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  1. What is the best way to start?

    I disagree with the 70/30 distribution. There's a lot more skill involved than you think. It's just not as obvious or direct as other FPS games. For example, two CS:GO skills are understanding the map and where to position yourself, and twitch shooting skills. One is more obviously identifiable as a winning skill. But both are very important. For PUBG, you need more of those indirect skills. If you master those (managing your position within the circle, managing your movements relative to the circle's movements, knowing when to drive and when not to, knowing how to ambush, etc.) then you greatly reduce the RNG factor. It's just not as obvious that you're doing it.
  2. What is the best way to start?

    Your first FPS? If this is your first FPS, I wouldn't recommend starting here since it may be very frustrating. Better to start with an FPS like CS:GO or BF1 that gives you more opportunities to practice. If not your first FPS, then go to a relatively unpopulated area and get used to looting and the general feel of the game. How the buttons respond, how the circles work, how to use the attachments, etc. There's a really, really great spot for beginners to the northeast of the school/apartments. It's a sort of walled six building compound with a garage that almost always has a vehicle in it. Most of the time, nobody goes there so it's easy to loot. There are enough buildings that you'll at least find a decent SMG and a few meds. It's central so most of the time you're safe with the circles. If circles are in a difficult spot then there's usually a car in the garage or one just to the north parked on one side of the river or the other. Once you've figured that out go get some combat practice at the school or military base. After you've done that, go to a town/city and get some hunting/ambush/creeping experience. The beginning of the learning curve, generally speaking, is the looting and combat. The intermediate skills are how to avoid detection and how to detect others either hearing them in other buildings or seeing them at a distance. The advanced skills are how to survive the last few circles by knowing how to position yourself in a circle, when to move, how to basically guess through experience and process of elimination where the other 3-5 people are in the small circles, etc. In other words, combat is the easy part of this game.
  3. Rain is the only map or condition I quit. And that's because of the sound. You might as well just make a map in which you're deaf or your speakers are muted. Rain needs re-balancing. Otherwise, I vote random map/condition selection.
  4. Good stuff. Nice production additions.
  5. Are there two of these though? One in La Corbreria and one in Pecado? I've been going to the one in Corbreria.
  6. Yep. This'll be the new school. But it's not a gym. Boxing arena or something.
  7. I need tips for the new map

    It's a sniper's paradise. You get a rifle with a long scope and a suppressor and forget about it. Unstoppable.
  8. Is dessert map to big

    I recommend the chocolate moose.
  9. The new map ruins the game

    Overall, I love the new map although maybe I'm just in love with the novelty. My problem with the new map is the many weird ass, spread out tank parks and stuff around where you climb up and down three flights of stairs looking for loot to just find a molotov and a gas mask. Then over to the next water tank and up three flights of stairs for an smg clip and a striped t-shirt and on and on. Those places seem like they'll be great fun when the final circles land there but they're useless for looting because they take too much time for little reward.
  10. Make loot more scarce so the fighting is more interesting. Taser gun vs. slingshot. (see, not everyone agrees)
  11. We suck at this game.

    I do much much better playing solo than I do duos. I don't know if it's me or if 2v2 is harder than 1v1. For me, I find it easier to control the encounter if I only have to worry about what I'm doing and I'm not going up against two enemies.
  12. Enemy spotted key.

  13. The question should be "is this how the blue zone border is intended to work by the developers?" If no, then good on you for pointing it out to them.
  14. A Breakdown of PUBG's Income

    Actually: https://medlineplus.gov/ency/article/001147.htm