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  1. Shotguns are overpowered

    Shotguns should be improved. But I'd still pick up an uzi over a shotgun given all the other issues in this game. It'd still be RNG. I'd rather circle strafe with a micro uzi then whiff a one-shot shotgun.
  2. Miranmar's circle NEEDS changing

    I often jump on the edges of the map (Mil base in Miramar, Lipovka in Erangel) and whenever I get a top 10 game I watch the playback in particular to see where other teams were throughout the match. Almost every playback I watch has one or two teams that linger way too long and get caught by the blue. In many cases, it can't be anything but intentional. That is, they're playing in the blue strategically, banking on their meds/boosts to recover once they get to the white. It often goes badly with 1-2 squad members dying to the blue or because some other team wiped them out just after they got into the white. The point is that in the first three circles, there's plenty of time to get enough loot and then get to a safe spot. From what I've seen from playbacks, people seem to be ignoring the time/circles and hoping for the best. That's on them. I do think the last three circles are too fast and could be adjusted. The way they are now too often (for me anyway) results in an RNG situation. I don't have enough time on a bad circle placement roll to find the best spot to enter the new circle, especially when I'm trying to avoid getting shot. This does result in people getting caught out because they're pinned down or not paying attention. It often results in me having to run across a road or advance on a rocky outcrop that I otherwise would have circled around if the timer was 30 seconds or so longer.
  3. Do you think the game is broken?

    Broken, no. Buggy, yes. Playble, yes. For now, with all its issues, it's toeing the good side of the line of "frustrating to the point of deleting." But not broken.
  4. Heh. Been there a few times using crappy earbud headphones. Easy way to mistake your duo partner for an enemy just outside the door.
  5. OP, thanks for paying for that data and notifying us. I had thought about putting my money on the table and rolling the dice. After reading your helpful post, I most certainly won't.
  6. Your water penetration is unclear (to me anyway). I have found it unreasonably difficult to hit people swimming on the surface. I don't have enough play time or experience shooting surface swimmers to understand why this is. If your argument is that it should be easier for players swimming on the surface to be hit, then I totally agree. I understand that in reality bullets aren't lethal past a certain point underwater (can't be bothered to look it up) but it would seem to me that no part of the body would be protected when swimming along the surface no matter the degree of submersion.
  7. Parachute Fall Damage

    Like with vehicles, there are so many glitches with parachute landings it's ridiculous. You get anywhere near any vertical surface and even without touching any of them you get "stuck" for a couple of seconds or sometimes to the point of needing to "cut yourself loose". Basically speaking, don't go within 10 feet of anything and you're fine.
  8. What Item Should Be Added to PUBG?

    Taser so I can capture your squadmate and tie him up to a post for bait or mount him to the front of my Dacia.
  9. Vehicle physics

    Was in a UAZ going over the bridge from military base. Campers on the bridge taking cover behind a Dacia, parked perpendicular to the bridge road. In real life, or most other similar games, the situation would call for tactical ramming which is what I tried. UAZ (2500kg or so) hit the Dacia (950kg or so) and came to a dead stop and we lost half our health. The shooters -- who were unharmed -- finished the job. The shooters should have at least been damaged if not killed. I've also tried to disable an empty motorcycle with a UAZ. Same thing. UAZ comes to a dead stop with riders losing a significant portion of their health. Not sure if the motorcycle was damaged but it wasn't knocked over at all.
  10. End game demolition derby

    As a PC player, that kinda sounds like fun although I'm sure it gets tedious after a while since that's not the game you signed up for.
  11. I play maybe 8 hours a week since June or so and have had probably 10 solo chicken dinners. Of those, maybe a 2 or 3 were due to my own tactical skills (shooting). The rest were either due to dumb luck or some combination of dumb luck and strategic skills (playing the circle or topography/buildings). So, mostly dumb luck. At least twice, I was the first to climb the cliff on Miramar and the circle closed on people before they could also climb up. My first chicken dinner was because the #2 was caught on the other side of the river and had to swim while I shot at him. I had a squad win in which the last two opposing teams fought it out in the blue while my team was in the circle. tl;dr Get yourself in the top 10 consistently and eventually lady luck will serve you a chicken dinner
  12. How to kill campers

    For the vanilla version, absolutely no. For a mod? Sure why not? Might be fun. Hunting dogs would be better though.
  13. replay game crash

    Game is consistently crashing when I click the replay icon from the lobby after I finish match. That is: 1. Match finished 2. Click Exit to Lobby 3. Click "Replay" from top menu 4. Game crash. Happened three times in a row in three different game sessions. Three different game sessions meaning laptop was turned off for the night and restarted the next day three times. I sent in a bug report once.