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  1. There are still huge regions like the whole African continent, China with the biggest pubg market, Russia or the middle east. Thats millions of players with no local server.
  2. They looked at the kill data, found the m16 was OP so nerfed it. Balance over realism in this case.
  3. Oc, To Aus/NZ

    OC is already one of the smallest regions, definitely don't want to reduce it any more. Just have to wait and see what the ping lock system is and which region gets it first.
  4. I play on OC and can honestly say I've never had problems picking up guns. I have had rubber banding but limited enough to not be a problem.
  5. Then you haven't paid attention to many releases. Check out PC gamers top list of terrible launches, it includes heaps of the biggest names and biggest budget AAA games: http://www.pcgamer.com/the-worst-pc-game-launches/
  6. Its a mixed bag, many players have great fps, rare rubber banding and rare encounters with obvious hackers. Not to say these things aren't a problem, but the extent they effect each player differs wildly. We have people with 1000+ hours reporting no problems while EU users report it is in some cases unplayable. Are you an EU player? All I'm pointing out is that while it sucks that you have issues they are not all universal. Hard to say its completely broken when millions are playing fine.
  7. True, it would be great to have an in-game method of finding a squad but till then at least there is a free workaround.
  8. Just make use of Discord in the meantime.
  9. I've heard it mentioned there is a colour blind mode that changes the blood colour. Perhaps that has been enabled?
  10. I'm guessing English isn't your first language, thats fine, try re-reading and hopefully you'll catch up.
  11. The decision is based on game data showing weapon usage and kill rate. They found the m16 was OP so took a step to nerf it. It doesn't make sense from a real world perspective but sometimes they need to make changes like this for reasons of balance.
  12. True, the slower gameplay allows them to run their games entirely server side which makes hacking nigh on impossible. As soon as you need speed, you need client side calculation and security suffers.
  13. Congratulations PUBG Corp.

    This game is sold at a budget cost, half to a third of the cost of AAA commercial releases. They have not increased the price upon leaving EA, they have no pay to win mechanics, they have no dlc, they have optional microtransactions for cosmetic loot crates but it is both not in your face and you are given a handful for free every week. Hell, if anything they have under monetised the game.
  14. See this post from Player Unknown showing the data usage on release night. The first spike is the test server update and the second the 1.0 release:
  15. Playerunknown's Battlegrounds : Vietnam (concept)

    Have to drop the helicopter, they've said they don't want them as they are too game changing. The rest of the ideas and the theme are really good.