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  2. I'd rather have it the way it is now.
  3. Why don't my bullets hurt?

    Yes, this. Plus your own armor is all shot from the fight you just had with this player. Perplexing, isnt it?
  4. Cheating Discussion

    Thank you. Its an interesting channel of communication, GG Bluehole
  5. Cheating Discussion

    Do you have a source for those claims please?
  6. oh how I wish this would be true for all players.
  7. Sniper attachment/patch

    Probably one of the most asked for features, that already exists! Just hold the trigger button down and you stay scoped in, enabling you to nicely see your bullet fall and hopefully hit that poor guy right in the head. You are welcome
  8. New Emote System

    WTF is this nonsense? And who on earth asked for this? At the same time ignoring more pressing requests from the community? GG devs
  9. Who cares for ping based matchmaking? It might prioritize low pings, but still fill the servers up with high ping players if there are not enough low pingers available at that instant. Right? At least it feels that way. What we request here is a ping lock. Exclude everybody with a +200ms ping or whatever.
  10. Chicken dinner translations

    I play the game in english, but my mates who play in german tell me that they just translated Winner Winner Chicken Dinner into german, and it sounds cringy AF. Still a minor concern though, as we dont see it a lot What you saw in Portuguese sounds funny. At least they took the effort to find a fitting phrase.
  11. Please bring ping lock. EU servers are flooded with asian players, its ridiculous.
  12. Don't add emotes

    Please keep that childish crap out of the game. Nobody asked for this. Personally it would definitely make the game less appealing to me, and my friends here all agree.
  13. My money is on New Crates too. Shame. They proved it times and times again. Still hope some of those updates will bring substantial improvements to the game one day.