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  1. Games like black squad and warface are small squads on tiny maps, of course those will run better. Compare pubg to fortnite and lo and behold the server tests show the same results. Fortnite just doesn't strain your PC as much with its limited graphics.
  2. Running enough servers to allow 3 million players to simultaneously play, while 100 development staff work on new content and patches and you wonder why they need a revenue stream that goes beyond the half price sale of the game?
  3. I feel like some of the biggest things that ruin games come from the community and will be standard in most games. Things like Chinese players flooding servers, hackers ruining games, griefers enjoying ruining other people's fun, haters raging about anything and everything. What worries me is the thought that we will never have great multi-player games due to all these negative people working to kill the fun. If right now pubg was bug free, on a new engine and pretty much perfect all of these external groups would still drag it down and ruin the game. Toxic people are so common I can't see how we ever get a great experience.
  4. Want to be more specific? There are hundreds of posts from pubg staff, news releases, weekly updates and various comms. There are also 600+ items already patched and announcements as to where their focus is. Sure more needs to be done but that is exactly what they are saying too.
  5. Wertbag

    Jungle in da Desert

    The UAZ is an East European vehicle so appears on the east European map and not the Mexican themed one. The helmets are much more universal. The camo is cosmetic rather than practical, so should make very little difference.
  6. Seems to be a problem of short term memory. Perhaps check out some of the footage from the Alpha and then tell us that nothing has changed: At last count it was something like 600 items patched since release, plus bullet overhaul, graphics improvements, new content (maps, guns, vehicles, skins), vaulting, war mode, regular special events, big reduction in cheating and dozens of other quality of life improvements. Don't get me wrong, its not perfect and still has lots of work to get to where we all hope it will end up, but don't make the mistake of thinking nothing at all has happened. Heck the next patch is due tomorrow bringing the new map, dynamic weather, new vehicles/weapons, UI overhaul, sound overhaul, performance improvements and a pile of bug fixes.
  7. Wertbag

    terrible game desing

    The interface is okay, does the job, but more importantly is getting a refresh in the patch due out tomorrow. The drop rates are higher on the new map so perhaps that will appeal to you more. Why put new guns if you can't find them? The QBZ on the test server is so common that most people can get it quickly if they wish. Mainly the new guns are just to add unique features to each map. Its not just the same thing on a new map, it is new vehicles, new guns and a unique theme.
  8. I believe the people complaining about PUBG not being e-sport ready don't really understand what makes a game ready. I would argue that its not a game that is feature complete, has the best graphics, has no rng, is 100% bug free or that purely rewards your total kill count. The only thing that actually matters is whether the product can pull in the fans and get enough spectators to appeal to sponsors. For example you have Tetris able to hold an annual professional tournament, televised and streamed. The only thing it needed to go pro was for enough fans to watch and therefore earn an income from the sponsorship deals. For PUBG, it doesn't matter if you think it has issues, bugs or if you are one of the haters who says its completely broken. If they can put on a show, get a million people to watch and therefore pull in the advertising dollar then that allows them to put the cash rewards out there, and pro players will sign up. So to my mind all you need to be e-sport ready is a product that can be entertaining to watch and has the fans ready to spend their time doing so. The product itself is irrelevant to a large degree.
  9. Love the idea of this newsletter and hope you will make it a regular feature. Comms have been an area of complaint for a long time, so its great to see steps taken to keep the community informed. Personally subjects I'd like to hear more about would be: are loot boxes going to stay, especially with the law changes and negative publicity? How many maps are under consideration at a time? Is the hope to roll out 2 per year or may this accelerate? Will the old maps gain dynamic weather and other refinements or are they considered in a final state? Are there any thoughts around rewarding players for wins or for achievement based rewards? What is happening with the idea of making custom servers more available? Thanks
  10. Very interesting to see some actual numbers, seems that they give too much weight to finishing positions so that low skill passive players will jump up the ranks. It also highlights what a bad idea the season resets are.
  11. Wertbag

    The Never Ending Game

    I could see a solo War mode, just a free for all in a restricted space, where the round ends on time rather than kills, then just ranks the players based on kills/damage done during the course of the round. Not really what you were suggesting, but possibly the closest you can get with the currently available modes.
  12. I agree, there will be players that are better than you, but with even basic match making the difference in skill levels can be reduced. You need to practice, and a practice area/mode allows this. And you need to persist, and rewarding players for doing so is an incentive to continue playing. I remember playing World of Tanks, the game was pure grind. Every match, win or lose, would get you that much closer to the next upgrade or to unlock the next tank. You get that feeling of "if I played one more round I could get that new toy" and it inspired you to come back and persist towards that goal. PUBG has no goal. There is no grind because there is no target to aim for. Sure playing to kill is entertaining, but if you want to pull in all types of gamers then you need more than that. Can I reach the next tier? Can I save up to unlock the new skin? Can I win and therefore earn the exclusive chicken dinner crate? You need to bait the hook to catch the fish. Make the game appeal to everyone and the hardcore fans still have their gunplay while the causals can pop in and have fun. In the very near future we will have Mavericks, SCUM, Battlefield V, SOS, Realm Royale, Hunt Showdown, Darwin Project, Islands of Nyne, Rings of Elysium, Fear the Wolves, Radical Heights, Call of Duty, and a ton of others, on top of the huge success of Fortnite. If players have a massive selection then you need to appeal to, and keep your player base or they will evaporate.
  13. The problem with that attitude is its saying "I play this way, therefore everyone should be happy to play the same as me". You really think between 30 million copies sold you wouldn't find vast amounts of people who would love proper match making, practice areas or rewards? You may not have seen the praise heaped on the mobile version for including a practice area, but there were tons of people saying what a great feature it is. If you make a game that solely caters to the hardcore market, it will die off as those players move on to new experiences and you are unable to hook new players to replace the slow attrition. It doesn't matter if you lose a million players in a month if you are able to attract a million and one.
  14. While there has been a lot of talk about player retention there hasn't been the same focus on making the game accessible to new players. To my mind there are 5 things that stop people being able to get invested: - Lack of practice area. Its been suggested from day 1 that a place you can test your key binds, your graphics settings and practice with the weapons would be of great benefit. The mobile game added this but the PC version has not followed suit. Even just the ability to free roam the map would be useful. - Lack of rewards. You play your first 10 games and finally save up for the weekly crate only to find its locked. You play another 20 games and finally purchase the 2nd weekly crate, only to receive the same stained white t-shirt you were already wearing. You get lucky and win your very next game, to be rewarded with not enough BP to buy a crate and nothing else. You could well be 50 games in with zero to show for your efforts. - No match making. When a player like Shroud can be in a game with a dozen stream snipers you can tell no skill based match making is going on. It could be as simple as bronze (up to 100hrs or up to 3 wins), silver (100-300hrs or 4-10 wins) and gold (300hrs+ or 10 wins+). The high level players get a better level of competition, while beginners are matched with others of their level. - Lack of game mode access. Have you heard of zombie mode? Well you can't play it. War mode? You'll get a weekend tease but otherwise you are out of luck. With limited custom servers, no player voting or game mode choice, no rentable custom server for Internet cafes to run their own events and no way to even know what options are available, there's a whole section of game that can't appeal to fans of that style. - In-game info. How much protection does armour give? What is the damage of an ump? How fast do the circles close? How do you pick between a vert grip, half grip or thumb grip? Tutorials would help new players get an understanding but even just a wiki/faq/game guide so you can look up answers to the most basic questions would be good. Hell just pay Wackyjacky101 for the rights to link his videos to the main menu. You have to get new players hooked for them to feel the love and invest the time. Currently its a hard slog and the game does little to ease you in. It could be fun for all skill levels and not just restricted to the hardcore.
  15. They had announced they were removing fpp due to low numbers, I had just guessed they made the change but failed to remove the button. When they say they are investigating the issue, its probably the option still being there rather than the mode not working.