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  1. Calling Out the Pre-Release Sham

    Sorry kind of BS here. In the beginning they were updating weekly. Doing a large update monthly and posting information constantly. As soon as it "blew" up, the posts and updates started to happen less and less frequently. The attention to detail and the belief in another "gamer" being up towards the top made a lot of people believe it would be something that would continue to grow. It just wasn't ready for a lot of what has happened and the company has gone from being quite open and honest to being a lot of more of the typical PC responses that companies give. I've gotten my money out of it but I'll definitely never buy another bluehole game with how it has been handled.
  2. Grenades almost crashed my game

    I've had it happen to my whole squad. We all have upper tier computers so it isn't a potato problem it's a coding issue. Something to do with the way the sound comes through.
  3. Circle damage has just added a huge amount of RNG to late game. If you're even partially positioned right in the last few circles and the other team/s aren't close or in the circle, they are doomed. Before you could fight your way in and heal now you're given much less of a chance due to the dramatic damage increase. I believe it definitely needs to be backed off a bit just to take out another rng factor we don't need.
  4. Did i miss ? :/

    Unfortunately these were both just straight misses. You were slightly over the shoulder on the right first shot and 2nd buzzed his head.
  5. Totally broken game..

    It also has to do with timing. I agree with whoever said the headshot probably didn't register. If you slow down the video the shot gun goes off as your headshot lands. This will cause the headshot to not register he also had a vest on which negates a lot of uzi damage. Look it up on pubgdamage.stats. Just an unfortunate for circumstance not a cheat or bad desync.
  6. Cheating has killed this game

    Just want to say I have nearly 1300 hours. I've been ranked fairly high in every type of game from Solo's,Duo,Squads,FPP and TPP and I am one of the biggest fans you can find. You've ruined me Bluehole. Can't imagine just not caring about something the way your company seems to. I got my money's worth so I can't complain but so unfortunate. Game was close to a revolution.
  7. Cheating has killed this game

    Every game tonight. I'm done with it.
  8. Cheating has killed this game

    Great fix as it didn't do anything. I wonder if Pubg is just trying to see if they can be the most hacked game in the world. They have accomplished it.
  9. I played two solo's waiting for a friend to get on. Both of these matches had hacks and yes I recorded both.. 2nd one was great fog map the guy had the ESP and Aimbot hack as he tried to drive over me. I mentioned in my stream I was sitting by trees as I saw someone hit a few people with a car and I've ran into the ESP driver in fog before. Not 2 minutes later blam there he is. I went to take a shot and my head was sploded by an m4 at distance.
  10. Cheating has killed this game

    Two games in a row two hackers in a row.
  11. This.. Sure some people will still hack but it would cut down on an extraordinary number if there isn't a monetary motivation as well.
  12. Cheating has killed this game

    I'm in no way disagreeing that was kind of my point.
  13. Cheating has killed this game

    It might be RNG but my group and I run into quite a bit throughout the day. We generally have two different squads going in my discord and it seems like probably 1/3 match we run into one. It seems like at least once an hour someone will mention running into something fishy. Fishy isn't the issue. I can lose to someone who is a lot better than me. Hell most people are, what I get frustrated with is the blatant hackers. I honestly just don't even report as I don't have time to edit all the videos just to report someone that might not even get viewed for a couple of weeks. I am not blaming the developers here their game has exploded but they obviously need someone with a little more far sightedness as this shouldn't be our main topic. Too many good things with the game that this has taken the fore front of our conversation.
  14. Least favorite way to die?

    Has to be hackers. I'm running into 4 or 5 obvious hackers per day. We generally run into them with the last 15 after we're looted up. So wasting a good bit of time looting. :'(
  15. Cheating has killed this game

    We know its a big issue, it needs fixed and we like more communication about it. My question is not about the aimbots, speed hacks or any other type of hacks, but what do you guys feel about the guys using the "speed shooting" macros. It is again the ToA as far as I've read and it gives people an unfair advantage but it isn't something that can be countered as easily as pure hacks. I run into these guys every match. There isn't even a maybe. You can tell by the fire rates and how much damage these guys do. I'm just curious how many of you guys consider this cheating and does anyone think there is a way combat this?