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  1. ReShade - treated as a Cheat

    I've used reshade/sweetfx for a long time in many different games, but just to make the game look better - the Battlefield games for example, some had too much blue tint, some looked washed out. I've been using it in PUBG too to make the colours look better. But if there is a way to exploit it to use this zoom feature I'm all for banning it.
  2. BattlEye might not ban for it, BH should though! I've seen many 'famous' streamers firing in single shot faster than an Uzi in full auto can : /
  3. Reintroducing weather + new weather ideas

    There should be a random (small percentage) chance of weather effects in each game, not right from the start, but could happen sometime during the game. I like the idea of fog (and even rain) patches too, but not necessarily covering the whole map. I just think it would be more interesting for fog to drift in for the last few circles sometimes - and dust storms in Miramar too
  4. No Recoil on automatic fire

    These macros are really easy to set up with most mice/keyboards unfortunately I used to admin game servers, for the games running with Punkbuster you could add extra checks for macros and kick from the server. I was watching a video the other day from a well known streamer, he was shooting the M16A4 in single shot mode as fast as an Uzi shoots in full auto.............
  5. I really miss rain/fog

    A server filter should be in this game, you could filter what map you wanted to play on, if you wanted weather effects on etc. Basic stuff really, no idea why it's not already in!
  6. HIRE ME

    Zendesk is a software tool for Support Tickets/Customer support, not an anticheat company.
  7. Started Matchmaking (Endless spinning)

    Yep..... PLAY BATTLEGROUNDS‏Verified account @PUBATTLEGROUNDS 2m2 minutes ago PC servers are down in all regions. We are investigating the cause. We greatly appreciate your patience and apologize for the inconvenience.
  8. Started Matchmaking (Endless spinning)

    Same here I got to the loading screen once, then it said connection timed out
  9. FPS drop after the update ?

    Same here, lost about 20FPS. Asus 1060 Turbo 6GB