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  1. The end is near... for me.

    I have no trouble believing your story.
  2. Any suggestion for team chat?

    We use Teamspeak, Discord or Skype. Lately Skype is the service of choice, as the quality seems to be the best for us here, least noise etc. All 3 of those services are free, btw.
  3. Is there any Aim Assist?

    Just for my personal understanding: so you guys are talking about an assist that would keep your aim locked on the target when it moves around???
  4. Xbox One Bugs and Issues

    Sounds like a perfectly fine PUBG experience to me (we get a lot of what you described in the PC version too, shotguns, bike, lags, crashes etc) Welcome to the wonderful world of Battlegrounds
  5. Spotting enemies? Recommendation.

    you being sarcastic here, right?
  6. Is there any Aim Assist?

    Thank you for the explanation. I see now. And yes, lets just hope they will not decide to go cross platform in the end. Unless maybe they keep different lobbies for keyboard and for controller users.
  7. Is there any Aim Assist?

    I fully admit to my naive-ness when it comes to shooters with controllers, never claimed otherwise. I'm sure you have a good point, not trying to argue against it. Like I said, I dont know how aim assits works or feels, it just sounds like it would give you an advantage in cross platform play. That's all.
  8. nothing to add to the discussion, just congrats on those dinners guys. amazing kill count, both of you.
  9. Is there any Aim Assist?

    Really? And the PC players deserve an assist as well? I dont know how exaclty aim assist feels/behaves, but it sounds like it would give you a big advantage (if they ever make it cross platform.)

    So basically after you have a 1080 they still suggest to turn all the goodies all the way down? Like AA to very low? Bummer
  11. That is true indeed, assuming you are alone. But imagine you could have an open empty map just for you and your squad, you could "practice fight" each other, snipe each other in moving cars etc. Personally I would appreciate something like that a lot. And even an offline shooting range where you are all alone would be so welcome here. Practice recoil control, throwing grenades etc
  12. I agree. It IS a good point worth considering. Just wanted to point out that we will never know for sure.
  13. Wasn't one of the main points behind the idea of a rain map to make the sound mask footsteps?? I always took this for a nice change, requires slightly different tactics etc. If the rain were quiet enough to hear footsteps, then what would the whole point be??
  14. That is an assumption on your part. And it's hard to prove. Maybe some did, maybe many, maybe none. We will never find out. It would be a valid point if we knew the above for a fact, but without this information the whole argument is just speculation.