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  1. Guide: How to PROPERLY use the M16A4 Assault Rifle

    A very high-quality video, nice tips. Thanks so much for the help of how to use the M16 because I never pick them up because I don't know how to use it. Great tutorial. My average cps is around 6-8, definitely will use it now.
  2. What gaming headset to buy?

    My favorite headphones out there are both the Razer Man O' Wars and the Hyper X Cloud II's. Man O' Wars are wireless and have great sounds, and the Hyper X's are very comfortable and good sounding too.
  3. How fast is your internet?

    My internet isnt the best, but it still works fine on any game so im happy with it
  4. My most played game was probably Counter Strike GO at 2.17k hours. I also played way too much minecraft when i was younger, probably around 3-4k hours into that game. Played that game since 1.3 beta lol