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  1. Fever Dog

    replay game crash

    Game is consistently crashing when I click the replay icon from the lobby after I finish match. That is: 1. Match finished 2. Click Exit to Lobby 3. Click "Replay" from top menu 4. Game crash. Happened three times in a row in three different game sessions. Three different game sessions meaning laptop was turned off for the night and restarted the next day three times. I sent in a bug report once.
  2. Fever Dog

    Cheating Discussion

    The cheater I experienced killed me and my partner both with a machete headshot while we were in a room on the third floor of the apartments near the school. Not a big room and neither of us ever saw the person in the room.
  3. Fever Dog

    Cheating Discussion

    I've only ever seen one for sure cheater as well (AS Server) but I'm not surprised by all the complaints.
  4. Not only is this a dumb argument because there is a practice mode for life -- training -- but also because shooting guns is only one piece of the Chicken Pot Pie of Success. There will never be a way to practice circleplay, positioning, spotting, etc. without actually playing. So at least give us a chance to practice shooting. To test how nades work. To get used to the PUBG engine when coming from BF games or whatever.
  5. Fever Dog

    Cheating Discussion

    Since the word is being used as a noun, we'll take the third definition, "a gradual and continuous loss of strength, numbers, or value." Since the table only shows ONE month of negative growth, we can't say that there's been a "continuous" loss. I think I definitely did understand the post.
  6. Fever Dog

    Cheating Discussion

    Oh I get it. Sorry. I need to stop internetting today.
  7. Fever Dog

    Cheating Discussion

    Not to be pedantic, because I agree with most of this, but one data point is not a "trend." OK, maybe that is pedantic.
  8. Fever Dog

    Cheating Discussion

    No, it's my fault. I'm not making a clear point. Yes, those figures show the first decline since March 2017. That's true and apparent. BUT, I don't think you can take one data point and extrapolate a trend. It may mean a plateau. That's certainly not a MAJOR decline. You may be correct and the decline has started. Or, it may be that the next data point shows another increase.
  9. Fever Dog

    Cheating Discussion

    I don't think it's a decline. You said "looks like an actual decline has indeed started" and I wondered how you determined that based on that data. Maybe I'm not understanding your post.
  10. Fever Dog

    Cheating Discussion

    So you take four data points, three of which show an increase, one of which shows a decrease (which itself is the smallest change of all the data points) and determine that a decline has started?
  11. Fever Dog

    PUBG Stairs under Stairs

    Why are there mail slots on interior doors? Did they fix those yet?