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  1. Dafni

    Useleess Event Modes

    Some previous ones, for example the one with the Kar and Ghillie, was actually a lot of fun and good practice. The current one with shotguns is no fun for me, so I only played one round to find this out. No big deal. As the guy above me said, if you dont like it just dont play it. But give it a chance too.
  2. Dafni

    Tpp is unplayable

    I love me some oranges, but tangerines are horrible things, they SUCK
  3. Same here. Always been a problem, but it is super noticeable as of late.
  4. VPN macht pings nicht kleiner.
  5. We get this desync a lot lately, where you get hits registering after you are behind cover again. Or your shots just seem to have no effect half of the time. Everybody in my small circle here complains about it now. We have top notch hardware and internet connections. So you say you never get this @OldFartPhil??
  6. Wahrscheinlich beides. Definitiv wieder viele high-pingers auf EU Servern, besonders nach 11.00 MEZ. Back to the old problems ☹️ Hard ping lock wäre die Lösung. Würd sogar extra zahlen für EU prime server zugriff. Im Moment mehr Frust als Spass so zu spielen, mit Treffern hinter Deckung etc. Sehr schade.
  7. Will do, thanks for the heads up. So far I just went by https://pubg.disquse.ru/
  8. For me the game seems to run better than ever before. I am in the EU too, and my ping to Frankfurt is much much quicker than the one the NA servers. I dont know why it is different for you. Sorry to hear about your bad luck.
  9. Oh yes, please. Its super annoying to have to check who if who at the start of every round.
  10. I hear you. But it seems to be true for many crucial situations in this game, namely close quarter combat. It has been discussed on here before, something to do with how the servers handle the game, server based decisions VS client based. I dont know much about this though. Maybe a forum user with more knowledge might chime in? One thing I can say for sure: if I play on servers with higher ping for whatever reason, I definitely feel like I am at the receiving end of these weird exchanges much less. And back on local servers I get owned in the way you described a lot more, most times by players with "foreign sounding names", not to point fingers here. I suggest you give it a try and judge for yourself.
  11. Thats your problem right there. If you play against players with a significantly higher ping, YOU are at a disadvantage most of the times. Its just how the game works, and has been discussed/criticized here countless times. Try it for yourself. Go to a server where you have a quarter of a second ping and get into close range fights. You'll see the difference soon. You'll hit players much easier, and they will have a harder time hitting you (just keep in mind on their screen it might look different)
  12. I like that the game gives you the possibility to walk on narrow ledges, open doors, rails etc. It opens up the map more. It takes some skill to consistently use such props, therefor I vote to keep them in.
  13. Definitely! +1 for you Edit: same for PC please!
  14. Dafni

    Killing knocked players

    Really? Hmm, I stand corrected then. Sorry for the misinformation. I was like 100% sure when you kill a knocked player the actual kill still goes to the guy who knocked him in the first place. Could have bet it was like that. Sorry again. Maybe it is different if the player was knocked by one of your team mates or by another team? I dont know.