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  1. Probably using an official emulator puts you in a queue with others using the same. Using a third party emulator just lets you club baby seals.
  2. The thing to remember is that a server is not going to pull in large numbers of players. Most people won't make their choice to play based on 150 ping compared to 50. Sure its better but its not even the cause of most peoples performance issues. The dsync occurs on LAN games...
  3. So playing pubg mobile on PC so you can use a mouse and keyboard? Probably a ban worthy offence, just have to see when the mobile security catches up to PC.
  4. Wertbag

    Pgi Berlin fail

    I can see a big problem with those ideas and that is time. If you double the number of games plus double the number of modes rather than 8 games you are asking for 32. If you check the stats the top team didn't show luck but pure dominance. As for the regional team selection those were based around the available servers. While I would agree there should be an African/middle east server, currently there's not. So they look at where their player base and biggest support is and due to the game being massive in Asia those countries get an extra pick. The high results of the Asian teams shows that they deserved to be there.
  5. Love the idea of this newsletter and hope you will make it a regular feature. Comms have been an area of complaint for a long time, so its great to see steps taken to keep the community informed. Personally subjects I'd like to hear more about would be: are loot boxes going to stay, especially with the law changes and negative publicity? How many maps are under consideration at a time? Is the hope to roll out 2 per year or may this accelerate? Will the old maps gain dynamic weather and other refinements or are they considered in a final state? Are there any thoughts around rewarding players for wins or for achievement based rewards? What is happening with the idea of making custom servers more available? Thanks
  6. They had announced they were removing fpp due to low numbers, I had just guessed they made the change but failed to remove the button. When they say they are investigating the issue, its probably the option still being there rather than the mode not working.
  7. Confused? What don't you understand? What have you already tried?
  8. It certainly sounds like the xbox version is several patches away from being a good game, but don't be blaming the map makers or Tencent who made the mobile version as those teams aren't involved with the xbox version.
  9. Try downloading the latest directx version from Microsoft's website. Run a full virus scan (especially if you aren't protected). Try removing all other devices (steering wheels, joysticks, gamepads, printers etc) Check device manager to make sure no drivers are ahowing errors. Install the latest sound and video drivers. And double check your PC meets the games minimum specs.
  10. Wertbag

    Tactics problem

    Slightly different take, being noob who is practicing cqc I would care less about survival and do some building clearing on the red line. At best possibly find a scope. Get just inside the circle and wait for others to be pushed by the blue or to see where the next circle goes.