go and steal from them in return. If you have evidence of any streamers cheating in one way or another, bring that evidence to us and we'll take appropriate action after reviewing the evidence. Having said that, please keep in mind that anyone playing our game from the comfort of their home could have their brother, sister, 3 friends, uncle and maternal great grandmother standing behind them and pointing out loot and players on the screen and there's nothing anyone can do about that besides banning all competitive online games.
  4. Streamers

    I will be following the nail-biting court proceedings from the edge of my seat.
  5. Streamers

    Stream sniping is a form of cheating. Cheating is punishable and will stay punishable. Please don't cheat.

    Hello everyone! We've experienced a short outage on our forum server in the last 48 hours and as a result a few recent posts were lost. Some of you may also have to register again because of this. We are investigating and apologise for any inconvenience caused. The forum is currently stable. It is safe to post : )
  7. Players, This patch will be deployed to the main servers on Thursday, June 8th, 5PM KST / 8AM UTC / 1AM PDT and is expected to take approx. 1 hour to complete. The test server is already live! Server Performance Improved physics engine performance on game servers. Mitigated an issue with the character stopping moving when a large amount of data is sent. Client Performance Improved client performance in the lobby. Improved care package airplane rendering performance. Gameplay Modified the "match ends in" timer from 5 minutes to 1 minute. Bug Fix Fixed a bug that caused weapon icons at the bottom of the screen to not be shown when switching weapons after opening the inventory. Fixed a bug that caused a client crash when changing the character's looks. Fixed a bug that caused Freelook (Alt) not to work while the character is jumping. See you in-game, PUBG Community Team
  8. [Early Access] Week 10 Update - 30.05.17

    This patch is now live.
  9. DreamHack and Bluehole to host the world’s largest LAN activation with PLAYERUNKNOWNS’ BATTLEGROUNDS at DreamHack Summer 2017 (June 17 – 20) in Jönköping, Sweden. All Bring Your Own Computer (BYOC) participants – you’re invited! Join DreamHack and Bluehole Inc. in the DreamHack Summer 2017 Battle Royale, where winners will compete daily for prizes and glory in an event to determine the best PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS player and team. At DreamHack Summer 2017, Bluehole Inc. will host dedicated LAN servers with hourly matches starting every day between 12:00 pm and 6:00 pm (CEST), where up to 10 simultaneous 100 player matches can be played (depending on number of participants). Each day, the top 100 players on the leader boards will be invited to a Daily Final, where the best teams will be awarded prizes. The first day (June 17) will feature two-player squads, and the second and third day (June 18-19) will feature four-player squads. The Daily Finals will be hosted inside Hammarsköldssalen, now called “The BATTLEGROUNDS Arena.” This auditorium, formerly known as DreamArena Extreme, has a capacity of 1100 fans. Daily Finals will be broadcasted every day at 7:00 pm (CEST) on the official PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS Twitch, Facebook and YouTube channels. What’s more, all BYOC participants can download, test and play PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS for free during the duration of the event. Original article: http://dreamhack.se/dhs17/2017/05/31/pubg-at-dhs17/
  10. @Kanjo This is fine as long it is immediately clear that it's not an official or affiliated service/site.
  11. You need to listen more

    As long as your posts on this forum are respectful and constructive and add something to the conversation (ie not a repeat of previous posts) - they can stay. If someone gets "too agitated" in their post, that post may be removed, yes. As much as we would like to, we don't have the resources to provide anger management courses on this forum. This is how polite public discourse works. We leave anger and agitation behind so that we can have constructive discussions and actually get somewhere instead of yelling our frustrations at each other.
  12. You need to listen more

    It's not taboo and has never been taboo to "critique" the game. As long as what you post is constructive and respectful and isn't a repost of something that has been said before a 100 times, you can "critique" the game all day long. You, personally, have failed a few times to be constructive and respectful. The warnings you received are for being rude, nonconstructive and aggressive, not for sarcasm. I just scrolled through your post history and don't really see much sarcasm there at all.
  13. Monthly Update Delayed

    Due to several major issues with the Test Server build, we need to push back the monthly update to next week to give us time to resolve them fully. We'll have more updates on an expected ETA for the monthly patch early next week. Apologies for this delay and thank you for your patience! We'll be leaving the Test Server online, and continue pushing updates to it until the patch drops next week!
  14. Monthly Update Delayed

    Good news everyone! We will be pushing the monthly update to the Stable Servers at 1PM UTC / 3PM CEST / 6AM PDT / 10PM KST
  15. Amalgamated from our official Twitter account:
  16. There is and has always been a captcha for registration. Some of the spammers may not be bots : )
  17. Hey everyone, We are now back on track with our weekly updates! Since we haven't had our weekly updates for the past 2 weeks, we'll be updating this week's patch on Tuesday, May 16th. The patch will first get updated on our test servers today at the following hours: May 15th (Monday) 3 PM KST May 14th (Sunday) 11 PM PDT May 15th (Monday) 6 AM UTC The main servers will be updated with the new patch tomorrow, Tuesday May 16th, at 5 PM KST/1 AM PDT/8 AM UTC Early Access - Week 8 Patch Notes Client Performances Improvements Slightly improved the drop in FPS when driving vehicles Anti Cheat In order to prevent using "lag switch" to cheat, the characters will now be locked and will not be able to move, rotate and attack others when the ping exceeds a certain value You will no longer be able to remove the environment foliage by revising the .ini file Custom Games Fixed the issue that was causing the sound to break when there are too many vehicles in a small area Bug Fixes Partially fixed a bug that caused the character to get stuck in different objects in the environment Partially fixed a bug that caused the game client to freeze Fixed a bug that caused the crosshair to still be visible while in no-UI mode Temporarily removed the flash bang from the game as it was causing game clients to freeze/crash
  18. Hacking and Cheaters

    I see that you have posted this in suggestions and feedback. Thank you for your feedback. Yes, there are cheaters and there will always be cheaters. There is no such thing as an online multiplayer game where no one is cheating or hacking. We do our best together with BattllEye to minimize any impact cheaters may have on our game. When they are reported and/or discovered, they are banned. Please keep in mind that most of the multiple YouTube videos you mention show cheats that no longer work in our game. Oh and if you do know a more serious "anti-hack software" than BattlEye, please do let us know. Thank you again for your feedback.
  19. We can't ban threads. What does that even mean? We're not going to have separate rules for clans. Forum rules apply to everyone. We have the clan section - it's the mega thread. Twirly gave you a very good answer. It explains our logic behind running things the way we do re clans/communities very well. I'd suggest you read it again. Our goal is to keep the forum organized and user friendly. That's why empty posts (which includes any kind of bumps) are against the rules.
  20. Is there any way of contacting any mods?

    Forum account or game account? Game account name change isn't possible yet. Stats will be wiped at some point.
  21. Our first tournament is going live very shortly. You can watch it on our official Twitch channel https://www.twitch.tv/playbattlegrounds We are supporting Gamers Outreach. You can find out more and donate here https://fundraise.gamersoutreach.org/campaign/playerunknown-s-battlegrounds-charity-invitational-ad07or8sknq6
  22. Your Steam Team

    I saw your ban and you were banned with very good reason. Calling other users "retards" is not going to be tolerated. Your reaction to the temp ban was to threaten one of our mods. I suggest you seriously reconsider the way you approach posting on PUBG platforms. If you keep breaking the rules, we will keep applying restrictions to your accounts. It is quite simple, really.
  23. Public Test Server

    Public test server is now LIVE! You can try out upcoming updates before they hit the live servers tomorrow. Keep in mind that there will be bugs. To download the test server, go to your Steam Library - it will be a separate item in your games list.