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  1. Let us roll with Q and E while prone

    A lot of people care, realism helps make a real world shooter feel authentic. So if Arma gets something wrong that is not a great reason to want to copy them. As for fuel tanks not being realistic, two wrongs don't make a right. If the suggestion was to make fuel tanks not fit bags then I'd wholeheartedly agree.
  2. Purpose for pistols

    Currently pistols are only used until anything at all is found, then they are discarded. There have been a few ideas I've seen which sound reasonable: -Allow downed characters to fire a pistol. Poor angle and shaky aim but could save your life. -Ballistic shield, could only use a one handed weapon with it and it would reduce visibility but protect a 45 degree arc forward. -Allow drivers to shoot one handed. -Have limb damage. Does low HP damage as it does now but a percentage chance the limb is disabled until a med can be applied. Lose one arm and you have to use pistols until you heal, lose a leg and speed is reduced to limping. -Add crawl spaces. Tunnels, ventilation ducts, partially collapsed corridors, where you can only squeeze in with rifles holstered but pistols can still be used. Either places for hidden loot or ways to infiltrate buildings from different angles.
  3. Let us roll with Q and E while prone

    Wouldn't be possible with a pack on and when are you ever without one?
  4. level/ rank system

    They have said a progression system is planned but have given no details as to what form it will take.
  5. No more kill on knoked ennemies.

    Shooting a downed opponent takes him out of the game and makes sure he doesn't get back in the fight. You are rewarded for the kill regardless of how you do it. It's not an act of cowardice, it is smart play. It makes no sense to revive team mates based on killing other people. I wouldn't mind the option for downed players to still be active. Either bandage themselves to stop the bleeding or use a pistol.
  6. A level 1 reduces damage by 30%, level 2 by 40% and level 3 by 55%. The higher level is always better but you need to make that call on how badly damaged it is and therefore will it last.
  7. If you use Discord, the free game chat software, you can join an English speaking team prior to joining pubg.
  8. Did you happen to record it?
  9. 1 man squad

    The problem with players going solo is that you then have to have squads missing team mates from the start. Each solo is another team not fully able to compete on an even playing field. If players want to solo there is already a mode for that.
  10. One Bullet Rule

    Interesting observation, I wouldn't have thought of that detail but it does make sense. I've heard of games going the ultra realism route of having your magazines separately in your inventory so you have to fill the mag before use. It was meant to get around the jump of finding a box of ammo and it automatically sorting itself into mags and to make you consider what to do with odd numbers of bullets. I believe Escape from Tarkov has something like this.
  11. In depth Miramar review with multiple suggestions

    For someone who hates writing that was really well written and nicely formatted, great job. I agree about the squad marker colours, yellow always blends in, its just a faint colour that shouldn't be used for this. I think they set the colours on Erangel where the darker green background helped them stand out, but they don't work as well on a light background. They either need a set of colours set for the map (green on Miramar and orange on Erangel but not vice versa) or just choose a set of bright colours that can work on both (red, blue, purple and cyan for example).
  12. Suggestion for Teamkillers

    It would automate the system which in turn reduces the workload on the already slow reporting system. You also have to be supplying video to get someone banned and most players aren't recording or streaming.
  13. Realistically if you've been shot and are laying bleeding on the ground and a guy comes up point blank to fire a shotgun in your face, I don't think the result will be paralysis... I like the other suggestions around downed players, either that they can still fire a pistol, that team mates can pick up or drag downed team mates or that you need to use bandages to revive.
  14. We should be able to see teammates through the wall

    The only games that should have this feature are sci-fi based where the squad has a heads up display and networked linked systems. In the real world this doesn't happen.