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  1. Why can't I hit him?

    E-Sports ready that is.
  2. im so sick of cheaters...

    Being a streamer myself, I can say at least I'm legit, just look at my stats, they suck.
  3. I personally don't like it at all but you like it and that is all that should matter to you.
  4. Worth buying this game?

    Probably worth buying just for hours versus dollars ratio but be prepared to get annoyed with either dodgy rng, lag,hackers pretty much every 3 or 4 games. Apart from that it's a solid 7 from me.
  5. Boring?

    Whereas my post wasn't childish...just pointing out a fact or facts.. but carry on mate you only end up showing everyone how little intelligence you have.
  6. Boring?

    Suits me fine as well so I don;t get your point? You aren't saying we can disagree with parts of the game are you and we have to accept everything in blind faith? Otherwise I don't get your original post or were you being a sanctimonious twat?
  7. Boring?

    Let me know what game you find then..
  8. Boring?

    Although I'm really happy there's a new map to play I have to say after playing it for a few hours I find the map actually really boring, just sort of melds into one colour and pretty much everything just looks the same, the rest of it though is a big improvement, the interface, fairly smooth, hitboxes seem really weird though I've watched some guys getting hit with blood splatter 7/8 times and not get knocked and other time people getting downed with a level 2 helmet with one shot from an AR. Did have an interesting bug where I get knocked out from falling just opening a door. Overall a decent improvement but just find the new map a bit bland for want of a better word.
  9. NA server is completely over-run at the high ends rankings now.
  10. Someone check this play

    I say cheater but I'm sure most will use the usual cop put of "desync"
  11. Hackers everywhere

    Don;t forget chaps you're not beta testing for the game you're beta testing for the cheats.
  12. Cheaters play very carefully

    yet again another stream/session spoilt by hackers sometimes it feels like I'm actually beta testing the cheats for their developers and not the game.
  13. Hackers everywhere

    To be fair OP hacking has been that rampant lately I just sort of expect anyone to be hacking now, saves the hassles of trying to clarify it. I don;t personally think any more it's something they can actually fix.
  14. New Cheater Strategy

    The clever ones wait till the end game then activate.