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  1. I finally left. Deleted it off and just no desire. After the first match of some crazy desync I had no desire to play. We tried to push through for a few more games then spend 5 minutes trying to get another game while in the lobby with it not syncing up correctly. I'm done. Good luck to all of you who continue to play, you'll need it.
  2. Berdarien

    There's Barely Any Hacking.

    Too be honest it seems a lot of you just aren't capable enough to tell if someone is cheating or not. I have close to 3000 hours and I see cheaters constantly. I don't see blatant shoot through wall cheaters but lots of players using macros and ESP. The farther you get into a game the more likely that this is going to happen. This is also imo more prevalent in squad as you only need one person running ESP in a full squad to give them an extreme advantage. You also have to remember that a shooting script whether it is setting up your mouse specifically through the added software or using a downloaded script is still cheating. I have really good recoil control and I still run into people quite often who bend what I think is possible with the game. On top of that you do still have the blatant over the top modifiers who can fly around in vans enter through solid terrain run faster than average people, insta heal and a plethora of other things. Put it this way for what some people might see as minor cheats. If I am playing squads or duo's. I down two players and I push to finish them then suddenly they are all up and full health this is just as extreme as them shooting me through a wall. You couple this with the bullet penetration which seems to be fishy at best and I bet there are some people tweaking things in ways you won't notice blatantly but give them a huge advantage. Also if you want to go purely by numbers. At January 31st they had banned over 2.5 million players. At that time the amount of copies sold was around 25 million. That means around 10% of all copies paid for were banned for cheating. We've heard nothing since then so I cannot really confirm anything but from my point of view very little has changed. There are still highs and lows as the seasons go by. Also if you play event check out how many random accounts there are. People who have zero time playing but are playing the event a lot in a place where it's much more difficult to report.
  3. Berdarien

    is it better now?

    I actually had a fight where it said I downed a guy. Then his buddy came around the corner and headshot me with an akm and I went insta down. I watched Deathcam and it showed I never downed the guy. We had a squad incident where two of our teammates killed each other in friendly fire due to desync. Well they are bad but also desync.
  4. Berdarien

    is it better now?

    No. This is honestly the worst update in awhile and in 2 months it's probably degraded a huge amount server wise. The desync in update 19 is close to the worst it's ever been. The bullet penetration if anything seems bugged. Sound is completely broken now and the lobby messes up constantly.
  5. What chipset are you using to connect an 8 year old motherboard to a 1060.. meaning what 8 year old mobo has an 1151?
  6. My biggest issue and I think most people largest issue is the desync. How it compensates is really incredibly unfair. If a guy has a high pung, even if you win the fight he has time within his ping difference to win the fight. As a lot of fights are down to a bullet or two for people with decent latency this can mean a lot of lost fights.
  7. Berdarien

    What happen to fixing pubg

    Really are you that naive that you believe this PR stunt? I've been here since March of last year. The "fixing" should have been done before now. These are things we've complained about since near the beginning. Not suddenly come to the realization there is an issue. I mean I hope they do fix it, but now I'm just riding it out til something better comes along and it wont be long. Haha @they post it 2 days ago so we cant complain. So comical to me.
  8. PUBG Help @PUBG_help Replying to @mendiolacubicle @pubattlegrounds and @PLAYERUNKNOWN Yes, macros are against the rules and their use will get you banned. Thank you for sharing this with us, we will investigate further. -H
  9. Berdarien


    The only real difference now is shot placement. An ump is much easier to get all the bullets center mass compared to most rifles, but this is really dependent on each player. I've moved over into trying to learn the AKM because it's to easy to 3 shot someone with good shot placement. If you have ok or not very good recoil control than an SMG will do better for you. In the same sense if someone is using an AR with weak recoil control vs someone using an ump with a good shot placement they are going to lose. Yet if you have really good shot placement and can get a hit in th neck/head area with an AR you're generally going to win. Have to learn to play to strengths and away from weaknesses as well. If I have a comp and an akm I'm pretty confident I'm winning my fights. If I have no attachments and low ammo I'm running an ump and still confident I'm winning til mid game. This is about the time the ump falls off as more people have better armor and better guns and more team shooting. I love the new changes I was an M4 beast before but without an M4 i felt handicapped. Now can run into a house get an ump vec or uzi even Tommy and go wreck face. Makes the game so much more balanced and that's what it is about.
  10. Berdarien

    Cheating Discussion

    And I was wrong.. Just got one shot by an AKM in the body. Cool man..
  11. Berdarien

    Cheating Discussion

    We've still run into a few aimbotter's and one shoot through the world hacker.
  12. Berdarien

    Cheating Discussion

    Absolutely not disagreeing with any of the statements it's not a money issue. Yet when you've made an exorbitant amount of money, why not hire whoever is the best of the best out there to really crack down on this? They are fading fast and I am pulling for them but at this time I have very little faith in their ability to fix the issues at hand.
  13. Berdarien

    Cheating Discussion