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  1. Time for an apology

    The thing is for me it's just a label, I don;t care really where these hack/hackers come from I just want it resolved, if... and I say if, the majority of hackers are coming from China then unfortunately BH have a hard choice money and respect either way they lose respect and money whatever they do. As I've said many times before from playing probably 4 hours a day on the game I think I know play maybe 1 or 2 games every 2 or 3 days and even then I just log off in disgust most of the time.
  2. Time for an apology

    well until the numbers regardless say otherwise the majority of people hacking the game are Chinese so there is a "chinese" problem, it isn't racist or xenophobic to say this. https://steamed.kotaku.com/99-percent-of-battlegrounds-cheats-are-from-china-play-1821513424
  3. Time for an apology

    Unfortunately mate it's a numbers game, BattleEye say themselves that most of the hackers originate from China so how exactly is it racist (also you need to look the meaning of that word up) to blame China/Chinese when 90% of the hackers come from there? I don't hate Chinese people why would I it's just a game but from what's being reported it's just a plain fact. I imagine you have no issue with saying that Germans/Germany started World War 2 but I imagine not every German wanted war did they.
  4. Cheating overall has dropped????? Source please because I'm seeing a polar opposite to this? the higher you go up the board the more hackers you see.
  5. Asian Invasion

    Well it's the typical reaction of the "media savvy", it's easier to cast aspersions against people than to actually sort out an issue because the issue itself gets lost in the furore. I haven't got a problem with playing with anyone as long as either I can understand them or they can understand me. Why would I play a semi tactical game with someone who hasn't got a clue what I'm saying to them or I'm saying to them. Mr Greene I think is just trying to save face and look like he's "right on"
  6. Should I Buy?

    I've had 600 hours plus playing this game for what 30 quid, you can;t argue with that but I can't recommend this game to anyone buying it right now. Seriously I think this is the only game I;ve ever played that was less annoying in beta than it was "released and finished".
  7. LOL

    Man you guys can't even secure your forum, it's getting embarassing now.
  8. Using AHK

    Wouldn't worry too much mate, I think they have given up or there's such a backlog it will probably be 2020 before you get banned. On a serious note if you have to ask then I wouldn;t risk it.
  9. Hacking has got to stop

    First one is a bit suspect but don;t see a problem with the second clip, I've made shots like that lots of times.
  10. Who is considering quitting/ taking a break from PUBG

    That's the attitude...
  11. Well it's one of the mice that can import scripts into itself and a quick look on google will pretty much give you that script, that will do no recoil and single click autofire. Hence the reason they are selling like hotcakes. I'd say the % of people being "assisted" in this game is very high, higher than most people expect, whether you calss that with reshade, headphones, mouse "controls" keyboard controls and then add the blatant cheats as well that you can get for free or pay for. It's a great game but with the levels of mistrust and/or cheating in the game I can't see it being a long laster. I hardly play much myself because why waste potentially 30 minutes to get wiped out at the end by a cheater.
  12. You have to be careful though I can single fire around 7-9 (with control, 10 plus panic spam) clicks a second on single fire and tbh I know people who can click faster than that.
  13. Happened to me with an SKS last night, full health, Level 3 helmet no damage watched kill cam , one shot SKS boom dead... although I would say it was just a bug because the guy wasn't cheating (there's a first) but he only hit me once and that was that.
  14. This is a hacker.

    No hackers in this game!!!! That's just a killcam bug... legit honest plus remove the dudes name it's very "asian" and we don't want to be accused of being xenophobic do we.
  15. How this game can improve

    pretty much, soon as someone release a similar game with most of the info done server side the game is dust.