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  1. If they'd ping lock China we would have to deal with this shit.
  2. Ping lock now!!!

    Blueballs doesn't have the stones to shunt the aimbotters back to their own server. Maybe one day Brendan Greene will grow a fucking pair.
  3. Please ban China from NA server

    This is a teamwork based game. If you can't speak English, you shouldn't be on the American server. Why are they even allowed to come here and exploit the CSHD lag caused by their distance to the server in the first place?
  4. It was working fine before the patch. Yet they changed it... because shitty MLG garbage camped outside of it in a tournament of an alpha game?
  5. The driver for the change was that invitational. eSports garbage kills another game. Set up MLG mode for tournaments. Let us normal players enjoy the game it should be.
  6. What I really want to know is why wasn't this put on the test server and tested before going to live? Why was this unneeded change pushed through in less than two weeks from it being reported? @PUBG_Hawkinz: you're effectively the community manager here. Can you shed some light as to who decided this was a good idea for live servers without extensive testing beforehand, like every other change got?
  7. "Poor play" Yeah, it ramps up immediately after the first one. Stop talking out of your ass.
  8. Outside of that terribly run tournament, nobody sits outside the blue medding. People who are outside blue med so they can survive the blue and people camping the edge.
  9. If by "fully decked out" you mean a pistol AND a main weapon, then yes, I've been getting "fully decked out". The loot spawnrates were changed in a recent patch without notification. I dropped mid island last game and got a pistol. At the third building cluster I visited.
  10. Fortnite Battle Royal is the go to now.

    Region locking China and autobanning VPNs should do the trick.
  11. TLDR "good advice": drop at school every time so you don't have to worry about the blue zone. Instead of saying it's our fault that vehicle RNG is garbage and that we're spending too much time looting, why not you drop the vitriol and actually contribute? I've looted the exact same amount as I always have, and thanks to the unbelievable unwarranted and unwanted change, I'm getting doubly punished for not dropping at a "safe location" like school, apartments, Rozhok or Pochinki thanks to the low vehicle spawnrate and the wall of guaranteed death.
  12. This new Bluezone is way too damaging. I'm less than 50m away from the edge, running with my guns put away, and it's doing three times more damage than it did before. How the hell am I supposed to make it into the actual zone? The only people who benefited from this change are the rampant speedhackers that constantly invade our games. The reasoning for it was to prevent people from camping outside the zone. I have never encountered anybody camping outside the zone, just hostile parties fighting tooth and nail to make it into the zone. Please revert this change and consider actually testing major game changes in the future before throwing it onto the main server. Buggy vaulting? We would love to get over ankle-high walls and stones. Dying because the zone is across the map from us and RNG didn't give us a car? Yeah, not fun.