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  1. How to kill off false cheater reports

    Since I've never been killed by a cheater with a name that isn't a KIK or WeChat number, or an obviously Chinese name, or speaking Chinese... no, I do not. But I applaud any Americans who go to the Asian server and treat them to what we have to deal with every time we log in.
  2. This game needs weather.

    I posted a topic regarding this about a week and a half ago, and it now no longer exists on the forums. As such, I clearly need to post it again. The game had, at one point, weather effects ranging from a heavy rainstorm to crippling fog on the original, temperate zone map. The weather affected your ability to rely on your eyes and ears, and allowed players to spring ambushes on other players. They were removing when the new map was added to the test server, and the remaining population on live was a minority of bad players and cheaters. It was during this time that Bluehole apparently decided to listen to the complainers on Live and remove weather from the game. It needs to be readded.
  3. How to kill off false cheater reports

    Less people reporting all Chinese players on our server, or reporting whenever killed by someone abusing their 500ms+ ping and the game's CSHD.
  4. Pls answer my wishes

    There are Chinese in every game. Close enough for you?
  5. Pinglock China, or give America it's own god damn server.
  6. Please ban China from NA server

    This is a teamwork based game. If you can't speak English, you shouldn't be on the American server. Why are they even allowed to come here and exploit the CSHD lag caused by their distance to the server in the first place?