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  1. Turn off the character render option. This fixed the lag when looting a while go.
  2. It Was Good While It Lasted

    Yep. All of the hackers that plagued NA and EU have now turned up in OCE.
  3. PC restarts itself

    My sons computer was doing the same thing. I used msi afterburner to check usage and it turned out his graphics card was running at 100% and crashing. I underclocked and under volted his card and it fixed the issue.
  4. Where is my thermal scopes?

    I agree 100% PUBG doesn't need COD type gimmicks.
  5. And people complain that there isn't enough cover......
  6. Cheating Discussion

    The only way to reduce cheats is to remove the incentive to cheat. Remove the ability to trade or sell items from the game and you will see a decrease in cheaters.
  7. The wire and flare idea sounds cool. You could add it on a back door to alert you and everyone around you to another players presence. The fact that everyone else is alerted to the fact that someone tripped it but that someone placed it as well is a cool spin.
  8. update #3 broken

    You can get around the friends issue by searching for their name and inviting them.
  9. We need more guns and gadgets

    The pan is mightier than the sword!
  10. Wanting Region Lock is Not Xenophobic.

    Bluehole don't need to region lock the servers. They just need to remove the option to choose the region to play in. Have the servers auto select the server with the best ping/connection to the Group leader. If you can't choose a region then you can't cheat the system using VPN's.
  11. Nerf m416 or add new weapons for challange it

    What they should do is add attachments to the other rifles. The AK should get a fore grip and the scar should get the stock attachment. This makes the scar and M4 the same and the AK only slightly worse than the 5.56 but with higher damage.
  12. Pubg fix my HDMI screen

    Try restarting the computer into safe mode. Does the display work then?
  13. 12 Duos today, not a single English speaking partner

    Live or Test servers? The test servers are only open in 3 regions. If it's on the live servers players from other regions have to play on servers outside their own regions as not all servers have all game modes. I have to play solo FPP in Asia or NA. I live in Australia and we don't have FPP solo game mode. I really feel that once 1.0 comes out and all regions get all game modes then region locking will be more viable.
  14. Apartment/big houses looting

    It didn't affect the loot in the lobby. It was more about lowering the loot that could spawn there after the game started. I can't find the patch notes but when they added the Komeshki area Bluehole said they were lowering the loot on spawn island as it effected the loot spawning top right corner of the map.
  15. Apartment/big houses looting

    Yes. In a previous patch they reduced the amount of loot that spawned on the spawn island because it effected the loot on the new area Komeshki. I believe the loot is divided into large areas which are then populated with smaller "pockets" of loot locations (houses etc) That way loot spawns give the impression of being random and not fixed. So you can't drop to the same type of pocket and expect to pick up the same thing all the time. By the way I've picked up a KAR98 and 8x scope right next to each other in an appartment I've also picked up 3 Uzi stocks and nothing else in the whole building!