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  1. Dafni

    PC-Update 1.0: #23

    Du meinst bestimmt TPS game
  2. Dafni

    finding long range scopes

    Really? Is this an XBox problem? Sounds horrible.
  3. Dafni

    Colour blind setting

    I use the purple blood so I can pretend we're playing paintball. Cant abide violence in video games. ?
  4. @PUBG_Sheepy doesen't this happen when a door is opened before the match starts, at those spawn spots?? at least thats how you sometimes find pieces of clothing lying around, people drop them in the spawn lobby area thingy. I seem to remember in the old PUBG game, when we all spawned on the good old spawn island, you could run to the building and open the doors and then later in the game they would still be open, right?
  5. Dafni

    AUG needs a buff

    True. Whatever you can get. Comp comes first. But having a surpressor in your bag for the sneaky one is badass too. Like more than 100something meters and they cant even hear it. But yeah, agree on the comp too. Consecutive fast hits are pretty satisfying.
  6. Dafni

    AUG needs a buff

    I'm always happy to get an AUG, the recoil is super easy to control, it goes almost perfectly straight up. Its the single AR that I can do someting that resembles an acceptable 4x scoped spray like you see the streamers and pros doing. Plus, it is very quiet too, with a surpressor it is super mean.
  7. When I first stated playing this game I felt the same as OP about bolt action rifles. Now that my aim improved a lot I always carry one when I find one. One of the most satisfying things in KSP, sniping down moving targets at mid to long range. Granted, it took me a very long time to build up my confidence and the feeling for leading shots and all that. And it still feels super challenging and very rewarding when you hit.
  8. I suggest you get used to this. Unmentioned little changes like this is standard operating procedure here.
  9. Dafni

    Fantasy Event Modes (Share Yours)

    On PC my favorite version of the War Mode (respawns and fixed circle) is by far the Ghilie plus Kar mode. The Overpower Mode is nice to (spawn with random crate weapon) As for Battle Royal mode: Erangel with 3x loot and death-circle.
  10. Dafni

    new patch sucks BIG TIME

    You are aware there are English speaking people in EU that are not US Americans, right? On top of that, English is not the native American language to begin with, but thats another story.
  11. Dafni

    new patch sucks BIG TIME

    Oh my, this does not sound promising for tonights game session. You have me worried now.
  12. Dafni

    Unstabile Verbindung ?

    Ist das erst seit dem neuen Patch so? Sowas ist mir bisher noch nie aufgefallen, hab den neuen Patch aber noch nicht probiert.
  13. Dafni

    My New Found Love for Sniping

    The first shot was amazing. Great job man. Very impressive.
  14. Dafni

    Shooting into the circle

    I agree with you. But they just made the blue wall more opaque to limit visibility. What would be your suggestion? Make it completely opaque from the outside? I think then the people on the inside would have too much of an advantage over people running into the circle, they would be easy pray. FWIW, my preference would be to go back to the more transparent wall, looking both ways. The damage you take outside should be enough punishment for people to reconsider attacking people on the inside while you are still on the outside. Alas, some people will probably always go for a kill even though it means they might get killed by the blue shortly afterwards.