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  1. JKS-UNion-Jack

    Upgraded my PC to solve stuttering, still have stuttering...

    I still use 391.01 http://www.legitreviews.com/nvidia-geforce-391-01-whql-drivers-boost-pubg-performance-7-percent_203000 best driver I've found for PUBG. I installed a later version to play BFV but then rolled back as I was getting frame rate drops and stutters in PUBG.
  2. JKS-UNion-Jack

    Game crashes when looting

    If you drop loot and then try to pick up some of it while someone else picks it up then the game crashes.
  3. JKS-UNion-Jack

    Infinite Matchmaking bug OC FPP

    Nope. Had to play in Asia all day. The delay and de sync is terrible.
  4. JKS-UNion-Jack

    PC restarts itself

    My sons computer was doing the same thing. I used msi afterburner to check usage and it turned out his graphics card was running at 100% and crashing. I underclocked and under volted his card and it fixed the issue.
  5. JKS-UNion-Jack

    Cheating Discussion

    The only way to reduce cheats is to remove the incentive to cheat. Remove the ability to trade or sell items from the game and you will see a decrease in cheaters.
  6. JKS-UNion-Jack

    Pubg fix my HDMI screen

    Try restarting the computer into safe mode. Does the display work then?
  7. JKS-UNion-Jack

    PUBG Shuts down my PC

    I had the same issue last year. My PC would shut down for no reason. I replaced the PSU and haven't had an issue since.
  8. JKS-UNion-Jack

    Week 31 Patch Notes

    I guess you have read the patch notes? They quite clearly state that they are going to release major bug fixes in the upcoming full release. Optimization, Bug Fixes, and Upcoming Announcements about Test ServersOur Development team has been working diligently to push out the official release by the end of this year. We plan to solve many of the bugs from the current live servers, and we are also constantly working on optimization. You will be able to experience bug fixes, optimization, and many other improvements in the test servers that will be run prior to the official release.Please keep in mind that the live server build and the developing PC 1.0 build are not easy to integrate or merge together. Even if some of the issues are resolved during internal development, these changes cannot always be reflected upon the live servers immediately. They aren't going to integrate the current build and bug fixes included in the full release build. It' s a waste of time and effort.
  9. Not this instance but over on a certain other site there is a video of DrDisrepect getting run over by a bike. If you slow it down you can see the bike is still a couple of meters away when he gets the kill animation.
  10. JKS-UNion-Jack

    AUTO stuck on AS server.

    Everyone's is set to AS. It's a bug.