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  1. So, I have a YouTube channel that I haven't streamed on in a while, but I'm a small YouTuber. I have 127 subscribers at the moment and I am hoping to grow. I'm going to be live on Friday, October 13th at around 7:00 pm EST. Hope to see you guys around! YOUTUBE CHANNEL!
  2. My Favorite Setups

    What the loadouts are. I have a ton of favorite guns, but my favorite loadout is the Kar98k with a suppressor and 8x with a secondary of an ump with suppressor and vert. grip and red dot. This is the ultimate ninja setup for me and I have won with it multiple times. But recently I have been using the M416 with a secondary of an ump with same loadouts. I have won around 5-6 games in the past week with this loadout. Why do I use these loadouts? These loadouts are very easy to use when in long and short range. The UMP absolutely shreds through everything in short range. The M4 is a very good gun with the suppressor and you can fast tap with it with little recoil. Obviously, the Kar is a great sniper and is very fun to use when you hit a lot of headshots. Thanks so much for reading this article, if you guys like my setup, vote in the poll, if you have a different preference, please comment it! I will be replying.
  3. Favorite GFUEL Flavor?

    Its an energy drink you can order online, im pretty sure they ship to Austria.
  4. Favorite GFUEL Flavor?

    My favorite has to be LemoNADE right now, how about you guys?
  5. Favorite Gun

    My favorite weapon in most games is an m4 of some sorts. If not then definitely the ump, easily the best submachine in any game
  6. Does pineapple belong on a Pizza?

  7. Do you shout abuse at your monitor when killed?

    Who doesn't? I scream all the time and throw my chair on occasion.
  8. Guide: How to PROPERLY use the M16A4 Assault Rifle

    A very high-quality video, nice tips. Thanks so much for the help of how to use the M16 because I never pick them up because I don't know how to use it. Great tutorial. My average cps is around 6-8, definitely will use it now.
  9. What gaming headset to buy?

    My favorite headphones out there are both the Razer Man O' Wars and the Hyper X Cloud II's. Man O' Wars are wireless and have great sounds, and the Hyper X's are very comfortable and good sounding too.
  10. Favorite Childhood Game?

    Smash bros hands down. Ez.
  11. Are you playing anything else besides PUBG?

    My only other games im playing right now are Rainbow Six Siege, Overwatch and thats really it.
  12. How fast is your internet?

    My internet isnt the best, but it still works fine on any game so im happy with it
  13. My most played game was probably Counter Strike GO at 2.17k hours. I also played way too much minecraft when i was younger, probably around 3-4k hours into that game. Played that game since 1.3 beta lol
  14. Hey there

    Hey everyone! My name is Josh, or you can call me JozyBoy. I have well over 400 hours on pubg and i have no life. I am not the best at it with only like 15 wins but i still play the game way too much, so i decided to make an account on the forums. If you want to join my discord, link is in my bio. My discord is a mix of multiple games and i am trying to grow it, it would be appreciated if you join it and become active! Thanks for reading this if you are and hope you read my other topics.