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  1. Berdarien

    Sights for the Win94

    The issue with this gun isnt its iron sights. It's how iron sights in this game are. Just due to how the camera works with them and focus. I think the win would be fun as eff with a red dot on it as it is now, its generally the first gun to be dropped no matter what you pick up. Also it can one shot helmets for whoever said it can't I know I've been domed with a helmet and domed ppl with helmets. Would love red dot on win
  2. I like both. I feel battle royale games are more important for me. I can try and maintain too 100ish maintain my solid kd and not hot drop when bored and let rng be the deciding factor.. Then when we get Sanhok I dont stress so much about dropping at boot camp it palace and going to town. I really enjoy these being separate. Sanhok also allows these hot drops easier due to upgrades loot. How many times havemyself and others landed pecado or hacienda loot an abnormally large portion and not get a gun.
  3. Flare gun event was the most fun I've had in event mode and in fact in the game in the past 6 months. Just fun mayhem I'd say controlled chaos but that's a lie. Just chaos.
  4. To be honest as bad as ESP is and there is a lot of ESP, I get more annoyed by the macro users. These people think it's ok for them to use these simple add ones to their mouse or keybinds and isn't "cheating". It's amazing how many people actually use these little cheats to get the upperhand and how powerful it is. I'm not saying these macros shoot faster than the gun is capable of in full auto this isn't the issue. The issue is a macro that compensates for recoil and fires as fast as the gun will allow is just much more op than you realize when the main cause of a lost of gunfight is losing a bit of recoil. The desync and lag compensation built into the game just exacerbate these things. My problem is this company really is not a very good one in any sense. They've made their money and either have moved on to other projects with the realization they are in over their heads, or worse they truly just don't care. Either way as soon as something new comes out in this style the company and the game will be a footnote. For the younger crowd #whatcouldhavebeen
  5. My one and only issue with it is consistency. Really makes it hard to adjust when it can be such a random throw. I've eaten it and been fine and other times had it throw me to the moon and back. Same guy same gun. It should just be a static thing. Bluehole isn't very good with trying any form of dynamic gameplay mechanics. They just lack the experience which effects balance and causes salty issues with some players. All they really need to do imo is adjust it so being shot by any caliber in any placement throws the adjustment off a set amount. I think it being dynamic with the visual scope changes is an issue but it's still not game breaking.
  6. Berdarien

    New sound engine.

    Thanks man that must be it!
  7. Berdarien

    New sound engine.

    It is more difficult to actually hear the footsteps and certain sounds in game. I don't mean more difficult I mean the sounds are actually nonexistent. I use an Arctis 7 and keep my volume pretty high. I had guy run and vault next to me about 10 meters away and neither myself nor my friend who uses the same setup heard him. I've had guys run around the building to my right only to actually be on my left. Teammates leaving ghost sounds and other players as well are much more prominent. Directional awareness is really bad now. I don't have an issue with trying to figure out things but when they are actually buggy they shouldn't be implemented. This sound engine is still horrible and should have never been put into the game.
  8. It's junk. Thanks.
  9. Berdarien

    All of you PC players are too good.

    Aim_pr who is a professional pubg player and streamer has some good recommendations. He says don't even worry about shooting until you can learn to play the map. He suggests learning to play ridges cover etc using these as your tactical advantage will help you win gun fights til you learn upper tier aim.. As you're new to pc this is my suggestion to you. Get a game with similar characteristics such as cs go, or something else you enjoy. I use battlefield 1 then match mouse sensitivities to pubg as near as possible then play for a couple weeks. As I said though learn the map first. This isn't a shootem up quick shot twitch shooter. Twitch shooting will help bit tactical advantage will win nearly every time.
  10. Difficulty finding players to play with who can't think creatively. It's a much better team game than a solo game for me. Hard to find capable players though.
  11. It comes down to Bluehole being an inept developer. On nearly every level of implementation they have come short of expectations. While we can't deny the scope of their game was larger than normal they've done almost everything wrong. From the engine issues to latency compensation to paid crate system. It's all just been done in a bad way. I definitely got my money's worth. I still enjoy the game tremendously but let's be honest it really should be much better. They just don't have the talent for what they tried to pu ll off. Their technical savvy is proven a few times a month when they put in patches that cause major issues and either have to roll them back or remove them altogether. They have just turned into a "pr" company. What I mean by this is now their main goal is to keep people spending money purely based on promises not substance. I'm pretty positive I'd never bet on this company again. And I know I'll never pay for another early access game again from smaller company.
  12. Berdarien

    Event mode for single player please

    Stop being a jerk? 😂🤣👍
  13. Any chance the grid lines can be set to 100m same as Miramar and Erangel? I know a lot of people don't notice them but for me it's a huge thing in how I jump and my compensation in shooting. I think it's a psychological issue I don't know that I'll be able to get over but really it should be static between all 3 maps, regardless of size.
  14. This change was made purely due to competitive games. It has almost no bearing on normal players except for maybe 1% of an individuals games depending. This new change though has made it nearly impossible to use swimming whatsoever. I don't mean to be invulnerable but to have a chance. Now if you get in the water you have no chance. Bluehole really needs to stop looking into comp games to decide what should affect the rest of us.