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  1. Is there a way to permanently down the brightness of holo's,red dots or 2x? I am having trouble seeing when adsing as the scope is way to bright for me.
  2. Savage map

    The map looks a lot better. I can't stand the door noise and I'm sure most people feel the same hence the spamming at the beginning of the map any steel door. I'm really enjoying the new textures the ruins areas look really good. I am really not digging the huge number of hackers. Nearly every game tonight we've died to some sketchy stuff. I'm also not sure if I'm keen on the circle will need a bit more time. Please this should be a fun map not hacker infested like every other part of the game. Hard to have numbers to test when it's so skewed purely from hackers. Although as I said it looks much better.
  3. PC 1.0 Update #10 - Feedback

    Yeah I waited a few hours to play it. This zone update just increases camping and turns it into a running sim if you're not already in a good compound. First game we dropped west side of Los Leones we drove away right as the first circle was coming in we only had a VW. We never made it into the circle as it jumped to the extreme north. We had to stop and heal with first aids. Car got blown up by the red zone as we hit jumped out to hit a shack. Ran from Graveyard to Hacienda got another vehicle and never made it in.. It's just not set up right. This is the circle most similar to the one they use for competitive play except we get less loot. Last two games tried to jump somewhere more center circle and ended up with umps both me and my buddy in duo's.. Pretty disappointed.
  4. Tequila Sunrise event

    Played 4 rounds. Not one of us ever found a choke nor an extended mag nor a sight nor any barrel attachments for the S12
  5. Tequila Sunrise event

    I apologize but in my haste and a bit of anger I wasn't clear. My issue is this event is very very poorly thought out. Now we know at least that the meds issue was a bug and that's one of my gripes. Let me explain a bit more. So it's a shotgun event without chokes. This cuts down the range by about half. This is <=50m and first circle is 3km. This makes no sense. What they could have done was make starting circle 1 or 1.5 km and forced city circle. This isn't an event that should be out in the mountain ranges it should be a city free for all. Tequila sunrise event imo would have fit perfectly with win94 and or revolver and shotguns. I'd be happy with revolvers and shotguns as the revolvers at least stretch it out and allow some versatility. I'm just saying it was really poorly thought out. Meds not loading isn't a bug and it's a little frustrating that they try and push it out like it was. They didn't load meds which once again is poorly thought out. Btw last event the flare gun thing was fantastic.
  6. I had a guy kneel behind a van today looting and I was about 25 meters from him shooting down. Completely stationary I shot twice with the over under reloaded shot once more before he moved and not one pellet hit him. They should probably just add another 6 pellets as I think 00 has 15 shots in it not 9. Been 20 years since I've reloaded or shot one. If I have to grab a shotgun early game it either needs the choke or I know I'm gonna die.
  7. Tequila Sunrise event

    Thanks Hawkins that was my big gripe as I was looking forward to it. Also chokes aren't spawning either. Just an fyi. I really wanted to have fun with it buit no meds is meh.
  8. This is probably the worst event that could even have been thought of. There are no meds and only shotguns on an incredibly huge map due to topography. Bluehole just when I think you can't surprise me, you prove me wrong. Not no only no meds but no chokes. Err what?! The only thing I was excited for was maybe team shotting someone with an over under that had a choke on it. As it is you can't even hit someone 20 meters away.
  9. M4 could use a rebalance

    I've been saying for awhile they need to either add a bonus or change damage and distance in guns. I always thought using smgs should give a run boost or something and bullet damage should dramatically drop off at distance. Also for anyone having shot fully automatic weapons m4s do have a lot of recoil even with full attachments. Also vs kar98 an m4 bullet is like 55 grain compared to 150-220 a Kevlar helmet at distance should do a lot more to mitigate the damage. The reason that most nations use 5.56 is due the lack of penetration. This means if you shoot someone the bullet "shouldn't" penetrate through the targets body and enter another body with fatal results. I've got a ton of hrs into the game and I'm just starting to use the kar98 past month or so. I think the issue is that the game still has registration and sync issues. I've busted quite a few helmets last few weeks without the pers9n dying while using a kar98. If this is fixed kar is definitely the more powerful gun as it is s9metime better off plinking away with that m4 as it can 2 tap s level 2. Change that to 3 times will help a lot really making the kar top dog hands down.
  10. I've died probbaly 100 times to it. I've probably died 10-15 times while in a house during the old bug. It doesn't contribute anything never has. Campers are bathroom hiders who don't need to worry about it. By the time everyone is outside and covering in the bushes the red zone has quit. No one thinks "yay re d zone is here" and if you do well no reason to be rude.
  11. New FLARE gun event

    It was really so fun and I was sad when it was over. Been awhile since I had this much fun at Pubg .. No idea how many flare guns we got but won around 10 events 2 without any crate weapons at all. Pretty nerve wracking when there is 12 left and all you hear are Groza's and M249's for the cqc guns and then awm and m24's for the snipers lol. So good. This should at least be a monthly thing if not bi-monthly.
  12. Event.

    I've got to say as much as people think the game is getting better. They pulled the hackers out of the woodwork with this event. We've honestly ran into a hacker about 30% of our games. I mean an honest open hacker using aimbots and running names like Dickbomb69 or something similar. WhiteThunda crap like that. If you're gonna keep your game going at least fix your anti cheats. Yes this is an after death rant after dying to blatant hackers 3 times in a row. Also if you're a hacker lol.. Your life must be horrible.
  13. Event mode full of Chinese PPL

    I rarely have much interaction with other people in the game besides shooting them and getting shot. We almost always queue up in 3 man if it's 3 and if I'm solo I so solos , duos I do duos. I'm pretty even keel towards anyone else wherever you're from I don't care. Today played the event with a friend and you can't two man queue first game 2 Chinese teammates. No big deal I did ask why are they on NA is event only here? Within 2 minutes team killed by them. Now I'm all antagonised annoyed and angry actually I'm all the a's. Next game one guy who didnt talk and one Chinese team mate. Yep again Chinese teammate team killed one of us didn't get to finish but downed my bud. Just can't defend their culture anymore the amount of "problem Chinese" has caused an irreversible strain on a lot of our opinions of China in general. I'm not xenophobic at all, I'm just a realist. They are a problem vs American players. This is a fact not opinion.
  14. There is no drop at that distance and the top part of the reticle was just above his head. If he had a Mohawk you'd have shaved his hair off. This just went slightly over his head. Nevermind I watched the slowed down version. Must have been some serious lag as your bullet hit well late from when it should have. Was some weird game lag issue. He moved between the time you shot and the time the bullet hit on the first one which is the only one directly on target. That bullet shouldn't have taken the time to get there it did but its Pubg.
  15. This can't really be fixed as it's an integral part of how the game is run. The desync lag compensation I don't think is something that can be coded out at this stage. This is the problem with how they made the game and why lots and lots of things will never and can never be fixed.